Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Lil Wayne Miami Home Raided By Police, Property Seized

Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home was raided by the police on Tuesday. The cops arrived to seize some of the rapper’s property because he hasn’t paid the more than $2 million he owes the jet leasing company, Signature Group.

The operation was ordered this past Friday by a Miami-Dade county judge, who instructed Sheriff’s deputies to confiscate Wayne’s seizable assets. When the deputies arrived, Wayne’s security team refused to let them into the mansion, so the cops were forced to break the property’s locks in order to gain entry.

Signature Group sued Wayne for failing to pay millions for his Gulfstream jet, which he leased at $55,000-a-month. A judge later ruled that the rapper would have to pay $2 million in late and legal fees. Wayne has been uncooperative in the matter, and so Sheriff’s deputies were authorized to break into the property and confiscate his valuables, including expensive artwork and plaques from career milestones.

This isn’t the first time authorities have descended on Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion. Back in March, cops rushed to his house after receiving a call that claimed four people had been shot inside the home. Ultimately, it was determined that the whole thing was a hoax or what’s known as “swatting,” and that there was no actual shooting or victims inside the opulent residence.

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