Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sickening! Househelp Caught On Camera Trying To Breastfeed Boss’ Baby (Video)

What’s the penalty for trying to force your breast into the mouth of a child knowing fully well that you are not the mother? A house help in Nairobi was caught on camera breastfeeding her employer’s nine-month-old baby.
According to, the house help, Grace Mwikali Mwema, had barely finished two days on the job when she was captured by a hidden camera in the living room breastfeeding the baby.
In the video, she is seen offering the baby her right breast first. She then shifts the baby to the left breast. But throughout the episode, the baby was resisting the househelp’s breasts.
Eventually, the frustrated househelp gives up on the unnatural act and lets the baby play.
The baby’s mother says she could not believe her eyes as she watched the live feed from the nanny camera on her smart phone while at work.
NairobiNews adds that what was insulting was the response the house help gave when confronted with the video.  The house help claimed that the baby was touching her breasts. See the video below;
The employer says she was stiff worried that her baby could have been infected by the house help during the bizarre episode, so she quickly took the lady for a medical check-up. To her relief, the lady tested negative for HIV and Hepatitis, both of which can be transmitted through breastfeeding.
The mother said:
“She had not left a suckling baby behind, nor aborted to justify why she was breastfeeding. The doctor confirmed this. Her motive was sexual. My child was a victim.”
The baby’s mother said she bought a nanny cam for Sh10, 000 and installed it in the living room as a precaution to see what house helps do when she is not around.
“If you want to watch it live, you have to have wifi in your house and be using a smartphone… I saw this act in real time, therefore I acted fast… she denied it when we asked her about it. It is until we told her we have a camera that she admitted,” added the mother in a Facebook posting.
The house help, who is also a mother to a three-year-old child, was arrested and is in police custody awaiting trial.

Xenophobic Attack: I Am Ashamed Of My Passport – SA Rapper, AKA

Following the recent spate of xenophobic attack which have claimed the lives of many blacks in South Africa, one of the country’s biggest Rapper, AKA has come out to say he is ‘ashamed of his passport’

He tweeted  “Headed to Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania shortly … And for the 1st time I’ll be ashamed of my South African passport”

AKA who came to Nigeria in February and was given a warm reception by Nigerians is certainly not happy with what is going on in his country.

TIME 100 Most Influential: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift makes the list

Time magazine released its 12th annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World on Thursday, an expansive round-up that includes Kanye West, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift.  West is also featured on one of the five "Time 100 covers" and in a video where he talks about breaking the Internet.

In Nigeria here, President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, BBOG activist Oby Ezekwesili, Novelist Chimamanda Adichie made the list.

And oh, leader of Boko Haram, Shekau was also recognized. Funny right?
Read my previous post on it.

According to TIME....
  • Kanye West
    Kevin Mazur via Getty Images
  • "Kanye West would be the first person to tell you he belongs on this list. The dude doesn’t believe in false modesty, and he shouldn’t." 
  • Kim Kardashian
    LOIC VENANCE via Getty Images
  • "Beautiful in an exotic, totally exaggerated way, Kim exudes energy, sexuality, drama, determination, impetuousness and happiness." --Martha Stewart
  • Taylor Swift
    John Salangsang/Invision/AP
  • "Taylor Swift: megawatt talent, an extraordinary spirit, an impossibly charming blend of impishness, poise and radiance to spare. All of it combines to rock me back on my heels every time I see her." -- Mariska Hargitay

Xenophobic Attack: Nigerians in S’Africa asked to remain indoors

Nigerians resident in South Africa have been directed to remain indoors up until the ongoing xenophobic attacks in the country is put under control.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Aminu Wali, disclosed this to State House correspondents at the end of a meeting he attended at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
He said, “With the discussions I have been having with Nigeria’s Head of Mission in Pretoria, no Nigeria has so far been affected. ‎
“They informed me that they have called members of the Nigerian community and addressed them and told them to close their shops, stay home and keep out of trouble and obey the laws of South Africa.
“They have also confirmed that the South African authority have moved in to take actions that would forestall any further disturbance in South Africa.”
Wali however said the Federal Government would not hesitate to evacuate Nigerians from the country if the situation worsens.
“If it (the situation) gets worse, it is the duty of our country to make sure our people are brought back, and we are taking that duty serious. We are not prepared to allow any of our nationals to be subjected to such inhuman treatment.
“We are not being reactionary because this is happening to all foreigners, not Nigerians alone. We are monitoring the situation and will now take action according to the situation that develops,” he said. 

