Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Osinbajo Says Buhari’s Government Is Inheriting Nigeria’s Worst Economy Ever

The vice-president elect, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has stated that the incoming government ofMuhammad Buhari have their task cut out for them.
According to Osinbajo, the economy is “the worst in history”.
“We are concerned that our economy is currently in, perhaps, its worst moment in history. Local and international debts stand at US$ 60 billion.
“Our debt servicing bill for 2015 is N953.6 billion, 21 per cent of our budget. On account of severely dwindled resources, over two-thirds of the states in Nigeria owe salaries.
“Federal institutions are not in much better shape. Today, the nation borrows to fund recurrent expenditure.”

Nigerian Lady accuses Beyonce of stealing her song and concept (Photos)

Things don't seem okay for Beyonce as  a Nigerian, accuses her of stealing her look and song concept. 27-year-old Chicago-based Nigerian artist, Titilope Ademokun aka Titi 'LoKei' is going all out to make the world know that she has also fallen victim of Beyoncé's style-jacking ways. And the news has made its way to one of the biggest USA gossip sites, BallerAlert. .
She is claiming that Beyoncé stole the style of the custom made Chicago Bulls swimsuit she wore in the video of her 2013 song "Black bottles" and used it in the recent video she shot with Nicki Minaj. She also says Beyoncé stole the concept of her song "Bow Down" which is in her, Titi's album and used it for her own song "bow down bitches".

I Met My Wife A Virgin - Gov Oshiomole

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole has made yet another shocking revelation about his new wife, Lara Fortes, saying he met her as a virgin.

The Comrade governor made the revelation during their wedding thanksgiving service.

He said, “I can boldly tell all of you that I was a very principled man during my first marriage. I didn’t succumb to the worldly pleasures of this lustful environment, even though I had lots of opportunities. And it was this principled sobriety that made me fish for a virgin wife.
“I can boldly say to you all that I was the first man to know her (Lara Fortes) and initiated her into the worldly ways.
“This is the kind of spirit I want Edo youths to inculcate, instead of messing around and engaging in different shades of adultery and fornication.”

Part 3! Emmanuel Adebayor Spills More Family Secret; This Time On Older Brother

Tottenham football star, Emmanuel Adebayor has been on a tell-all spill on his family over the last few weeks, and just like he promised, he put out a part 3 just a few hours ago. 

In this part he comes for his older brother, Kola Adebayor, and as crazy as it sounds suggests that both Kola and his other brother Peter (late) threatened to kill him one night. Wow!

