Tuesday, 24 March 2015

If Buhari is disqualified, it will trigger chaos and pandemonium across the country - APC

The All Progressives Congress, (APC), has disclosed what will happen if the GEJ presidency is desperate to do a-last-minute disqualification of Rtd. Gen. Muhammad Buhari from the 2015 presidential election.
According to reports, the APC has caution against any last-minute disqualification of its presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu, in order to pave the way for an easy victory for President Goodluck Jonathan.
In a statement written and issued in Abuja earlier today by the National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party warned the Federal Government, saying, ”If it is true, as it is being widely speculated across the country, that the Jonathan Administration has procured a judgement to disqualify the APC Presidential Candidate on Wednesday, when the Federal High Court in Abuja is expected to rule on the issue, then it portends a great danger for our country.”
”Anyone who will disqualify a presidential candidate on the eve of an election can only have one and only one purpose for that: to trigger chaos and pandemonium across the country. Perhaps this is the reason for the deployment of troops across the country to crack down on possible protests and create confusion
”Then, those who orchestrated the disqualification will simply use what they expect to be angry reactions nationwide as aan excuse to postpone the elections again, thus triggering a constitutional crisis, the end of which no one can predict.
”This is why we are hoping that good reason will prevail and nothing will be done, deliberately, to plunge Nigeria into crisis by the same people who have always been quick to say their political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian,” APC said.

Buhari will know if he can take part in Saturday’s election tomorrow

Muhammadu Buhari’s fingers will remain crossed for one more day.

The joint lawsuit seeking to disqualify the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, has been pushed up till Wednesday, March 25 . The suit is seeking to declare Buhari ineligible to contest the polls over the allegations surrounding his certificate.

The case had earlier been fixed for Tuesday, March 24, at the Federal High court, in Abuja.

A man got burnt to death on Third Mainland bridge this morning[Graphic Photo]

An unfortunate event took place on Tuesday on Third Mainland bridge that caused a major traffic for motorists.
An unidentified motorcyclist fell off his bike and was burnt to death.

According to reports by Vanguard, the incident was said to have occurred at the UNILAG area of the bridge around 6am. It inadvertently resulted in a traffic jam that lasted for hours.

Apparently, the unidentified cyclist, who was riding from the Iyana- Oworo end, was on high speed when he was flagged down by some law enforcement agents who warned him against over speeding.

But he was defiant and on getting to the UNILAG area, he fell off the bike and was engulfed in a fire that consumed him.

So Tonto Dikeh And Halima Abubakar Fought Over A Babalawo?

It is not me saying this, it is singer turned critic, Etcetera doing what he knows how to do best. 

The fearless celebrity writer said that Nollywood actresses Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar used to be friends but ended their friendship because of juju priest. 

Hear him; Our nollywood sources tell us, that Halimah Abubakar and Tonto Dikeh who used to be good friends, fell out because of a juju priest — It is said that Halimah, took Tonto to sample the powers of her juju priest who got encharmed by her looks and preferred working for her instead of his usual customer, Halimah.  Halimah could not stand the fact that she got sidelined by her own juju priest and asked Tonto to stay the hell away from her for good. A staff of Etcetera Live called Halimah at about 2PM yesterday (Friday) to confirm the story but she demanded for a text message to be sent to her instead. Further attempts to reach her proved abortive until about 11:32PM when she finally picked and said in her own voice, “this is Halimah’s PA, she will get back to you later.”
Hmmmm, so na juju separate the 2 of dem? No wonder dem no gree tell us wetin really happen between dem.  Breeze don finally blow fowl yansh ooo.
Same sources told us that Tonto does not like tattoos; she uses them to mask incisions gotten from her visits to her juju priest.

Photos: Boko Haram bomber disguised as a woman arrested in Borno

A male terrorist suspect  who disguised himself as a lady fully dressed in hijab was nabbed by vigilant troops as he made for a mission to kill innocent citizens in Kwaya Kusar Market in Borno State on Saturday.  He is currently in custody of the and has already given useful information on the mode of their operations.

