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John Okafor ‘Mr. Ibu’ Mourns, Loses Mom To Diabetes

These are trying times for popular Nollywood actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu who lost his mum, Victoria Okafo to the cold hands of death.

According to reports, Okafor lost his mum Victoria Okafor on Saturday, April 18, 2015 after the 90-years old surrendered to a long battle with diabetes.

Okafor was said by his mum’s side in the hospital in Enugu when she breathed her last.

Nigerian Woman married 2 husbands same time for 11 years; Pours hot water on 1st hubby after bubble burst(Photo)

…Has 3 children for both …Pours hot water on 1st hubby after bubble burst

A woman from Delta State who effective­ly hid her adulter­ous relationship from her husband, Lekan Onipede, is now on the run after she viciously attacked him with boiling water and pursued him with a knife.
The woman, Rosemary David, had a son for Onipede, a 31-year-old indigene of Ondo State, about 11 years ago, when he was 20. While still living with him under the concept of common law mar­riage, and in what would appear to be a case of polyandry, she allegedly hooked up with another man in Delta State and had two other children (a boy and a girl) with the man, and then passed them off as Onipede’s children.
Over the years, David perfectly juggled the two ‘husbands’ in Ondo and Delta states, co-habit­ing with one or the other in a near seamless manner until the bubble burst, and set the stage for the heinous attack on Onipede after accusing him of adultery.
The tale began when David who was living with her parents in Ore, Ondo State, got into a relationship with Onipede and became pregnant.
With Onipede insistent on not allowing her abort the pregnancy, she dropped out of school and later gave birth to a baby boy. Af­ter the birth of the baby, Onipede relocated to Lagos to study at a technical school and also seek means of earning income to sup­port David and the baby. While Onipede struggled to find his feet in Lagos, David alternated be­tween living with her parents and Onipedes’ parents in Ondo State on the one hand and her aunt in Delta State on the other hand.
Two years later, Onipede completed his training at the technical school at Abule-Ado, Lagos State, got a job and then invited David to come and live with him. This began their ‘mar­ital’ journey. A few weeks later, David informed him that she was pregnant. Quite upset with the news, Onipede expressed his dis­pleasure, but promised to do his utmost to cater for the family.
As it would later turn out, David regularly traveled to Delta State to visit her aunt and her mother, during which she would stay for three weeks or one month. She continued to make the frequent visits to Delta State until she gave birth to a third child.
The first twist in the tale occurred four years ago, when Onipede and his elder brother attended a wedding in Delta State, where they met one of the brothers of David and his friend named Okey.
When Okey learnt that David was married to Onipede, he laughed scornfully and said: “Okay, let’s see after the wedding because we have something to talk about.” Okey exchanged numbers with Onipede and they kept in touch.
When the duo spoke, Okey told Onipede that his ‘wife’ had another husband in Delta State. Despite the protestations of Onipede, Okey challenged him to trail David to Delta whenever she embarks on another visit to the state. Still unbelieving, he did not act on the advice until the 2014 Easter period when David traveled to Delta State with the third baby.
Onipede called Okey, who urged him not to believe David’s story of going to visit her aunt. Acting on this advice, Onipede trailed David to Delta State and spent three days searching for her. On the third day, he finally saw her with another man. Heartbro­ken, Onipede returned to Lagos the same day, after discovering his wife’s infidelity.
Recalling what he overheard in the bar that night, Onipede told Sunday Sun: “As I sat at the bar monitoring my wife, one of the men seated there said that he did know what Rosemary always went to do in Lagos. Every time, she would go to Lagos and leave her husband here at home. I am sure it is because of the first wife of the man she is married to. I returned home, I took my two children that Rosemary left behind for blood test since DNA test is expensive. The only child who had the same blood group as my was the first child I had with Rose in secondary school. When she came back from Delta, I told her that I got a new job and said that she should go and do a blood group test as the company required the whole family to do such. When she did it, the second and third children had the same blood group but it was not the same with their mothers blood group or mine. That was when I knew the children were not mine.”
Based on this discovery, Oni­pede told David he didn’t want anything to do with her again. She left for her parent’s place in Ore with the children.
Despite the separation he con­tinued to cater for the children. Then one day David called and said she wanted to visit Lagos to buy jewellery and sell in Ore,  Ondo State. Out of a sense of charity, Onipede said he invitOndo State. Out of a sense of ed her to stay in his apartment to ease her accommodation problem while in Lagos. Upon her arrival, she tried to perform her wifely duties, like cooking and cleaning. To discourage her, he casually mentioned that he was in a relationship with a young lady, who was already pregnant for him and would give birth soon. ­
The revelation enraged David and she extracted the lady’s number from Onipede’s phone. She then called and threatened her. David allegedly made several unsuccessful ef­forts to start up a fight between her and Onipede. On Friday of that week, he left for work and deliberately stayed back in the office to avoid her. But on Saturday night she called him and pleaded with Onipede to return home because she needed money to make up her fare to Delta State. The next day, he went home and gave her the money she wanted and laid down on a settee in the room to rest.
It was at this point that David made her Jezebelic move. From behind, she poured a pot of boil­ing water on his back. When he screamed and turned towards her, she did the same to his stomach. With his body severely scalded, Onipede rushed out, calling his landlady for assistance. She advised him to go to the Police station to file a report. Mounting his motorcycle, Onipede headed to the police station as David continued to rain curses on him. Enraged that he left her in the house, David allegedly picked up a knife, flagged down a motorcy­clist and instructed him to follow Onipede’s motorcycle. With both motorcycles trapped in traffic, she continued to hurl insults on Oni­pede while passers-by watched her. Soon enough, people who didn’t know the facts joined in insulting him for sleeping with a prostitute and not paying her. The apparent support of the by-stand­ers fueled David’s anger, prompt­ing her to pick up a plank by the roadside and almost hit him with it before she was over-powered by some men who promised to deal with him instead. As the argument was still going on, Rose brought out the knife and tried to stab him. Upon seeing that she had been held back, Onipede told the sudden roadside jury that David was his wife and he was heading to the hospital to treat burns he got after she poured hot water on him. Instantly, the people turned against her and forcefully dragged her to Area K Police Station, Okokomaiko.
She was promptly arrested, detained and asked to make a written statement. As this pro­gressed, Onipede’s burn wounds had become critical necessitating the police to transfer him to Ikeja General Hospital, where he was given proper medical attention.
The next twist in the tale happened when the brother of the lady, who is a policeman attached to the Iyana-Ira Police Station allegedly facilitated her release by taking somebody else to the station to secure bail for her. Though David promised at the police station to apologise to Oni­pede, she never did so or bother to visit him at the hospital. 
“I never knew she was going to react like this or even get angry. We are no longer together so I was shocked when she took the news personal and attacked me with hot water. Actually I saw the pot in the bedroom but I never checked what was in it,” Onipede said, recalling that terrible day.
As it stands now, the police are said to be making efforts to track down David who is on the run.
Credit: Sunnewsonline

Nigerians lose N21 million property to Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

The Nigerian Consul-General in South Africa, Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said on Sunday that Nigerians lost more than 1.2 million Rand (N21 million) in the on-going xenophobic attacks.

She told the News Agency of Nigeria by phone from Johannesburg, South Africa, that the loss included looted shops, burnt shops, two burnt mechanic workshops, 11 burnt cars and two stolen cars, among others.
“Nigerians have compiled damage to their property and it is totalling about 1.2 million Rand or N21 million, which will be sent to the Federal Government for further action,” she said.
“The Nigerian mission in South Africa is on top of the situation. We are working hard to protect Nigerians in South Africa.
“Though, the task has not been easy, we are trying our best. In one of the hot spots at Jeppe, near Johannesburg, the mission assisted about 50 stranded Nigerians to re-settle.
“I have also visited the site of the attacks in Johannesburg to assess the damage and it was enormous,’’ she said.
She said the Nigerian mission would meet with all Nigerian Union chapters in the nine provinces of South Africa to find strategies on how to check the attacks.
“I am bringing all Nigerians together so that we work out a vigilance and alert mechanism; they will also tell me what their challenges and issues are,’’ she said.
Mrs. Ajulu-Okeke said the mission and the Nigerian Union had been working cordially to meet the challenges caused by the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.

Credit: Premiumtimes

Miley Cyrus shares disturbing photo of armpit hair and boobs

Forget Miley showing her boobs yet again, and check out that armpit hair! Miley took a racy aerial selfie, barely covering up in nipple pasties, and revealed her hairy armpits to her 17 million Instagram followers. Alright, Miley!

The “Do My Thang” singer posted yet another shocking Instagram pic, revealing a whole lot more than usual! It wasn't her boobs that caught the attention of her followers but rather the long armpit hair she wasn’t afraid to show off!

One of her follower said;
“If she doesn’t want to shave and be natural than fine/ But then why isn’t she letting her eyebrows, mustache, and private area, legs and so on grow all out if that’s the case? She has time to shave/wax all the other areas why not her armpits?”
 Do you think it's gross or cool that Miley showed off her armpit hair? 

Stella Damasus becomes Global Women Ambassador in US

Popular Nollywood actress cum Vlogger Stella Damasus has emerged the Global Women Ambassador for Global Igniting Africa in the United States. 

The radio presenter who currently lives in the United states has been tasked with helping the American non-profit charity organization empower women across the globe. 

Stella who has had her fair share of controversy over her relationships with Daniel Ademinokan broke the news on her instagram page yesterday. 

She wrote, “Thank you @giaorg @iamabbyosoba @ftk_konnect @iamftk I am so honored. WHEN JESUS SAYS YES……….. #Godpikin #iloveJesus #iworkhard #bosslady #girlscan #gia #global #atl #canada #maryland #blackgirlsrock #whoGodHasBlessed”

Guru Maharaj Ji offers to help Buhari tackle Nigeria’s spiritual problems

Sat Guru Maharaj Ji has called on the President-elect Muhammadu Buhari to improve the welfare of civil servants across the country. 

The controversial spiritualist and founder of One Love Family also urged governors-elect to desist from owing civil servants their salaries. 

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Maharaj Ji gave the advice during the 28th Anniversary of the establishment of his Maharaj Ji Village in Ibadan on Saturday.
“The pensioners too should be paid their entitlements when due because they served the country before their retirement. Some pensioners have died of hunger because their entitlements are not paid in time. 
“If the incoming administration can tackle this, it would make Buhari and governors-elect to make history where other Nigerian leaders have failed.”
 Speaking further, he said; “Project allocation and execution should be equally distributed so that every citizen could benefit from the dividends of democracy. No section of the country should be singled out for development at the detriment of the others. 
“Employment and appointment opportunities must be on merit and be equitably distributed’’, Maharajji added.
The religious leader said the president-elect should tackle the problem of Fulani herdsmen across the country. 

Maharaj Ji said he was ready to provide solution to Nigeria’s spiritual problem if invited to do so. 

Okupe Claims Chibok Girls Were kidnapped To Render GEJ Incompetent

According Dr Doyin Okukpe, the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to President Jonathan; 
“One of the reasons the Chibok girls were kidnapped was to present Jonathan’s administration as incompetent and hold it to ransom against 2015 elections. 
One of the reasons the BBOG was formed was to sustain and internationalise the embarrassment. 
“One of the reasons President Jonathan lost the election was a national and international conspiracy predicated on this carefully choreographed and assiduously sustained perception.

“One of the issues that will be in the hand over notes will be the missing girls.
“What is reasonable and expedient for well meaning men and women of good conscience is to dialogue with the incoming administration on what best new approach to employ to find and rescue the chibok girls.
“Not much can be achieved, except mischief, by continuing to flog this administration on this matter. 

I was lucky to find a hot Nigerian woman – Chris Attoh on marrying Damilola Adegbite

“When Dami walks into a room, she steals the attention so it is very hard not to notice her.” Those sweet words was that of Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh when recalling his attraction to his actress wife, Damilola Adegbite.

The two lovers who met on the set of Tinsel two years ago consumated their love in a court ceremony that held under a colourful ambience in Accra, Ghana on February 14. Dami and Chris now have a child between them.

Being a ladies man is not lost on him yet the dashing actor always knew what he wanted.  He  told The Nation, “The first attraction to my wife when I first met her is that her birthday is on the 18th of May while mine is on the 17th. That is the first thing that caught my attention. I said this must be my sister.
“If I’m a day before her, then our thoughts are probably the same and our desires are the same. We did find out that our desires are the same. She is an amazing person. When Dami walks into a room, she steals the attention so it is very hard not to notice her. Obviously I was meeting new people, new faces but she definitely made an impression.
Attoh may never wake from the dream of finding his love. “You enjoy life until you find that one person who you decide you will not let go, you want to share the rest of your life with that person. Unfortunately, it has to be one person. It beats being whether the person is Ghanaian or Nigerian or Italian. I was lucky to find myself a hot, beautiful Nigerian woman,”

Photos: Kim Kardashian Splashes $400K on Rolls Royce luxury car; Customizes it

Kim Kardashian changes cars almost more than she changes her shoes.
However, even her designer heels are no match for her expensive taste in wheels. 
On Saturday, the 34-year-old celebrity was spotted heading home in a brand-new model vehicle which cost her around half a million dollars. 
According to reports, she had the sprayed matte Silver and had larger rims put on it as well.
See more pics below:

D’banj lounges with Usher and reality TV star, Kenya Moore in Washington DC

D'banj posed with Usher after his performance at the World Bank's Global Earth Day concert in Washington DC.

That same yesterday, he met the Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore.
Shortly after the event which was held to strategize on putting an to poverty in 2015, the two stars got together for a quick photo ops.
She shared the photo on Instagram with the caption: “Me and my baby bro @iambangalee at the #worldbank event in Washington DC #action2015 end poverty.”
Yes, D’banj is her ‘baby bro’.

"Our Deity Is Responsible" - Irele Chief reveals why strange disease hit Ondo community

Following the strange disease that has killed dozens in Ode Irele community in Ondo State, the Oyewoga of Irele, Chief Moses Oyewole, has said the deity is responsible for the deaths. On what may be the cause of this strange disease, Oyewole told Punch that,”During our community market day which holds every five days, some of the palace chiefs usually go to the Malokun shrine located within the area to offer prayers to it to protect the state and bless the community and its indigenes both at home and in the Diaspora. While we left the shrine exactly 10 days today, some hoodlums invaded the shrine and carted away effigies and historical artifacts belonging to our forebears kept in rooms in the shrine.”
Oyewole added that as a result of the theft, the community chiefs “went to the shrine and invoked the spirit of the deity, requesting it to punish those who looted the shrine.We asked Malokun to make them blind and kill them all. Few days after, we started hearing that some persons had headache, went blind and died few hours after. Some of them turned black no matter how fair-skinned they were before the illness.” The chief said they had appealed to Irele people “to be calm and know that tradition works. It is true.”

Flavour Shares Epic Throwback Photo

Sensational singer, Flavour N'Abania decided to let us in on what he looked like before fame came calling...

Wao, epic transformation!

Strange: Girl Gives Birth to Baby Boy in Oyo after Having Sex with Snake (Photo)

IT sounds unbelievable, but from the account of 19-year-old Kehinde Adegoke, it really happened. The teenager who is an indigene of Ogbomoso in Oyo State, but whose parents live in Minna, Niger State, has told Sunday Tribune how she had sex with a snake in her dream for four years and eventually got pregnant without any physical relationship with any man.

Not only that, Kehinde was delivered of a baby boy in the early hours of March 28, 2015. The baby, however, was not brought strangeness with it as it had two teeth protruding from the gum in its lower jaw. It however died on Sunday, March 29 without any ill health pinned to it.