Read the full story below:
SEA, if I decide to bring out the Part 3 today, it is because my brother @Kola Adebayor and my other siblings have decided to talk about our family issues on social medias, through letters to my club, radios…I could write an autobiography and sell it but I decided to share with you here.
25 years ago, my big older brother Kola went to Germany and he became the hope of our family. We all thought he could change the way we were living. Years after he left Togo, we still had no electricity and no phones. If he wanted to talk to us, he would call the Atlantic Hotel that was very close to our house. We would then run to the hotel reception and talk to him.
When I got the opportunity to go play football in France for the first time, we needed money to for the flight tickets and other expenses. My brother was nowhere to be found. Only God knows what he was doing in Germany.
When I arrived in France, I did all the paperwork with my team and they allowed me to stay in the academy. A few months later, my brother wanted to come visit me. I was running out of money and I was living at the academy. Therefore, I had to borrow money so I could pay for his hotel. At that time, my teammate Sega N’diaye from Cameroon was kind enough to lend me some money. I also had to borrow some more money because I had to give my brother some money for his trip back to Germany. Keep in mind he is my older brother.
A couple years later, things started to get better. Thank God, I signed a contract with Metz. Since then, my brother would contact me whenever it was time to pay his bills. Sometimes, he would say his son is sick… I had to get used to all this.
Again, I was lucky enough to get an offer from Monaco and I signed for the football club. One day, Kola and the late Peter Adebayor came to visit me in Monaco. My two brothers did not let me know they were coming. Someone said “blood is thicker than water” so I took them in. They arrived early in the morning and I was on my way to training. When I came back home, we had a discussion and they wanted to start a car business. Obviously, it involves a lot of money. I told them that I could help them out as soon as I get paid next. At that time, Thierry Mangwa was staying in my apartment because he was struggling with some personal issues and needed a place to stay. One day, I came back from training and he was crying. He never told me why. My brothers could also not explain. Another day, one of my friends Padjoe came to visit me and as he was leaving the house, I believe I offered him about €500. My brother Kola noticed that and was very upset. He was trying to understand why I gave my friend some money right away but not him. My reason was very simple; the money he (Kola) needed was a huge amount of money that I did not carry in my house. We went on and had an argument about it.
Another day, after training…I was very tired and decided to go take a nap. I woke up and a knife was held to my throat. As I opened my eyes, both of my brothers were there. They were shouting and they claimed that I was wasting their time. Peter was going mad and Kola was supporting. I asked them: “Is this the only way to solve this issue? I yes, then kill me and take the money”. It’s only at that moment that he put the knife down. After all this, I found a way out of my own apartment and I called my parents. My mom suggested that I call the police. That was the only way for me to get back into my house safely… I had training the next day, by the way. So I did what my mom said. Police came and they settled down. Again, “blood is thicker than water”, so I let it go. A few days after, Peter went to visit one of Kola’s friends in Paris. That means I was left in the house with Kola; for my own safety, I found a way to get him the money as soon as I could. Only God knows how much I gave him that day.
A few months after all this, I went back to Togo and I was surprised when my mom started to ask me why I called the police on my brothers, she continued and said I am the bad person in the family. That is another story I will leave for later…
Every time I went back home, everyone kept asking me why my brother never visited after all these years. Immediately, I organized a flight for him and he came back to visit the family, at my own expenses.
On April 22nd 2005, we received some bad news. I received a call and they announced that my father passed away. I was devastated. I called my big brother and told him that we all have to be there. Again I made sure there was a flight ticket ready for him. We all went back home and I took care of everything. A long time before my dad died, he was in the hospital one day and he asked me to make sure his funeral is not a moment of sadness. He wanted us to celebrate his life. I leave it to God to decide if the funeral I organized for my dad was what he wanted. The man who calls himself the “big man” in the family did not contribute to anything. But he still has the boldness to say I do not take care of this family.
In 2006, I had another big opportunity to go play for Arsenal. Since then, my brother has started to come up with series of false accusations against me.On July 22nd, 2013 sad news hit us in the family. My brother Peter Adebayor passed away. His death was sad and I was affected by it. One thing I find difficult to swallow today is that Kola was accusing me of Peter’s death. He is saying that the shop I opened for Peter was not good enough. He kept texting saying that my career would be destroyed. I did everything for Peter when he was alive, I brought him to Metz, and Monaco with me. What can Kola say that he has done for Peter? Nothing. The man did not even show up at the funeral even after all the money I sent for the trip back home.
He is saying that I also made my mom suffer, but he forgot that when he was in Germany, at some point I was the one always by my mom’s side. As soon as I started to make a living with football, I did everything you could imagine for our mom. That is normal. But my brother is never satisfied. He said I bought a shitty car for my mom. Why can’t he buy a better one? All I want from him is to take his responsibilities. Since I am not doing it right, he should show the example as a big brother. He has been in Germany for more than 20 years, but he never brought our mother there to visit. Even to go back home for a visit is another struggle. All he keeps saying is that my father said I should build a house for each one of them. I don’t think my father said that. Does that even make sense for him or anyone ? As a big brother, he is supposed to be doing all that I am doing for the family. He should stop hiding and take his responsibilities. When he came to Europe, he was young enough to become a football player too. Anyways, some people are drivers here but they are able to take care of their families. They even bring their parents and other family members. Why has he not done anything like that but he keeps talking? As a matter fact, he should at least bring Rotimi, Bidemi or his own son Aziz here before talking about “taking care of the family”. Actions are louder than speeches. 
A lot of people are saying that Inever went to school, but they forget that it is because we could not afford it. I never blamed my parents for that. But thank God, today I am able to speak more than 3 languages and I can send my daughter to school. I am proud of that. People can accuse me for not going to school, but in the end it is all about who you become and what you teach yourself. It is also about what life teaches you and what you learn from it. 
Many times I wanted to give up. Ask my sister Iyabo Adebayor how many times I have called and was ready to commit suicide? I kept these stories for years… But If I die, no one would know my story, no one would learn from it… Some people say I should keep these stories private, but someone has to sacrifice himself; someone has to talk about it. I know people would relate to my story and others would learn from it. For every one who knows me, I’d do anything for my country and my people. 
Final message from the younger brother to the older brother: Quit Smoking and Quit Drinking. That was my story.

Another Reuben Abati? Buhari Appoints The Sun MD, Femi Adesina As SA On Media

Indications emerged that President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari may have penned down managing director and editor-in-chief of The Sun newspapers, Mr. Femi Adesina, as his special Adviser on Media and Publicity.

According toTHISDAY, Adesina’sappointment have been concluded and he may assume the office May 29.

Following the development, the management of The Sun Newspaper has also concluded plans to re-organise its management structure following Adesina’s impending departure.

The deputy managing director, Eric Osagie has been favoured to take Adesina’s place, while Steve Nwosu will assume the office of the DMD.
Adesina was recently reelected as NGE president to serve for another two years. He was unopposed in the election as most of his colleagues believe he did a great job in his first term as the guild’s president.

SHOCKER !!! Couple Discover That The Maid They Hired 8 Months Ago Was a MAN (See Photo)

A Kenyan couple hired a maid to work for them at home. 8 months into the job, the maid started stealing all kinds of valuables running into hundreds of thousands.

They alerted the police and got the maid arrested.

While the police were doing a search on the maid, low and behold, ‘she’ was in fact a dude pretending to be a woman, wearing padded bra and all.

How does someone work for you for 8months and you didn’t realise ‘she’ was a man?

Boko Haram Hiding Chibok Girls Inside Bunkers – Gov. Shettima Reveals

Borno State governor, Kassim Shettima, has raised alert that the kipnapped female students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok may be living in Boko Haram bunkers in Sambisa Forest.
As the Nigerian army continues to comb the forest, the Governor tasked the military to ensure that the girls who have been kidnapped since April 2014 to be liberated.

Shettima, spoke in Abuja, while presenting a paper at a two-day post election conference on security and governance, organized by the Savanna Centre, a Non Governmental Organisation, NGO, established by former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari.

The governor, who was represented at the occasion by the Secretary, Borno Elders Forum, Dr Bulama Mala Gubio, said the sect, having operated in the large expanse of the forest for so many years unchallenged, were able to build a bunker, large enough to accommodate many people in the area.

He said, “We are suspecting that Chibok girls are living with the insurgents in bunkers, I think the military must carry out their operations beyond the surface earth. They (Boko Haram) were also known to have dug tunnels to enable them move from house to house. So, having been left unchallenged for such a long time, such possibility cannot be ruled out which poses serious obstacles within the forest, “the governor added.
Speaking further, Shettima said: “The insurgents used their bases in the Sambisa Forest to launch deadly attacks and make quick retreat to their base which enabled them capture and take over control of all the local government areas bordering Nigeria with Cameroon, Chad and Niger, thus effectively cutting off the three neighbouring countries thereby declaring what they assumed was their independent territory (caliphate).”

The governor also said unless Sambisa Forest was completely and effectively rid of the terrorists by the military, any reconstruction and rehabilitation carried out in the North East region would turn out to be an exercise in futility.
“Unless and only if the Sambisa Forest is effectively recovered from the  terrorists shall we think of defeating the Boko Haram and begin to embark on a holistic approach for the reconstruction and  rehabilitation of the North East. In fact, at several stages the Borno State Government had intervened to reconstruct destroyed schools, health centres, homes, markets and so on, only for the insurgents to attack and destroy them again, “he noted.
The governor also disclosed that Boko Haram killed over 300,000 persons in the region, contrary to the 13,000 dead figure he said, was being bandied by the  media.He disclosed that Borno State alone, has so far lost over 70,000 people in the six-year old insurgency.

He attributed the success of the Boko Haram activities in the North East to what he called “the underfunding of the military”.

Lagos Lawyer threatens to sue Buhari for dropping 'General' title

The president-elect announced he would be dropping the 'General' title from his name come May 29th, a Lagos-based lawyer and rights activist, Mr. Ebun Adegboruwa, is threatening to sue him,arguing that it is illegal and immoral.

 “I shall file a suit before the Federal High Court or alternatively, to give up, pay back and restore, all the pensions, salaries and benefits that he has so far earned, either as a commissioned officer of the Nigerian Army, or as a former military Head of State.”
The letter reads:

I have read the press statement of the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.), indicating that as from May 29, 2015, he would like to be addressed simply as Muhammadu Buhari, without reflecting his official designation as a retired officer in the Nigerian Army.
This is totally shocking, and rather unacceptable. I therefore humbly urge all Nigerians to disregard this appeal from the President-elect, as it is illegal and immoral, upon the following reasons.
1. Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.) is the official and legal status, title, designation and appellation of our dear President-elect. He has no choice in the matter but to continue to carry this cross, for life.

2. The military in Nigeria and the world over, is a dignified professional institution, built upon the solid foundations of discipline, selflessness, courage, dignity, loyalty and patriotism. It is an institution that everyone should be proud of, except those of them who were trained and equipped by this noble institution, but chose to capture civilian power, through coup detat.

3. Under and by virtue of the Armed Forces Act, (s.25) a retired army officer, such as the President-elect, is forever a part and parcel of the Nigerian Army.

4. Under and by virtue of Paragraph 1(1) of the 1st Schedule of the Armed Forces Pensions Act, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.), is entitled to and has indeed been receiving and benefiting from pension, as an officer who held a regular commission, before his retirement.

5. Major-General Mohammadu Buhari (Retd.) illegally seized power in Nigeria from an elected President, on December 31, 1983 and forcefully crowned himself as Head of State. He forcefully held on to power for 1 year, 239 days, before he was also deposed on August 27, 1985, by General Ibrahim Babangida (Retd.). He is thus a retired commissioned officer of the Nigerian Army and he remains so for as long as he lives.

6. Major-General Muhammadu 
Buhari (Retd.) attends the Council of State meeting as former Head of State, which office he held in his capacity as a Major-General.

7. Under and by virtue of section 1 of the Remuneration of Former Presidents and Heads of State Act No. 32 of 1999, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.), is entitled to a very fat salary as pension, for life. He is also entitled to the following benefits:
 (i) Chief Administrative Officer of not less than Grade Level 12;
 (ii) Personal Secretary of not less than Grade Level 12;
 (iii) Four armed policemen as his private security;
 (iv) A top ranking State Security Service officer as his Aide De Camp;
 (v) Three official vehicles to be changed every four years;
 (vi) Three drivers to be paid by Federal Government;
 (vii) Diplomatic Passport for life;
 (viii) Free medical treatment in Nigeria for himself and members of his family;
 (ix) Free medical treatment abroad for himself and members of his family;
 (x) Thirty days annual leave;
 (xi) Well equipped and well furnished office accommodation;
 (x) Well equipped and well furnished living apartment, not less than five bedroom duplex;
 (xi) Free telephone, etc.

(8) The President-elect became entitled to all the above, by virtue of his membership of the Nigerian Army; he became Head of State, by virtue of his commission as an officer of the Nigerian Army and he has earned these salaries and benefits as such, over the years, even when he contested elections in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015.

(9) The moral question, involved in the President-elect’s sudden change of status, is in the fact that he contested election and canvassed for votes, from Nigerians and he was so voted for, as a retired military general. He should continue to bear and carry that honourable title of Major-General, for as long as he lives.

10. Thus, so long as Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.), is earning his pensions from the Nigerian Army, so long as Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.), is earning all his benefits as a former military Head of State and so long as Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.), has not changed his name and status in the way recognised by law, the good people of Nigeria, in particular the Nigerian Army, are well urged to continue to address him as a retired Major-General.

From all the foregoing, I therefore humbly appeal to the President-elect, to continue to bear his official name and status, by which he once climbed to power. I do sincerely sympathise with the President-elect, on the very sad and distasteful memories, that this title attracts to him, but it is his cross to carry. Nigerians voted for him, in spite of his past and that should be enough encouragement for him, to strive to erase any negative impression, that it may have occasioned.
The best option for the President-elect, to erase those memories from our hearts, is not by seeking to deny his past, but rather to use his present position, to address the fundamental issues of corruption, epileptic power supply, unemployment, insecurity, infrastructure development and such other issues, that were the subject of his campaign promises.
Should the President-elect ignore this appeal, by insisting on denying his past, whilst he continues to earn salaries and benefits through the same rank that he seeks to jettison, I shall file a suit before the Federal High Court, to seek an injunction to restrain the President-elect from denying his official and legal titles, or alternatively, to give up, pay back and restore, all the pensions, salaries and benefits that he has so far earned, either a commissioned officer of the Nigerian Army, or as a former military Head of State.
The problem facing Nigerians presently is not about designation, titles or status, but rather that of fulfilment of all the promises made during the campaigns.
Thank you all. God bless Nigeria.

EFCC Arraigns Man For Forging Okonjo-Iweala’s Recommendation Letter

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arraigned one Obiejogo Raymond Azuka before Justice Muawiyah Baba Idris of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory sitting in Gwagwalada, Abuja on a six-count charge bordering on forgery.

The spokesperson of the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaaaren, said, “Obiejigo, a Higher National Diploma holder from Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra allegedly forged a reference letter purportedly from the minister of finance, Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, alongside his curriculum vitae, requesting for employment into the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC); Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) and Nigerian Security Printing and Minting (NSPM) company.”
He said the accused pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him, adding that in view of his plea, the lawyer to the EFCC, Halidu Mohammed, urged the court to fix a date to commence trial and also to remand the accused in prison custody.
“However, the defence counsel, J. E Chukwuemeka, through a formal application, asked the court to admit the accused to bail but his application was opposed by Mohammed who asked the court for time to respond. 
“Justice Idris adjourned the case to June 2, 2015 for hearing of the bail application and commencement of trial and ordered the accused to be remanded in Kuje Prison custody”, he added.

I Prefer Pleasure To Duration During S3x - Stella Damasus

Speaking on a radio show in the US, Stella Damasus was asked her view on which most women prefer; duration or satisfaction during s3x.

The actress did not mince words in airing her preference.
As Encomium reported, Stella said, "Whatever I say, I will tell you my personal opinion but what other women might feel. I believe in the pleasure not the duration. I believe in quality over how many hours. Normal women who have normal s3x drives look for pleasure over the duration."

Do you agree with her?

Nollywood comic actor Nkem Owoh renews contract with MTN; Shows off his daughters(Photos)

Popular Nollywood actor Nkem Owoh popularly referred to as ‘Osuofia’ has surprised his fans by sharing a photo of himself and two of his daughters. 

The actor who has maintain a very strict low key lifestyle of keeping his immediate family away from the public was pictured with his grow up daughters as he went to renew his endorsement deal with MTN. 

Congrats Osuofia!

Pastor Bakare resting after collapsing – Latter Rain Assembly

Outspoken Nigeria pastor, Tunde Bakare, who collapsed Monday while giving a lecture to a group of investors in Lagos is “hale, hearty and in good spirit though in need of rest,” his church, the Latter Rain Assembly said through its social media handles. 

While thanking followers of Mr Bakare, who is also an influential social activist and one of the most relentless critics of governments, for their outpouring of love and concern, the church said he needs “the space and time to fully recuperate over the next few days”.
“Thank you all for your outpouring of affection and concern through calls, messages, and prayers,” the statement by the church’s executive council read. “Please be assured that Pastor Tunde Bakare is hale, hearty and in good spirits, though in need of rest.”
Mr. Bakare was reported to have collapsed while delivering a lecture during the Capital Investors dinner at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos on Monday. 

A witness had told Sahara Reporters that there was a swelling on his forehead after he fell. He was rushed to Reddington Hospital in Lagos and was discharged after receiving preliminary treatment.

Respect? Wizkid inks new tattoo of Fela and a Lion on his arms (Photos)

Wizkid who is a die hard fan of Late Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti has done what I think none of Fela's kids have ever done before. The young artist inked a tattoo of the Afrobeat Legend on one of his arm and a lion on his other arm. Wizkid is fondly referred to as young Fela by some of his fans.
See another pic below : 

17-year-old Kylie Jenner acquires first car and its a brand new G-Wagon (Photos)

17-year-old Kylie Jenner has done good for herself, the reality star teenager just acquired her first vehicle and its a 2015 Mercedes-Benz G 63. Congrats to her.