Thursday, 7 May 2015

I'm Not Trying To Be A Woman - Denrele clears the air on his confusing personality

Controversial media personality, Denrele Edun, has cleared the air on his ‘confusing’ personality. He also spoke on the speculations that he is trying to look like a woman.
Denrele stated that he is more comfortable with his style of life than what people want him to be.
He said, “If I was trying to be a lady, I am deceiving my conscience, and living a lie. I am just comfortable with the person I am. I am comfortable with my identity I have built over the years. I am comfortable with the brand that is selling my market.”
“I was a bit confused about my identity while growing up. Everyday, people would ask me if I was a girl or a boy. Even at the university, most time, I open my chest and tell them I will open my trouser too if they can open theirs. We will just end up laughing about it. I like who I am, I can’t give up Denrele for anything,” he also told Encomium magazine.

Photos from Osas Ighodaro's bridal shower in New York

Osas Ighodaro and Gbenro Ajibade who met on the set of popular MNET sitcom, Tinsel will be getting married on July 4th in US. Osas shared photos from her bridal shower in New York.

Jim Iyke Vows To Beat Up Uti Nwachukwu Over Nadia Buari Joke

Nollywood bad boy, Jim Iyke is reportedly very upset with Uti Nwachukwu and has even planned to beat him silly whenever their paths cross.

This is as a result of a joke cracked by Uti and his co-host of JARA, Helen Paul.

The two presenters had gossiped about the unsavory relationship between Iyke and Nadia Buari, her new born twins and that how come Jim isn't their father considering the fact that they dated. It was meant to be a joke but the Anambra State born actor didn’t find it funny at all.
“Jim is really mad at Uti right now, trust me. He told us he would deal with him whenever they meet. He didn’t find the comments made about him funny at all,” one of his close aides revealed.
Realising that indeed he said an expensive joke, the Big Brother Star, Uti, via his Instagram penned down a sincere apology note to his senior colleague to avoid his wrath whenever their path cross.

“My sincere apologies to one of the greatest Nollywood icons of our time. @jim.iyke .. I’m sincerely and deeply sorry for the insensitive joke/post made yesterday. As one of my favorite and most respected actors I will never set out to intentionally disrespect you brother. Using the insert from jara was my own friendly way of reaching out and once again I’m sorry for being insensitive especially at the special period. � Rest assured it won’t happen again. please accept my unreserved apologies. Like I said you are one of the few that actually inspire and motivate people like me to be better and work harder. Abeg nor too vex for me bro .  I Troway salute,” Uti wrote.

Royal Baby: Japanese zoo apologises for naming its new monkey after Princess Charlotte

A Japanese zoo has apologised for naming a baby monkey Charlotte after complaints that it is disrespectful to the British people.
Mt Takasaki Wild Monkey Park ran a public poll from 27 March to name the monkey - something it traditionally does for its first macaque born each year.
At first, Kei, which means "light", was the front runner.
But, after the naming of Britain's new princess earlier this week, the name Charlotte made a late surge and was chosen.
Royal baby
Not all Japanese people were impressed, however, with the zoo receiving complaints branding the choice as "rude to the British people".
The zoo responded by saying: "We deeply apologise for causing trouble to many people over the naming of the first baby (monkey).
"We take these opinions seriously."
A zoo official added: "The name was publicly solicited and Charlotte suddenly became the most popular choice - with 59 votes out of the total 853 - after the British baby princess's name was announced.
"Since we announced the name we've been receiving calls and emails from people mostly complaining that it is rude to British people."
He said the zoo, which is in southwestern Oita, on the island of Kyushu, is now considering the idea of choosing another name for the monkey.

John Fashanu Is A Chronic Lair, Broke And Fraudulent -Adaeze Yobo’s Mum

Adaeze Yobo’s mum, Abigail Igwe has responded to the allegations by her estranged husband, John Fashanu..He has accused her of being a lesbian, not working and being violent .But, In a chat withencomium,she paints a very different picture..Read excerpts

All the things he told you are lies. No media house that wants to survive should listen to John Fashanu.He’s a chronic liar. He’s a drowning man who is looking for another person to drown with. Is it a man that should be ranting or a woman? He’s the one that is hurt that I kicked him out. Who does not know him?
I was ashamed that I lived with such a man. I didn’t know what to say. People will say were you not told? Is it a secret that he’s like that? I’m not such a loud person. That’s why I quietly closed the chapter.