Photos: President-elect Muhammadu Buhari Reunites With Pastor Tunde Bakare In Kaduna

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, earlier today, hosted the founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, at his residence in Kaduna.

Bakare, who was the Vice Presidential candidate of Buhari in 2011, paid the President-elect a congratulatory visit for the first time since his election victory.


Dencia slams fan who kicked against her xenophobic message on Instagram

Angered by the ongoing Xenophobic massacre in South Africa, Cameroonian born- Nigerian singer, Reprudencia N. Sonkey well known as Dencia, recently took to her instagram to express her disdain on the issue. In her reaction , she also posted a picture concerning the situation and wrote this below it;
“Late #NelsonMandela is somewhere weeping for our people, I can’t believe my eyes,how do you fight against apartheid and end up with this years later?if it’s not boko haram in Nigeria,it’s Al-Shabaab somewhere in Kenya or Somalia and I can go on ãήϑ on.What happened to just loving one another?what is my beloved continent,mother Africa turning into? Where did parents go wrong with their kids?
Last week I told Nick cooper who told me his friends where trying to move to S.A that he might not believe it but America as bad as it is might be safer for a black man than S.A then this happens smh.Who starts this nonsense?why oh why,lord Jesus where thou art?please heal our land,hear our cry,lord we need your mercy & we need your grace today,hear us as we pray,we pray for world peace,we pray for love,we pray for our brothers and sisters,we pray for unity #Xenophobia #SouthAfrica #love ,” she wrote.
However,the model’s message wasn’t taken likely by one of her fans who told her to face her cream business and leave South Africa to solve the current situation on ground.
Reacting to the tweet , the drama queen did not let the opportunity slip away as she took her time to lecture her fans of the meaning of the word ‘Xenophobic 
“In my previous post,as an African and as a human being who feels the pain and suffering of others,I put up my previous post about what’s happening in S.A & the post �� is @sanzkiddiesparties (she changed from @zonacath to ��here’s the meaning of xen·o·pho·bi·a – intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. It’s funny how the same reason why people are getting killed is her excuse she used under my post.I had to put her on blast because she clearly has the mentality of the people who are killing others in S.A as I type.Incase u didn’t know miss thang let me school u,don’t let the glitz and glam fool u,I am very much an African who was raised in an African country not as developed as S.A,I moved to America in Dec 2006 for college and yes I do reside in America & I am a naturalized citizen of America from the day I came here but I am still an African Queen,I don’t have to be a South African citizen or live in South Africa to be worried about what’s happening there,My mom who is a UN worker works in that country every now and then,my brother lived there for years and guess what,these people losing their lives could have been my direct family members but because they aren’t doesn’t mean I can’t speak of the issues happening in my continent,don’t think because u live in Africa makes u more of an African than I am or will ever be.i studied enough about SA history when I took African history classes,I probably know more about sA than ur dumb ass. I travel to African countries for work and charity purposes (something u might not know about because u could never do it in other countries because it’s not SA) I hope u raise your kids to think better and be better individuals.Until then bitch have a seat on a volcano in Mandela square #YouJustGotServed P.S I am definitely facing my creams cuz chile they millions I get from it u might need to face ur wack life,we all know how hard it is out there 4 a bitch like u,” she said.

Shocker! P square’s Peter Okoye Goes Solo With Dance Nigeria

Barely two days after a new round of family squabbles between PSquare duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, one half of the P-Square music duo, has kicked-off with ‘Dance Nigeria with Peter,’ a TV reality show.
With an hip hop appeal, Dance Nigeria with Peter is touted by organizers as the first Dance Reality TV show that will bring about a whole new dimension to dancing in an exciting display of talents, all wrapped up with suspense and indecision of the judge/ mentors.
The jury comprises Peter Okoye alongside dance Queen Kaffy and Nigerian hip hop dance choreographer, Flex. Evidently, the other half of the twin brothers, Paul Okoye will have no role in the new project, said a source.
According to Peter Okoye, “This show is going to revolutionize the way Nigerians see dance. I am so happy to have on this project the best Nigeria has to offer when it comes to dance. We believe that dance has the power to put this nation on the map. Charity begins at home, so let’s dance Nigeria.”
The competition will be open to individuals from different dance backgrounds, be it solo, group or duet. Auditions will be held in June across four major cities in Nigeria (Jos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos) and also include street battles to make up the final 30 that will move to the competition phase.

