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Patience Ozokwor & Onyeka Onwenu At War Over Election Campaign Money

According to ThisDay, veteran singer, Onyeka Onwenu and Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor at war after sharing of campaign money during the elections went wrong.
Onyeka Onwenu, 63 and Patience Ozokwor, 57, campaigned vigorously for President Jonathan to be reelected during the 2015 elections. Trouble, however, reportedly started when Onwenu had made it her business to have a majority of the entertainers in Nigeria channel their request to see Jonathan and/or participate in his campaign.
For an actor or musician to go around Onwenu to see Jonathan, his/her connection in Aso Rock Villa had to be very strong. So Onyeka was allegedly miffed when Ozokwor managed to get attention from Aso Rock on her steam. Try as she did to issue an order that Ozokwor should revert to her, it just didn’t work. Ozokwor must have summoned extraneous powers from the ‘evil’ role she frequently plays in Nollywood to keep Onyeka off her track.
The problem further went worse with the issue of the control of disbursement of the Jonathan campaign fund to a group of certain artistes. At one of the meetings, the centre just couldn’t hold any more and things fell apart. Onwenu and Ozokwor allegedly openly abused themselves and called each other names. It took the intervention of Dame Patience Jonathan to calm the fighting women. They simply respected her but have continued to trade tirade at every opportunity.

Liberia Declared An Ebola-Free Nation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Liberia free of the deadly Ebola virus.
The country has had no new cases in 42 days.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told the BBC that Liberia had “crossed the Rubicon” and would be celebrating a concerted effort to stem the disease.
More than 4,700 deaths from Ebola have been recorded in Liberia, more than in any other affected country.

Ebola may be sexually transmitted, WHO warns

The World Health Organisation has issued an interim advice on the possibility of Ebola Virus of being sexually transmitted, Punch reports. 

The WHO had directed all Ebola survivors and their sexual partners to receive counseling to guard against possible transmission of the disease.

This is contained in a statement made available by WHO to newsmen in Lagos on Saturday.

It indicated that the sexual transmission of the Ebola Virus had yet to be established.
WHO said, “The sexual transmission of the Ebola Virus from males to females is a strong possibility, but has not yet been proven; less probable, but theoretically possible.
“Studies have shown that Ebola virus can be isolated from semen up to 82 days after symptom onset.
“A recent case investigation identified genetic material (RNA) from the virus by nucleic acid amplification tests (such as RT-PCR) 199 days after symptom onset.
“This is well beyond the period of virus detecting ability in the blood of survivors and long after recovery from illness.
“The detection of virus genetic material many months after symptom onset is assumed to reflect the continuing, or at least very recent, presence of live and potentially transmissible Ebola virus.”
More surveillance data and research are needed on the risks of sexual transmission and particularly on the prevalence of viable and transmissible virus in semen over time, WHO said.

Amber Rose blames Alcohol and Coke for Kanye Shade

Much like anyone else who’s ever had a night they couldn’t remember courtesy of alcohol, Amber Rose woke up Friday morning seemingly regretting her actions at the club on Thursday.

Rose, who was once engaged to the rapper, was caught on video at L.A.'s Supper Club earlier this week ranting that West didn't write his own music after, apparently, the DJ put on a Kanye tune.

Now, she took to Instagram to issue what could be construed as an apology.

Do you believe that booze was responsible for Amber's bold word?

Dakore Akande writes on Parening, sex and TV

Nollywood actress Dakore Akande in a post titled ‘Digital Media, My Babies & I has  talked about the challenges of raising children in a world that has had more advancement in technology than the one she grew up in.

Read her post below:

On today’s post I want to share the challenge I face as a parent on a daily basis as it concerns digital media/new technology/television.
Growing up we didn’t all have access to it or only had ‘restricted’ access. In my case when school started we weren’t allowed to watch TV so we could concentrate. Yeah, my folks were hard-core like that. We didn’t have much choice in terms of what to watch, it was either “Voltron”, “Sesame Street” or “She-Ra” on television or music videos on Betamax or VHS cassette. Wow, my age don dey show o!
Nowadays my daughters are spoilt for choice as to what to watch on TV with so many different cartoon channels and YouTube on my phone or iPad. I have nothing against mankind’s advancement in technology considering it has made life a lot easier in many ways and saved lives especially in medicine, etc., but as a new parent it’s something we all need to be mindful of.
My 1st born is already a whiz on my phone and IPad and I usually let her watch her favourite shows like “Sofia the 1st”, “Frozen”, “Peppa-Pig”, etc and I did not worry about it too much because most times I have to help her type what she wants to watch so that way I can monitor what she’s doing. Right? Well, sort of. It turns out that there are so many suggestions that pop up based on previous history that can lure kids to get into some adult stuff with parodies of these shows such as “Barbie life in the Dream House”- let me just say it was borderline porn! I was shocked but of course I had to play it cool and just changed it to something more wholesome! Phew!
From then on I always ensure to extra double check what she’s up to. It is not as if she’s deliberately searching for naughty stuff because she’s only 3 years old, but if it’s dangled in front of her like a lollipop, then I can’t blame her for her curiosity but it will not be curiosity killing my little kitty if I can help it! That was my first shocker so I brought my husband’s attention together we became more vigilant.
Another issue is with music videos and shows. As we all know, we live in a highly sexualized world where sex sells just about everything and I find myself worrying about the impact that has on the children we are raising today. In my household we are huge lovers of music of all genres, be it our very own Naija pop, hip-hop, or R&B. And one of my favourite things to do is to dance with my daughters. In the past, I would leave the TV on and watch TraceTV or SoundCity and let it keep showing, now I have to be extra vigilant with all the nudity and shaking of bum-bums. This is coupled with the fact that I have two baby girls and I can’t particularly say I’m happy with the way certain women allow themselves to be portrayed. However that is an entirely different topic for another day.
But back to the matter at hand, I find I have to reduce watching those shows or leave it to when they’re asleep or play the audio version only, or just switch to another channel entirely. When the video that comes up is too risqué and that always causes troubles with my feisty 3 year old.
We really have to contend with a lot these days and I want to encourage us as Mums to be more vigilant with our kids so they don’t grow up too fast and start dealing with things they don’t understand.
Till next time.