I kicked him out so many times

I’ve kicked him out so many times. He kept doing a lot of things. It was about fraud initially. He was continually defrauding people. That he had a wife that is a lawyer.
He defrauded many footballers, we saw him on TV. N2 million from them, from poor families.He threatened them with guns. And they’d be crying.I kept kicking him out of my house. It was few months after, about a year., That I first kicked him out.

He came to Abuja with only his bags

He came to Abuja without anything. I took him in. He didn’t buy any car for me.
I kicked him out two years ago. He moved into his house, four blocks of flats.He completed the house while living there. He used their money to build that house, the money of those footballers he defrauded.

He was stalking me, scribbling things on my car

He was drawing things on my car. He was caught when he came at night.He was stalking me. He would come in the morning, and draw my attention to the damage.And tell me that I needed his protection. That I couldn’t live alone.Such a thing has never happened in our estate.He was caught and he apologized. Two years ago.I forgave him.

Why l was never Mrs Fashanu

My name is actually Abigail Igwe. He reported me to some people..
He stole my passport, that I should change my name to Fashanu. That was when l wanted to renew my passport in July 2014.He was angry.Within me, the marriage had ended. That was why l was reluctant.

We actually got married

We were at the registry in 2011. We have our certificate. I didn’t change my name. I didn’t find it necessary to change.
We started first of all as business partners. He needed me to find his feet in Abuja.
Later on, he said he never saw a woman like me before. That I was calm, unlike other women.That he wanted to marry me. He talked to my pastor friends, that he’s in love with me.We met in 2008. My daughter was still MBGN.He made me believe that he couldn’t do without me. He was pretending that he liked the way I pray. That I should lead him to Christ.

He said he psychologically killed his brother, Justin

That he was bad to the extent that he psychologically killed his brother.
That the brother was mean to him. The brother didn’t allow him to shine. That people thought he was Justin. That he needed his brother out of the way. He back bit his brother.
He then told me that during Justin’s burial he stood behind after. They thought he was mourning. But he was laughing, that he felt happier that his brother committed suicide.That, at last, he can have his way, now shine.That attack is the best form of defence. I told him that the world is not a football pitch.

I take it that l never married him

It’s a lie. I’ve never been married twice before him. You should have asked him what’s the name of my second husband.That guy is a manipulator. I’m not a mean person. He presented many characters.
When I kick him out, he calls everybody and beg and harass. He would now come and say it’s the way he was brought up.
He’s chameleon. Everybody knows John Fashanu is a chameleon. I made up my mind, and kicked him out in April 2014. He went to complain to my pastor. He told my pastor that I’d not slept with him for one year. That we should pray.My pastor said this woman can’t sleep with you because of what you’ve done. That if he did all these things to another woman you’d be killed.I never lived with him in his house. He was the one who lived with me.

He didn’t pay the rent of N2.5 million

He didn’t pay the rent of N2.5 million. He was chased out from Lagos, and came with his bag. He lied that all the hotels in Abuja were fully booked. And I laughed.I had a visitor, who told me to allowhim. That you should give him your visitor’s room. He started living with me and my children. That was 2009. We had started dating and doing business.

He plotted to marry me

Before I got married, he was targeting marriage. He didn’t have money, he pretended very well.He told me to assist him. That he’s changing. He was professing so much love.
I never wanted to marry him until he started pressurizing.
I told him that the relationship was affecting my Christianity. That we should end the relationship. That was when he started going around my pastors. I gave in to his pressure.

I was the one paying the rent

I was the one paying the rent. I gave him food, money and shelter. He didn’t have any money.From the business, we made money and we paid the rent.He doesn’t know where I live now.

I have always worked

Is that not funny, that I never worked? How do I take care of my children? They are in school in UK and America. He never added a kobo to their fees or upkeep. He doesn’t take care of his children, not to talk of mine. You already know he’s lying.I don’t work, but I’ve helped him find his feet. How else would I assist any person?

I got him a N25 million contract

Two years ago, after I noticed how he defrauded footballers, I felt bad. I called him. He’s very violent, and was shouting.I went to a place, and sought for a job. I wanted money to take the boys abroad. To organise a talent hunt to send the people abroad.
I went to the office of Millennium Development Goals, they gave us a job for N25 million. I used his papers, and they gave us the job in Abuja. I was given N25m to do the job. In the contract, I included that we would send 20 boys to football clubs in Europe.
And buy a car to run around. When the money came (into his account), he didn’t want to do anything.
I pressurized, and he bought the car. That’s the car he’s claiming he bought for me. We used the car to run around.
This man did not send anyone abroad. Even the boys he defrauded, he didn’t. The talent hunt was to help the boys.I felt bad.

He cheated me out of a property

There’s a land he wanted to build an academy. He tried, and he didn’t succeed. Eventually, he included my name in the document, and we finally got the land.We applied for 10, we were given 7 acres.To my amazement, he changed the document to another company’s. My name was not in the new papers.All these toiling came to naught.This happened two years ago. I couldn’t talk. He’s veryaggressive. His reply was attack.

I am not a lesbian, he never caught me with anybody

This is ridiculous. He didn’t catch me with anybody. Because he’s going to court, he’s looking for anything.
I had prepared for divorce last year. The lawyer had prepared everything.
I got log of my calls from MTN. He was the one that called me from Colombia.
I caught him with two women. One was our maid.
I caught them in my house. I travelled and came back. He didn’t know.He swore not to give me divorce. That he would frustrate me.
He’s a serial househelp sex abuser. He slept with his maid in London. He told me that his girlfriend in Lagos accused him of sleeping with the maid.He was the one that said so.

I caught him with my maid in bed

The first one was in my house red-handed. I was travelling, and he said he wanted to live in my house. That he would miss me.
I came back, accompanied by my friend. She was driving. I was looking for evidence. I told her that I was getting ready for divorce.When we came in and opened the door, I caught them naked. The house girl is Igbo, and she ran. I called her came back. I spoke in Igbo. I told her that this man is shit. I cannot go back to him, that she should not worry. When the girl asked if I had forgiven her, I said yes. I said she should go back.
She said the cook had warned her to stop sleeping with John.
How can a man say his wife stole N1 million? He should be ashamed. He used to steal my money. I never asked him.
I told my friend to pick the maid’s trousers and slippers…They were all ashamed. My friend picked the items and ran.
John chased my friend – and in the process, bashed my car. My friend kept running. I needed the evidence to go to court.
He later called my pastor. That he should calm me down. My pastor said I should forget about him. That I should leave him. That the trouble was too much.
He told my pastor that I should not go to court now. That I should allow the separation first. He went to pastor to ask him to beg that I should come back. My pastor can testify.

I am not violent

There was no violence. I’m not a violent person. Everybody knows I’m tolerant and peaceful. If I were violent, John Fashanu couldn’t marry me.
On one occasion, about police inviting me. I kicked him out of my house.
I told him that before I come back from church, I should not meet him. He stole some things. So, I went with my son to his uncompleted house. He took my jewels. My son told him to bring those things. He tried to fight my 15 year-old son. He brought a sword, and it cut his fingers. My son ran away.The sword cut his hand. I left. I said I was going to the police. But I went home, instead of going to police.He now ran to police. And told them that my son injured him.

I moved to a new house because he was stalking me

I moved because he was stalking me. He would come around, and park and come as soon as he saw me.He would come and peep through my window.
I decided to move. So that he could get used to not seeing me.
I sent him a text on December 9. I wanted my peace. That was why I relinquished the land and all…He sent a picture of himself in his kitchen. That he had renovated the whole house. That I could now come backThat he wanted me back ( in January 2015).He lives in one flat. It is four blocks of flats…

He’s ranting like a woman

He’s talking like a woman, and I’m only refuting his allegations. I don’t want to expose him.I’ve not told you anything yet, until I get to court.When I get to court I will unveil more.

I’m not contesting the divorce

It’s a good thing that he has gone to court. He should even go and finish the case by himself, and bring the certificate.
I’m not contesting anything. He should have informed me about the divorce if he’s a sane man.What he’s doing is what women do.
Let them finish the divorce, I can only be in court when I’m called. Without that, I don’t need to be in court.
After all, we don’t have children together.

Animal activists crash Kim Kardashian's book signing and call her 'a disgusting human being'

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian went for the book signing of her Selfish at Barnes and Noble and she banned her fans from taking selfies. But that event was not completely reported until the bold Animal Rights Activists in New York shared their version on the Animal Newyork website.
About ten activists crashed the event, chanting insults, waving their banners and even threatening to jump her until the police had to break it up. Kim K sat through all of it.
kim k 2
kim k
“I just want to say, you are the most disgusting human being on this planet,” one of them said.
“Shame on you for supporting the fur industry!” They yelled.
And luckily, they were shooed away without any more scenes, unlike in 2012 when they flour-bombed her on her way to launch her perfume.
You can watch the video here::
Credits: Daily Mail, Animal Newyork

How Kris Jenner reportedly slept with her son-in-law Lamar Odom

Khloe has been reportedly to be devastated on hearing that her mother, Kris Jenner was allegedly caught in bed with Lamar Odom in an hotel room. 

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to learn that her husband, Lamar Odom, had cheated on her with multiple alleged mistresses in 2013, it’s now being reported that her 59 year-old mother was hooking up with him, too! Hearing the allegations led to an emotional confrontation between Khloe and Kris.
Months after Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar in 2013, Kris met up with her son-in-law so they could share each other’s pain (at the time, she was newly-separated from Bruce Jenner), Star Magazine reports. But it turned into much more, and one of Lamar’s other mistresses claims she actually walked in on the NBA star and Kardashian matriarch in bed together — naked!
Khloe was absolutely distraught upon hearing the allegations, and confronted her mom about it. ‘She had to. Of course, Kris denied everything and told her she was being ridiculous, but the whole thing has left a bad taste in Khloe’s mouth,’ an insider tells the mag. ‘One moment she’ll be saying she can’t believe anything that happened, then the next she’ll be saying Kris stole her husband and ruined her life.’

VP Elect, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo Covers gemWoman Magazine latest Issue


gemWOMAN/gemMAN magazine has released a special edition featuring an exclusive interview with the Vice-President Elect of the Federal Republic of NigeriaProfessor Yemi Osinbajo, as he opens up like never before on a wide range of issues ranging from his faith, family, and hopes for the future for Nigeria.

The vice-president Elect opened up on romance, marriage, and his life as a father, son, husband and public servant.

Kylie Jenner, 17, Finally Admits to "Temporary Lip Fillers" -- See Why She Did It!

After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner has confirmed one of her worst-kept secrets -- her lips aren't totally natural.
In a sneak peek clip at Sunday's "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," we see the youngest Jenner daughter freak out after a reporter asks her about all lip service over her plump pout. While Kylie vows she'll never "deny or confirm anything," her sister Khloe does it for her -- revealing all in a confessional.
"Kylie decided to plump her lips and I don't think there's anything wrong with that," she says to the camera. "I think if you've done something though, it is right to cop up to it. If you avoid a question, you're going to look like a liar."
have temporary lip fillers, it's just an insecurity of mine and it's what I wanted to do," she says. "Everyone always picks us apart. I want to admit to the lips, but people are so quick to judge me on everything, so I might have tiptoed around the truth, but I didn't lie."
E! was actually the outlet who asked the reality star about her lips at the event above.
At the time, the 17-year-old told them, "I feel like everyone has been talking about it for months, so I'm kind of sick of it. My pictures, I pout them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome. I love lip liner and over lining my lips. I don't even care anymore. I'm like whatever, just say whatever you want.