Buhari, Oby Ezekwesili, Boko Haram's Shekau makes Time Magazine "100 Most Influential"

Four Nigerians have been announced by @TIME as world’s 100 Most Influential People, they are;Obiageli K. Ezekwesili for her role in advocating the release of abducted Chibok School girls, Muhammadu Buhari for his attempts at Presiding over Nigeria and finally getting the votes in 2015 and to Ms Adiche, the award winning novelist. Finally the leader of the terrorists group Abubakar Shekau also made the list.

Here’s a summary what the magazine wrote about the powerful Nigerians…

Ezekwesili - It has been a year, and the girls haven’t been rescued, but she has made a difference by speaking about it. Not just speaking but shouting. I know some people will say she is too loudmouthed. The loud mouth is needed. People hear it.

Buhari- The spokesman for Buhari’s All Progressives Congress party, Lai Mohammad, says that the President-to-be is more than ready for the charge. Speaking by phone from the Nigerian capital, Abuja, as the final vote tallies rolled in, Mohammad could barely contain his joy. With precision he listed the next steps, from an acceptance speech to how Buhari would deal with ethnic and religious rifts brought on by the grueling campaign. “We are ready. We are going to take Nigeria in a new direction, and we are going to start by healing old wounds. This is no time for a honeymoon, this is a time for nation building.”

Chimamanda Adichie - It’s the rare novelist who in the space of a year finds her words sampled by Beyoncé, optioned by Lupita Nyong’o and honored with the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. But the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is just that sort of novelist. But her greatest power is as a creator of characters who struggle profoundly to understand their place in the world.

Boko Haram's Shekau - Most Americans do not yet recognize his name, but the citizens of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, know Abubakar Shekau all too well: he is the most violent killer their country has ever seen. Shekau took over the terrorist organization Boko Haram in 2009 after the group had been weakened by Nigerian government forces.

Buhari Promises Change, But Not Immediately

President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari has restated his commitment in ensuring positive change in the country. However, he urged Nigerians not to expect immediate result from his administration after he assume office on May 29th, The Nation reports. 

Buhari made the claim on April 15, Wednesday, in his hometown Daura, Katsina state, when visited by some senators and representatives.
“People should not expect change immediately because of accumulation of problems in the country. There is need for more time and prayer from the public for the incoming administration to handle matters and bring change.
“I am affirming my commitment to fighting economic sabotage, insecurity, bribery and corruption.” 

Woman gives birth inside BRT bus

A Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, on its way to CMS area of Lagos on Wednesday was turned into a delivery room as a pregnant passenger delivered a bouncing baby boy inside the bus, Punch reports.

The pregnant woman identified as Afolaranmi, went into labour while on her way to a private hospital in CMS for a medical check-up.
Some of the medical workers in the bus were said to have mobilized other passengers to help out in the delivery process.

Afolaranmi, a trader and resident of Mowe was said to have boarded the BRT bus at the Ketu Bus stop.

It was gathered that both mother and baby were taken to a private hospital after she was delivered of the baby.

An eyewitness said both mother and the baby seem to be in a good condition.

Wendy Williams drops bombshell, reveal ladies should concentrate on their career at 20's and only get married at 30's

Outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams is of the opinion that women in their 20's should focus on building their career and  not get married till they are in their 30's.

She said to Forbes,

“My suggestion to women is always…use your entire 20s to work your behind off in your career… And then think about meeting that guy,Cause we’re the ones that lose in marriage. Not men.”It is difficult for men to accept really successful career women. Whether it be that we out-earn them or that our name is brighter than theirs. I also feel like marriage and babies stunt a woman’s growth career-wise…Once you get married and have kids, you can’t do all the things that you used to do and maintain this important precious thing that you built as a family.”

Do you agree with her?