Nollywood Actor, Robert Peters and Wife Welcome Their First Baby Together

Nollywood actor, Robert Peters has welcomed a bouncing baby boy with his pretty wife, Debbie. 

The producer and director, tied the knot with his heartthrob, in an intimate ceremony held at the Lake Lanier Islands Resort, Atlanta, Georgia, August 2014. 

The baby has been reportedly named Lawrence, according to the information released by his fellow actor and close friend, Desmond Elliot, on his social media. 

Big congrats to them!

Checkout Ik Ogbonna's Reply To A Fan Who Called Him A Wack Actor

In an industry where most people think highly of themselves - it is heartwarming to find one who is still grounded, humbled and not disrespectful despite the fame. I must say that Ik has successfully walked his way into my list of respectable actors. Never been more down to earth.

Inside Tonto Dikeh’s Holiday With Mr X…All Her Latest Vacation Photos

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh is having a time of her life with her boyfriend, Churchill Oladunniotherwise known as Mr. X.

The Rivers State born actress has been sharing pictures of her vacation with boyfriend.

Tonto revealed in one of her instagram post that her current location was #SomeWerINCarribbean.

Etcetera Says Dangote Cannot Afford To Buy Arsenal Football Club

In his latest article, Etcetera comes for Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote who declared his intention to buy Arsenal football club a few days ago. 
Etcetera analyzed the issue, saying point blank he cannot afford it.

Read below:
You have sold some shares and you’ve got some money to spend. Now you want the ultimate: Your own football club. Hold on there, are you sure? Football clubs are a nightmare to run. In fact, almost two-thirds of premiership clubs have been in receivership at some point. Remember Portsmouth FC ploughed through four owners some seasons back and landed itself a debt of £60m and relegation in the Championship.
 Think of Leeds United’s tragicomic collapse; the balls-up at Cambridge United; Rotherham going into receivership in 2006 and 2008; Southampton’s sorry saga. And, of course, Crawley Town getting a winding up order years back. So, what do we know? Don’t buy a football club for the glory. So, before Dangote aspires to join Abrahamovic, Glazers and Al Mansours, he should make sure he knows his stuff.

But does Dangote know how much these football clubs really cost?
It is often mistaken that these clubs go for a quid. For instance, Swansea City was bought by investors for £100, and sold four years later for a £1. But beware: underneath those figures lies a pile of debt.

Does Dangote have the cash, can he do an Abramovich?
No, he can’t. New UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations already in place, require clubs to balance their income and expenses. Dangote cannot operate under such rules. The premiership is too organised and transparent for any businessman to easily manipulate. The wage structure of footballers is too large for a businessman like Dangote to take on. Let us forget that those goons at Forbes have told us that Dangote is Africa’s richest man. As it stands, he cannot afford the outright purchase of a big football club like Arsenal. It is as simple as that. He will go broke. It is a possibility if we are talking about a club in the coast of West Africa. Dangote has most of his wealth in shares and physical assets and the football business requires liquid cash to sustain. Have we all forgotten that the same Dangote got a 3G licence and sold it to Etisalat? He is a very smart businessman who knows how to pick his areas of investments.

Can he get Bank backing?
Unlikely! No serious private equity firm would get involved with a football club. They are not proper businesses. Too much politics, too many egos. And there’s no proper exit route – the history of football clubs on the stock market is chequered, to say the least. They are rich men’s toys, great for entertaining your mates, and that’s about it. I don’t think Dangote can afford such an expensive toy.
A lot of people think it is relatively easy to make a million pounds by being the owner of a football club. That all you have to do is put in that first two million pounds. But these people should also know that since the English Premier League was formed in 1992, football finances have dried up to the extent that making a million pound profit is no longer a walk in the park. It is also the case that buying a football club is unlikely to yield that much of a return. Despite the significant TV and other commercial revenues, football clubs in England’s top flight still struggle to break even. This is ironic, given the goal of setting up the Premier League was to stabilise club finances.

Is Dangote putting his heart over his head?
Yes I think so. Simon Jordan, in his autobiography, tells the story of how owning a football club can go terribly wrong. Jordan amassed a fortune of £75m in the early days of the mobile phone revolution. In 2000, he paid £10m to take control of South London football team Crystal Palace, becoming the youngest football club chairman at the age of 32. He was warned by many not to do it, but having watched the club since his childhood, he could not resist. Fast-forward 10 years and the club was in administration and Jordan’s personal wealth largely wiped out. It is reported that Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea, has written off more than one billion pounds he ploughed into the club since acquiring it in 2003. Catching him up fast is Sheikh Mansour from Abu Dhabi, who has invested close to one billion pounds in Manchester City since 2008. Can Dangote write off such a huge amount of money? It is in fact the amount of money he borrows to invest in businesses. But again, I think Dangote is just trying to hype himself. Most of the serious money flowing into football recently has come from the Middle East. The Qatar Investment Authority (the country’s sovereign wealth fund) bought the French Ligue 1 side Paris St Germain in 2011 and has gone about transforming them in the same way Sheikh Mansour has Manchester City. Forget those guys at Forbes, Dangote is not in the same league as these guys.

The Glazer Family bought Manchester United in 2006, recognising the immense value of its global brand as a cash generator and the opportunities to enhance it even further. The cost of buying the club was loaded on to the club itself, with the revenues it generates used to pay the debt and interest that the Glazers undertook to buy the club. Eventually, the hope is that the club will essentially pay for itself leaving its American owners in possession of a multi-billion pound asset but till date, the Glazers are still gnashing their teeth and are still neck deep in debt. When it was speculated that a Middle East consortium was willing to pay £1.5bn for Arsenal Football Club, it was stated that Stan Kroenke, the American who owns about 63 per cent of the shares in the club, would have made just £400m on his shares. So, given the appalling financial returns, why do people buy football clubs?

Who can buy Arsenal football club?
Anyone can buy Arsenal football club, but that anyone doesn’t include anyone who obtains bank loans to fund a business. Sir John Madejski, chairman of Reading Football Club, describes the ideal football club owner as having deep pockets, mercurial, and not faint-hearted.

Amber Rose Pops out large boobs at her Movie Premiere in Los Angeles(Photos)

Amber Rose popped out a large part of her massive boobs in a black high thigh slit dress as she stepped out for the premiere of her new movie Sister Code in Los Angeles, California. The mum-of-one paired her dress with a black heels and a pink colour-pop mani-pedi. Her mum was also with her to grace her event.
Peep below for more photos

Father, aunt of Bobbi Kristina Brown named co-guardians

The father and aunt of Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of late singer Whitney Houston who was hospitalized in January after being found unresponsive in her bathtub, have been named her co-guardians, attorneys for the parties said on Friday.
"Both (Bobby) Brown and (Pat) Houston are jointly responsible for decisions related to (Bobbi Kristina Brown's) care and medical needs," attorneys for Brown and Houston, Christopher Brown and David Long-Daniels respectively, said in a joint statement.
Lawyer Bedelia Hargrove was appointed as Bobbi Kristina Brown's conservator, responsible for her "assets, including her likeness, rights and legal claims", the statement said.
Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, was discovered on Jan. 31 face down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her suburban Atlanta home. Few details about her condition have been released since.
In March, she was transferred from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to a rehabilitation center, according to her family.
Her mother Whitney Houston, a six-time Grammy Award winner and actress, drowned in a hotel bathtub in Beverly Hills, California, in February 2012 at the age of 48. Cocaine and heart disease contributed to her death, the authorities said.

Reports Claim Bruce Jenner’s Entire Show Was Scripted

According to reports, Bruce Jenner’s confession about his trangender transition on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is fake like a $US3 dollar bill. Almost a year ago, Bruce told the Kardashian/ Jenner tribe about his transition  without any cameras.

A source claims: “The idea that this was the first time Bruce told the family is ridiculous, and no one should fall for it.”
The insider added: “[It] was choreographed down to the minute by producers, and was only filmed two months ago.”
Reports also  claimed that Kris Jenner orchestrated how it was presented to the her children.
The source said: “[Kris] was heavily involved in how it was presented to the kids — even though Bruce had told the kids last summer, almost nine months before it was filmed.”
In the promo clip, Kendall drops tears, and she told her father she hates the idea that she’s going to lose him.
Kylie told her father that she wants to meet his female side.  “We want to meet her, when he’s ready. When we’re both ready” she said while older Kim  Kardashian says: “We wanna understand his struggle.”
If Bruce’s scripted confession reports are true, Kendall Jenner was crying crocodile tears for rating.
Bruce Jenner’s transgender revelation to his family will be aired this weekend in a Keeping Up With The Kardashians special.
bruce jenner