For four years, Kehinde said she had to deal with a strange spirit which always came to her in a dream in form of a snake. She said the snake would turn into a Fulani man who would have sex with her, and afterwards transform into a snake, before crawling away.

She disclosed that she had to leave Niger State in October 2014 for Ogbomoso, when she suddenly found herself pregnant without having physical intercourse.
Narrating her story, Kehinde said: “My parents live in Niger but I am from Ogbomoso, Oyo State. I was troubled by an unseen spirit. I would see the snake beside me. The snake would then turn to a Fulani man who would have intercourse with me. It started about four years ago.
“After the intercourse, the Fulani man would turn to a snake again and leave. Whenever I woke up, I would not see any semen indicating that I had sexual intercourse. But in the dream, he would climax and release in me.
“I have never had any man who wooed me in real life and looked like the man. His face was strange. The Fulani man also used to appear to me in real life, but I was the only person who would see him. He dared not see me with any man, even if the person was my brother. He would frown and warn me off the man. This would make me change my countenance to whomever I was talking with.
“Also, if I wanted to tell my parents what I was experiencing, he would appear and warned me against revealing anything. That was why the experience I was having spanned some years.
Her life story changed when she discovered she was pregnant towards the end of 2014. According to her,
“I noticed that I was pregnant in October 2014. My stomach started protruding and the change in me was noticed by my mother and neighbours. They asked whether I was pregnant and I said no. Though I did not see my menses, my thinking was that it was a temporary reaction and that it would still come since I didn’t have sexual intercourse.
“When I went to a hospital to carry out a pregnancy test, it was positive. I was surprised because I did not have intercourse with any man. My parents did not believe me and were furious with me. I was so confused that I left Minna for Ogbomoso in Oyo State.
“At Ogbomoso, someone told me about a church, Joyous Miracle Gospel Church and Ministries a.k.a. Iyanu Ayo. I met the founder, Apostle Johnson Olayinka Afolabi a.k.a. Okoto Jesu. He asked me to go through marathon and dry fasting which spanned 41 days.
“After the fasting, I did not feel anything in my tummy again. All I noticed was that my stomach would be flat whenever I woke up in the morning but it would protrude immediately I ate. I went through another fast in March after which I experienced my miracle.”
 The miracle happened on March 27. 
“At about 9 a.m., I started feeling stomach pain. Nothing was moving in me. I took some drugs and the pain subsided. It started again and I had to go to Prophet Afolabi . He prayed into water which he asked me to drink. The pain did not subside.
“By evening, the pain had become unbearable. Prophet was told and he blessed water again and sent it to me through one of his pastors. After drinking the water the second time, I vomited. The vomit was smelly. That was all I knew as I passed out.
“I did not know how I got to the hospital. I learnt Okoto Jesu poured water in the church bell and rang the bell seven times, commanding all evil spirits in me to vanish in the name of Jesus. I was then taken to a private hospital (names withheld).
“I became fully conscious of my environment during delivery. The baby was also changing its skin to different colours after birth. My mother was present in the hospital. I noticed that the baby had two teeth in the lower jaw. I did not breast-feed the baby. But he died on Sunday, March 29.
“Since then, I have been delivered and free from manipulations of the spirit world. I no longer see the snake or the Fulani man.
 Kehinde also disclosed that she had familiar spirit and belonged to a group of destroyers (egbe abatenije), though she went through deliverance in 2011. Before the deliverance, she said she used to see herself in the midst of other children, with all of them adorning black garments.

She also revealed that she was initiated into a demonic group by four women whom she knew physically, though saying that two of them were dead. But all that had become a thing of the past, she stated.

Kehinde’s mother, Mrs Adegoke, told Sunday Tribune that Kehinde was a strange child right from when she was in her womb, saying that the twin brother died at birth. She disclosed that when Kehinde was undergoing deliverance session in 2011, she was rolling on the ground and screaming that witches should leave her alone as she was no longer willing to be their tool.