BUSTED: Man arrested for kidnapping 4 girls in Ogun (PICTURED)

A 47-year-old suspected kidnapper was seriously beaten at Abudu community, Iyana Ilogbo, Ado-Odo Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, when he was caught with four girls he was taking out of the community to Ajah in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State.
PM News reports that, the suspect, Nurudeen Badmus, was caught by an acquaintance of one of the girls who demanded to know where the suspect was taking the children to early in the morning. When he couldn’t offer a satisfactoryexplanation, the acquaintance raised an alarm which attracted other members of the community.
Badmus was beaten seriously by the residents and was later taken to the local chief’s (Baale) house where he was interrogated.
The suspect told the Baale that he was taking the children to Ajah in Lagos State where he claimed they came from.
“They came to me for financial assistance to enable them go to Ajah in Lagos State. I was taking them to Ajah when somebody identified one of them. I am only assisting them,” the suspect told the large crowd at the Baale’s house.
The kidnapped girls, however, denied that they sought financial assitance from the suspect. They claimed that he picked them from the community and told them that their parents were witches and were planning to kill them.
One of the girls who identified herself as Jumoke confirmed that the suspect was taking them out of the community, adding that they didn’t know where he was taking them to.
“My name is Jumoke. I am 16 years old. Badmus lives near my house. He told me my mother was a witch and that she was planning to kill me. He said I should follow him to a town to escape being killed. He warned me not to tell my mother. I didn’t know the place he was taking me to. He also tried to rape me but I resisted him,’’ she narrated.
The youngest of the girls who gave her name as Nimota, 9 years old, said the suspect picked her on the road.
“He picked me on the road and told me that my mother was a witch and was planning to kill me. He said I should run away with him. I don’t know where he was taking me,” she said.
When the parents of the children arrived the Baale’s house, they were full of praises for the community. They identified the suspect as a neighbour, stressing that they didn’t know he was a kidnapper. The Baale of the community later invited the police at Sango Police Station where the suspect was taken and interrogated.

Flights suspended till 12noon nationwide, as National Air traffic control embarks on strike

According to viral reports, all planes are currently grounded following strike action at the Lagos, Abuja and other airports in Nigeria.  Passengers on board have been made to disembark  flights. 

Lebanese woman, son of a millionaire transporter, others arrested for robbery

THE police in Lagos State have smashed a syndicate of robbers, which specializes in robbing bureau de change operators in many parts of the country.
According to Tribune, The gang was led by a son of an Enugu multimillionaire transporter, while a Lebanese woman was said to be the bait the gang used to rob their victims.
Seven members of the gang had been arrested by the police, while efforts were ongoing to arrest other members and their collaborators.
The suspects were, on Wednesday, paraded before newsmen by the state police boss, Kayode Aderanti, who described the arrest as “the biggest catch of the year.”
Aderanti told newsmen that the suspects were arrested by operatives of the state police command Special Anti Robbery Squad, in an operation led by the officer in charge, Abba Kyari.
He added that members of the gang had been arrested on many occasions in the past and had always found their way out.
Aderanti, however, promised to do all within his power to ensure that the suspects were made to face the full wrath of the law.
Leader of the gang, Kingswill Eze, who had been operating under the name “Senator Nwobodo,” claimed that he just wanted to break away from the shadow of his father’s wealth.
“I have been charged to court many times, but my men and I have a way of escaping justice. We are a well organised cartel,” he said.
The suspect, while speaking on the modus operandi of the group, narrated that “we take advantage of the bureau de change operators because some of them who don't have licence like to bring the money directly to us when we call them.”
The Lebanese woman, Almira Abdallahi, also confessed to be a member of the gang and blamed her involvement on her desire to take care of her five children.
Thirty-two-year-old Amira told journalists that she was formally into a thriving interior decoration business before she joined the gang.

Beyonce Shows Off Insanely Hot Bod in Crochet Swimsuit

Queen B's showing off her assets
Beyonce took to her website on Wednesday to post a series of snaps from her recent vacation in Hawaii with hubby Jay Z
In the sexy pics, the mother-of-one shows off her hot bod and a ton of cleavage while posing by a swimming pool in crochet bikini and a giant straw hat. 
The couple just wrapped up a stay at the Four Seasons Hualalai in Hawaii to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Are Engaged; Checkout Her MASSIVE Ring

Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill making it official? It appears that hip-hop’s superstar couple is engaged.
Nicki took to Instagram on Wednesday to post a photo of her hand with a massive heart-shaped ring on it. She captioned it with a series of heart, ring, and diamond emojis.
According to E! News, the ring is a 15-carat yellow heart diamond mounted in platinum with a double halo of white pavé diamonds, which retails for a whopping $500,000.

Meek also added fuel to the engagement rumors by posting a yellow heart emoji. A fan told him, “You so fucking lucky ni**a,” to which he responded, “I am!”
Nicki, 32, and Meek, 27, went public with their relationship in February following Nicki’s breakup with longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels.