Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Eniola Badmus Clinches New Endorsement Deal With ACTV

Plus-size Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has landed an endorsement deal with African Cable Television (ACTV), a multi-media company.
The actress was signed on as a brand ambassador with the company today and she took to Instagram to share the news with her fans.

Twitter War! Dr. Sid Fights Fan For Describing His ‘Chop Ogbono’ As Rubbish

Mavin Record artiste, Dr. Sid and a fan were engaged in Tweet war after the later slammed him for singing ‘rubbish’ in latest single, Chop Ogbono.

The twitter user whose name is given as @nocelesbea_advised the singer to go into another profession as music is not his calling.
The tweets below.

Woman bites off employee’s ear over salary in Lagos(PICTURED)

A Magistrates’ court on Monday ordered the arrest of a hotel director, 38-year-old Mrs Mary Joan Adeiekwe who  bit off the ear of her manager, Chinwendu Nkemakolam, for demanding her monthly salary after she sacked her in Lagos State.

According to PM news, Adeikwe was arrested and charged before Magistrate M.B. Folami of Ejigbo Court for allegedly assaulting Nkemakolam.

The incident happened at the hotel premises located at 38, Olusesi Street, Ikotun where the victim, a graduate of Business Administration from the Lagos State Polytechnic, LASPOTHEC, went to collect her salary, N25,000 as promised by Adeiekwe.

Prior to then, Adeiekwe  had sacked her without pay but asked her to come for her salary at a specific date..

On getting to the hotel however, Adeiekwe  got angry, grabbed her ear and bit off part of it.

She was bleeding profusely and was taken to Igando General Hospital with the piece of ear that fell off.

But before they reached the hospital the piece of ear was already dead and doctors said it could not be stitched back.

The matter was reported at Ikotun Police Division and Adeiekwe  was arrested and charged with three-count charge of felony, assault and wounding under the Criminal Code.

Stella Damasus’ beau, Daniel Ademinokan speaks on cheating, marriage & sex

Every Monday, star actress Stella Damasus presents a program, ‘Undiluted with Stella Damasus’- Hard talk. No barriers. No limitations, on i2Radio where she brings guests to talk about various issues. This week, her guest was Daniel Ademinokan, her partner, a producer who was formerly married to actress Doris Simeon. One of the highlights of the program was when Stella revealed what Daniel means to him. 