I Stay Out Of Politics But Mrs Buhari Called Edo Women Prostitutes – Uche Jumbo

Okay this is what happened.  
Uche Jumbo reposted a write up on facebook which talked about how Buhari’s wife called Edo women prostitutes. She got blasted by some fans for reposting the article and now she has come out to say that she is not rooting for any particular party but only a women’s right activist. 

This is what she first posted; Please NOTE this is not abouAPC/ PDP or who you are voting…..(fil underwhat we shouldn’t use to campaign as girl – child trafficking is an advocacy I support and can tell you it’s sensitive )this was sent to me Concerned Nigerian gender activists have called on the women of Edo State to forgive the unguarded comments recently credited to Mrs. Aisha Buhari, wife of the APC Presidential Candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari. Mrs. Buhari had in a campaign rally for her husband’s presidential bid in Edo State over the weekend had described the women of Edo State, as “prostitutes”claiming her husband’s administration will stop the prostitution by Edo women abroad. In a swift response to Mrs. Buhari on Monday in Benin, Sarah Obozuwa, Founder of the Edo Women for Change (EWC) called on Edo women to forgive Mrs. Buhari. “Aisha Buhari was born on September 29, 1979. As of today, Mrs. Buhari is only 35 years of age. She was married to Buhari in August 13, 1989, at the age of 9. This means that Buhari at age 47, in 1989 was having sex with Aisha Buhari at the tender age of 9, an underage according to the constitution of Nigeria. So Mrs. Buhari is a victim of sustained childhood rape and her outbursts are understandable”, she said. 
Speaking further, Mrs. Obozuwa said: 
“How Buhari got Aisha Buhari pregnant at age 13 is a chilling story of a Buhari who defiled Aisha as a little child while she was visiting Zulai, Buhari’s eldest daughter who was her playmate. It is ironic how such a traumatized woman now stands at the vanguard of stigmatizing fellow women.” 
Then this was her reply after some fans bashed her; 
As a supporter of all advocacy for women. … be it domestic violence,child marriage, women rights or what have you.i stay out of politics but… i shared the last post when I saw it and made my research… i repeat I don’t care about APC or PDP …. have never taken money from any political party because I don’t EVER want to loose my right to question people about their statements and if the first lady made that statement I will still post it as i don’t like using stereotypical term in addressing ‘issues’ ….if you insult me on my page I will simply block you and not sweat it but it wouldn’t stop me from sharing my thoughts and beliefs or my love for A better Nigeria.you are free to Google the speech.‪#‎UJR

OMG! See What Happens To A Woman After Her Butt Implants Imploded[Photos]

A woman in Los Angeles had a rough day after her butt implants imploded while having rough sex. According to her, she and her boyfriend were having sex when all of a sudden she heard a “pop” while getting it from the back. Turns out he ruptured both of her silicone butt implants. The silicone from the implants leaked into her system and by the time she had a doctor check it out. 
See photos after the cut....

Image Credit: MediaTakeout

Angelina Jolie removes ovaries,tubes following a cancer scare

Angelina Jolie has revealed she has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after doctors detected possible signs of cancer.
The Oscar-winning actress has written about the procedure, which she had last week, in an opinion piece in the New York Times entitledDiary of a Surgery.
"It is not possible to remove all risk, and the fact is I remain prone to cancer," she writes.
New York Times
She also had a double mastectomy in 2013 after it was found she had the faulty BRCA1 gene, which sharply increased the chance of her developing breast and ovarian cancer.
Jolie, who is married to actor Brad Pitt and has six children, also wrote about her decision to have that procedure.
She says having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed was "a less complex surgery than the mastectomy, but its effects are more severe".
The operation, called laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, brings on early menopause.
"Regardless of the hormone replacements I’m taking, I am now in menopause," Jolie writes.
"I will not be able to have any more children, and I expect some physical changes.
 "But I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared."
"I went through what I imagine thousands of other women have felt.
"I told myself to stay calm, to be strong, and that I had no reason to think I wouldn’t live to see my children grow up and to meet my grandchildren."
 "I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family.I know my children will never have to say, 'Mom died of ovarian cancer'."
Ovarian cancer is most common in women who have been through menopause, but it can affect women at any age.
Known as the silent killer, it is notoriously difficult to detect in the early stages when it is most responsive to treatment.

Bimbo Akintola Among The ‘Celebrity Election Observer’ For March 28 Election

Nollywood has so evolved that some stars have been selected as observers to the forthcoming elections. 

Throughout last year running to this year Nollywood has deeply participated in the election with some contesting for various positions, some campaigning for their choice candidates, some doing their own advocacy for a free & fair election and now it looks like some celebrities will be on hand on Saturday as observers. 

Nollywood actress Bimbo Akintola took to Instagram to share her ID as a ‘Celebrity Election Observer’ and she captioned ‘#Freenfairelection #Violencefreeelections .It’s official.’ But Bimbo is still the only known celebrity election observer for now. What a noble way to serve the country. 

Proud Mom! Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Adorable Twins At A Movie Premiere

Jennifer Lopez looked like a proud mother as she posed on the purple carpet of the Home premiere in LA on Sunday with her twins Max (left) and Emme (right) The AKA singer looked half her age in a darling light blue lace Zuhair mini dress that looked like something a modern-day Cinderella would wear. Her toned and tanned legs were made even more alluring with a pair of sparkly Louboutins. An anklet added a little personal style to the polished look.

Actress Ruth Kadiri Releases New Pics As She Turns A Year Older

Nollywood actress/producer, Ruth Kadiri is a year older today, March 24 and she released some stunning photos to mark her day
Ruth Kadiri 3
The actress is currently in Paris to celebrate her birthday, on a trip put together by her father.
Ruth KadiriRuth Kadiri 1

Actress Joke Silva joins advocacy group to preach non-violent election

A group, Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy, and Development has expressed concern over the inability the major political parties to abide by the various peace accords they signed.

Lending her voice to the call, veteran actor, Joke Sylver appealed to youths to restrain from killing themselves for desperate politicians.
She, however, advised all candidates to emulate former Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi to relinquish power if they lose election.
“Let’s take Governor Kayode Fayemi for example; did he make Ekiti ungovernable just because he lost? That is a mark of a true democratic leader and so that is what we ask all our leaders contesting this election.
“Anyone that wins should be magnanimous and the one who loses should accept defeat and start working for the next elections.
“I’m calling on all electorates to speak up if they see or observe anyone violating the electoral process.
“As for the traditional rulers, it is high time they realized that they are the custodians of our tradition. It is expected that they identify the youth corpers or INEC staff that will come to their community to carry out their function. These young people (corpers) need to be offered protection,” she said.

Guru Maharaji Reveals Who'll Win Presidential Election

Renown spiritual leader One Love Family,Sat Guru Maharaji has came up with his own prediction on who will win the forthcoming presidential election.
It was learnt that Guru Maharaji, inauspiciously advised the All Progressives Congress and its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), to forget Nigeria’s presidency.

“There is no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock,” he declared in a statement on Sunday. Guru Maharaj Ji continued by saying, “President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming presidential election. As the Living Perfect Master of creation in whose hands the fate of Nigerian project lies spiritually, I declare divinity’s decision to return Jonathan to Aso Rock over Muhammadu Buhari.
“I had publicly and sufficiently advised Buhari against nursing the ambition to rule Nigeria again. Superior forces are actually in-charge of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am at the helm of these great and unseen primordial powers of creation.
“My commitment to ensuring that Buhari and his fellow Anglo-American proxies do not deflect Nigeria off its path of gradual transition to authentic sovereignty, sustainable unity and real prosperity is sacrosanct. Nigeria is no longer to be ruled by feudal agents of Western neo-colonial power and Arab imperialists,” Guru added.
He also urged all lovers of freedom, fairness and human dignity in Nigeria to vote for President Jonathan, saying, 
“He is an authentic component of Nigeria’s divinely graphed transition to greatness. His return to Aso Rock will further secure Nigeria from being re-enslaved by those who insist they were born to rule.”

Security beefed up at INEC Lagos office

There is a beef up of security at the Lagos State office of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
As part of the security measures, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) were positioned at the entrance of the Commission’s office.
Soldiers and mobile police personnel were seen within the vicinity to provide protection for electoral officers and materials.
Also, staff of the commission were seen busy sorting and packaging non-sensitive electoral materials for distribution to different parts of the state. INEC vehicles were also seen loading and moving materials to the Commission’s local government offices across the state.
Meanwhile, Femi Akinbiyi, the state’s Head of Public Affairs, said the Commission had distributed 3.8million Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) to registered voters in the state.

Akinbiyi said the figure represented 69 per cent of the total registered voters. “We have distributed 3, 847, 491 PVCs in Lagos as at the end of last week. This represents 69 per cent of the total registered voters in the state,’’ he said.

According to him, many registered voters failed to come for their cards in spite of the Commission’s  best efforts.

On cards yet to be collected, the spokesman said the state was waiting for directive on the next step of action from the headquarters in Abuja.

Nadia Buari shares sexy post-baby photo

The pretty actress still got it even after child birth. She shared the photo above with the following caption ;
Dear diary, This part of my life is called being fulfilled. The spirit of this gift is beyond price and leaves me blessed and in debt. God has certainly got me cheesing from cheek to cheek all day everyday. #AmazingGrace."

My husband is medically fit, will win and rule - Mrs Buhari

HAJIYA Aisha Buhari, wife of the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, has said her husband would secure the mandate of Nigerians and win the Saturday’s election.

She home noted that though some people said Buhari is old, what was not in dispute, according to her, was the fact that the presidential candidate is medically fit.

While addressing APC women supporters from Kaduna, Jigawa and Katsina, who had converged on Kano for a town hall meeting,  asked the women to vote   Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) out of power.
“We are not in Kano to campaign, but to say thanks. Kano is strategic in northern Nigeria, whoever you embrace politically is highly favoured,” she had told the women.

Buhari should explain to Nigerians what he forgot in government that he want to go back collect – Patience Jonathan

Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, on Monday advised Enugu women not to cast their votes for General Muhammadu Buhari of the APC, else they would end up in prison custody with their husbands.
The First Lady spoke during PDP women rally at the Michael Okpara Square, Enugu.
While reeling out names of prominent Igbo personalities, including late Biafra warlord, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, who she said were all imprisoned by Buhari, she urged the women to reject APC in order to escape such experience.
Mrs. Jonathan stated that while Jonathan’s government had been busy building schools, Buhari’s sole agenda was to build prisons.
She added that the APC does not know the meaning of corruption, neither do they know the meaning of change which they have been clamouring for.
“APC does not know the meaning of corruption. They don’t know the meaning of corruption. They say they want change; they don’t know the meaning of change. Shall we change from good to bad?
“They are more corrupt than any other person. If we open cans of warms, they will run. Let us open our can of warms and see if they will not run”, the First Lady said.
She wondered what Buhari forgot in government that he wanted to come back to collect saying,”we reject Buhari and his party. Holy Ghost fire. What did he forget at Government House that he wants to come to collect?”

She maintained that APC was a dead party that had started running helter skelter.
“APC is an expired drug”, she said and urged women to vote for her husband en-masse.

Photos: Yemi Alade Thrills Fans with an Energetic Performance in Rome

Yemi Alade is currently on her 2015 European Tour and her latest gig was in Rome, Italy, where she thrilled fans with her energetic and lovely performance.
The ‘Johnny’ star performed a number of her hit songs while looking fab in a bedazzled bustier and blue jeans.
Yemi Alade in Rome (10)Yemi Alade in Rome (12)Yemi Alade in Rome (13)
Yemi Alade in Rome (3)Yemi Alade in Rome (5)
Yemi Alade in Rome (2)