In her words,” ‘Today I have Daniel Ademinokan as my guest and I condiser him the best Director out there. And for all those who are dying to hear this, Daniel is the love of my life’. The theme of their discussion on Monday was ‘What Men want Women to know in a relationship’. 
Excerpts of their discussion on air:
STELLA: Are men are as emotional as women?
DANIEL: I believe that men are as emotional as women but they are trained to be macho about it. Men have more control over their emotions than women. Men just don’t react to it the way women do. Women tend to be (excuse the word) dramatic.
STELLA: Do men like public display affection?
DANIEL: A man who is dating a woman and is proud of her does like public display of affection. He wants people to know this is mine without appearing to be trying so hard.
STELLA: Does the woman have the right to feel the same way?
DANIEL: Yes, every one in that relationship has a right to feel that way. You don’t have to be rude to other people for people to see. You shouldn’t be ashamed to hold your person is public. Men like PDA but not to the point where you make other people uncomfortable. It is not everyone your woman is talking to that she has something with. Some women can be so possessive that they become nags.
STELLA: Does the woman have the right to know her man’s password?
DANIEL: If you’re married why should you have a password? Every couple should have access to each other’s phones. I don’t think any man or woman should go snooping around their spouse’s phones. If there’s trust, why should you be snooping? Unless the person has given you a reason to. Sometimes there are innocent messages that people can interprete wrongly. People misinterpret stuff but there should be no issue with passwords.
STELLA: There’s this popular thing men always say. You know me better than anyone else so you know these questions aren’t from me. Men always say they need space. How do you know when to give him space?
DANIEL: Sometimes all these bottled up emotions have a way of erupting. A woman who knows her husband well and if their a couple who communicate, you can sense when he wants to talk. When a guy doesn’t want to discuss something with you at a point in time, don’t force it. When women want to talk, they really want to talk. You should be able to read the man and know when he wants to speak. I always advice women, let the man have a life away from home.
STELLA: What do you mean by that?
DANIEL: Most women don’t want their men to have lives outside of the home. A lot of women do that but you need to give your man a space to become a boy again. If you don’t let him have a life, he’ll bottle all those emotions and he’ll erupt someday. If all does is spend time at home, he’ll breakdown and wont want to listen
STELLA: How come men go out to look for call wife material but when they go out there they look for the sexy seductress?
DANIEL: A man who is looking for Mother Theresa as a ife is probably a man who has plans from the start. If you want an all in one package, look for that. Marriage is like you having DirectTv, they give you different plans based on what you like.
STELLA: So do all men have to cheat because they know all women don’t have what they need?
DANIEL: Not all men plan to cheat. Based on your question, that is a man who has married a wife for the sole purpose
STELLA: Whenever I talk about sex, it’s always IN THE MARRIAGE people. Do men like women to initiate sex regularly?
DANIEL: A lot of men I’ve spoken to do like the idea of women initiating sex. When you’re with your wife, you want to feel the love and know that she craves you and wants you”Sex is a 2 way thing, the man gives, the woman takes. The woman gives, the man takes. If a woman refuses to be adventurous and the guy becomes bored. He’ll look for it somewhere else. Men love sex. There is nothing wrong with women being adventurous. There are 50 shades of grey adventurous and normal adventurous.
STELLA: Some men can’t phantom their thought of women being adventurous?
DANIEL: Everything boils down to how the marriage started.I read something where they said couples should even schedule sex. It may sound disgusting but they said it’s better than a sexless life. Most of the best conversations happen after sex. Sex is one of the quickest ways to make your man happy. Some years ago someone said his wife shouldn’t give him oral sex and then use those lips to kiss his kids.
STELLA: In a few words, how do you think men want to be treated by women?
DANIEL: Every woman should understand the man they are married to or dating is still a kid at heart. Most women fail to see that’No man wants a woman to come and be the husband in the house. Most men play by the womens rules and then when marriage comes, it changes to their rules. When you’re coming into it. Lay your cards on the table, save 10% for yourself and when you’re in it, give 100%. There are rules there that some men play by and once they get what they want, their out. That’s why I can sit here with you today because I’ve been through it.

Pastor Adeboye condemns homosexual practice, says it’s against natural order

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has openly condemned homosexuality, saying it is an immoral act and against the will of God.

The Pastor who made his position known via a Facebook post said he was in a particular country and the misconception was that he hates Homosexuals. He however said that he does not hate any human being, but that it was wrong for a man to be married to a fellow man instead of the normal practice of man and woman as instituted by God.

Adeboye said that the problem is that the natural order of procreation instituted by God may be expunged if the practice continues.

Read the post below:homo

Don’t Abandon Nollywood –RMD Tells Buhari

Actor-turned-politician, Richard Mofe Damijo, has called on the incoming president, Buhari to set up a special tribunal to handle cases of piracy in the Nollywood industry.

He made the call, yesterday, during the first public presentation of a new movie entitled Oloibiri at Silverbird Cinemas, Abuja. The movie, produced by Rightangle Productions is an action thriller mirroring fear, dread and international exploration and governmental responsibility as well as the unseen benefits of desperate hope of the aggrieved militants in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Damijo who emphasized on the need for government to consider the call to ensure that offenders are prosecuted when they are found guilty and meant to pay for the damages, noted that the “existing laws are good but what is needed to add is maybe setting up special tribunal to handle cases of piracy and step up the punishment or compensation for piracy because right now it is too low and insignificant. “The body of the law is okay, the problem is in the policing and making sure that offenders are prosecuted when they are found guilty they pay damages.”
 “Though, my work is not to protect the movie from being pirated, somebody has that job. The regulator should ensure that all creative works of Nollywood are protected and we earn money from it. I am not going to stand here to legislate on the kind of movie film makers will do, I am just privileged to be part of the one that is topical now; just to entertain people and make them think as a people and amount of work that could be done.

Beyoncé Is Pretty Much Naked at 2015 Met Gala: Check Out Her Dazzling Look Front and Back!

Queen Bey raised eyebrows with her daring outfit in the just concluded Met Gala. The 33-year-old hit the red carpet with her hubby, Jay Z, wearing a nude mesh dress. Her lady parts covered in beads.
Beyonce, Met Gala 2015
Beyonce, Jay-Z, Met Gala 2015
Beyonce, Jay-Z, Met Gala 2015

Grieved Man In An Open Letter, Points Finger At GEJ For Killing His Pregnant Daughter

A mourner, Mr Ojo Babafemi Andrews, has written an open letter to Nigeria’s outgoing president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, accusing him of ‘killing’ his pregnant daughter.
Here is an excerpt of the tragic letter from Naij publication below:
The outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan has by the virtue of his empowering miscreants who go by the name Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) sent me and my family into a deep mourning since last Wednesday. The president by the unconstitutional empowerment of the ethnic militia which has through their clashes with pipeline vandals killed so many innocent Nigerians particularly in Arepo area of Ogun State.
My daughter, Oluwadamilola Adebimpe Fajana -Née Ojo was killed in cross fire while driving back home after a hard day job. Damilola was a 26 years old pregnant lawyer. She was a graduate of the University of Ado Ekiti (EKSU). President Jonathan is linked to her the death by the reason of his patronage of people who have no basic training in arms and weaponry in the business of pipeline protection, which is a very dangerous security enterprise supposed to fall under the purview of the trained Nigerian security agencies.
President Goodluck Jonathan is culpable of the death of Damilola Fajana and that of others by the virtue of his morbid desperation for political power which led him to awarding thus senseless contract of his to OPC in return for political support in Lagos State.
He is equally guilty of my daughter’s death by his withdrawing the trained security personnel, the police, the army and the civil defense corps from doing their constitutional duties of protecting Nigerian people and their properties and replacing them with untrained miscreants by the name of OPC.
President Jonathan’s hands are soiled by the blood of my daughter by his promoting ethnic militias groups which rubbished our established security system and allow armed thugs and touts to go after pipeline vandals in a high density civilian area in an unorganized manner. He has by this shown that he has lost confidence in the Nigerian security system.
Jonathan’s actions and inactions has directly led to the death of Mrs Oluwadimilola Fajana Née Ojo and many other innocent Nigerians who were lawful and obedient people going about their lawful businesses.
My take on this is that President Jonathan has openly displayed an undying hunger for political powers but pretending to be meek and humble, but thank God that Nigerians have not failed in seeing this by voting him out in the last month presidential election.
It is my hope that the incoming General Buahari’s administration, will revoke this obnoxious and misplaced pipeline contract, and restore peace and normalcy back to Arepo and it’s environment.
This can only be done by returning the Nigerian security agencies back to the area. This will stop the current bloodletting and unnecessary blood shedding of innocent Nigerians, just because a desperate man like Dr Jonathan wants to win elections.
By this, the death of my pregnant daughter Mrs Damilola Fajana Née Ojo, my unborn grandchild, and that of others will not go unsung.
It is my hope also that the Ogun State government, will institute a probe panel into this notorious and inhuman killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians resident in Ogun State all in the name of protecting petrol pipe lines.
As for Dr Jonathan, I will not curse but will not also pray but all I will say is that God will judge him accordingly if his decision of arming ethnic militias has done more harm to the Nigerian people than good. And to his co-travelers in the business of looting and killing Nigerians in the name of protecting pipelines, may peace and hamony be strangers in their homes just like they did to my home over the avoidable killing of my meek and promising daughter whose light they extinguished in her prime.
May the good Lord grant Barrister Damilola Adebimpe Fajana Née Ojo and other innocent Nigerians who were victims of President Jonathan and his OPC killer contractors eternal rest and our families the fortitude to bear the loss.
Mr Ojo Babafemi Andrews.
Ado Ekiti.

Africa’s Richest Man, Aliko Dangote, Wants To Buy Arsenal FC

Africa’s richest man has admitted that he still wants to buy Arsenal, despite failing with a bid to buy the club in 2010.

Nigerian commodities businessman Aliko Dangote is worth an estimated $15.7billion (£10.38bn), far in excessofcurrentArsenalmajorityshareholderStanKroenke (£3.7bn) and minority owner Alisher Usmanov (£9.65bn).
“I still hope, one day at the right price, that I’ll buy the team,” Dangote told Bloomberg.
“I might buy it, not at a ridiculous price but a price that the owners won’t want to resist. I know my strategy.”
Arsenal are currently valued at just shy of £1bn, £988m, and look on course to finish in second in the Premier League this season.

If a deal ever did go through, Dangote would become the first African owner of a Premier League club.

Dangote has previously stated that Arsene Wenger “needs to change his style a bit”.

Checkout some hilarious memes of what Rihanna wore to the MET Gala

Of course we were awaiting this moment patiently for when one of the celebrities would goof with what they choose to wear to the MET gala and since Fashion icon and founder of Fashion Police, the late Joan Rivers cannot do justice as she was known best for, the internet has decided to do that for us with these memes.
The target- Rihanna.
Since the award/event season kicked off, Rihanna’s choice of clothing has been questionable. First it was the Grammys when she donned on a full pink gown that had no fitting whatsoever. Now, for the china-themed event, she wore a huge bright yellow gown in the semblance of the queen’s cape.
Trust trolls to reign on her parade. See the memes for yourself.

Chibok girls sold off, married by Boko Haram chiefs, says rescued woman

Will the Chibok girls ever return home? The question yesterday became more pertinent when one of the women rescued from the Sambisa Forest told Reuters at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Yola, Adamawa State that finding them could be difficult.

Aisha Abbas, a 45-year-old mother of two, said the girls might have been sold off or married to top sect members as promised by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

According to Reuters, none of the women interviewed saw any of the Chibok girls, but Abbas said fighters who travelled from a camp in Sambisa where they were held to source food would describe the situation.
They said the Chibok girls were married off this year. Some sold to slavery, then others (militants) each married two or four of the girls,” Mrs. Abbas said.
Mrs Abbas, who was taken from Dikwa, Borno State in April, speaking on the weapons situation with the militants, said the fighters all had guns at first but recently, only some carried them.

Of the 275 freed captives brought to a government-run camp for internally displaced people in the Malkohi hamlet on the outskirts of Adamawa State capital, Yola, only 61 were over 18, and many small children hobbled around, visibly malnourished.
Relieving their experience in the forest, the women said they were kept inside, occasionally brought food and sometimes beaten severely. The children were left to run around or do errands for Boko Haram while those of the fighters were trained to shoot guns.
“One evening in April, Boko Haram followers stood before us and said ‘Our leaders don’t want to give us enough fuel and guns and now the soldiers are encroaching on us in Sambisa. We will leave you.’” one of the women, 18-year old Binta Ibrahim from northern Adamawa State said.
“They threatened us but after they went we were happy and prayed the soldiers would come and save us.”

Coupled Up: KimYe, Jay & Bey, Cassie and Diddy And More Take The Met Gala Red Carpet

Cassie and Diddy 

Kim and Kanye 
Beyonce and Jay Z 

Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend

See all the jaw-dropping looks from 2015 Met Gala

It's fashion's biggest night — the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute — better known as simply, the Met Gala. And it might be the most talked about themed to date.