Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pope Francis: Sometimes Marriage Break-ups Are Inevitable

Pope Francis ealier today, acknowledged that sometimes it is impossible for spouses to stay together.
“It is true…that there are cases when separations are inevitable. Sometimes they can even become morally necessary,” the pontiff said during his weekly audience in Saint Peter’s Square.
Francis said he was referring to cases of domestic violence and exploitation, affecting the weaker partner or small children.
His remarks came a day after the publication of a working document for the Oct. 4-25 Synod.The summit of bishops is due to discuss how to treat people who do not comply with Catholic family ethics, including divorcees, unmarried couples and homosexuals.
“Around us we find several families in so-called irregular-I don’t like this word – situations, and we pose ourselves many questions.
“How can we help them? How can we support them? How can we support them so that children do not become hostages of their father or mother?,” the Pope said. 

Heartbreaking Moment Teenage Cancer Patient Marries His Girlfriend Before He Dies (Photos)

Omar Al Shaikh had just one last wish before his life was cut short at the age of 16. Lying in his hospital bed, having made a daisy-chain ring, Omar Al Shaikh asked his girlfriend Amie to be his wife.
Hours earlier, doctors at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital had uttered the prognosis Omar and his family had dreaded. There was nothing more they could do for him, his body having been ravaged by leukemia, and he had just days to live.
Dressed in his hospital dressing gown, Omar his bride tied the knot surrounded by friends, family and hospital staff just days earlier.
Having sought the permission of their parents, Omar and Amie Cresswell, also 16, fulfilled their dream.
Omar said he ‘wanted the whole world to see him marry her’.
‘Omar wanted to get married before he died and when he proposed I just jumped at the chance. We had talked about getting married but never imagined we would be 16. We thought we would grow old together. The ceremony was so sad, but really lovely.’
The 16-year-old widow, added: ‘We met while Omar was in remission. I’d seen him around school a bit but we just got closer together. When he was told it had come back it was just a massive shock. I knew I wanted to stand by him through it all. He is such a lovely soul – I wanted to spend as much time as I had with him as possible.’
Omar’s mother Mira said while devastated at losing her son, she has gained ‘the best daughter-in-law in the world’.
She said: ‘They loved each other very much. They were in school together and when Omar was first sick and diagnosed in June last year she was a good friend and always visited. He was cleared at the end of October and came home and we had a party for his 16th birthday and that was the day when they fell in love.
‘Then he was diagnosed again in March and she used to stay over at the hospital with him every weekend. The minute she found out he only had days left to live she went to his bedside and stayed there every night.’
In March this year, specialists told Omar and his family he had just three months to find a stem cell donor.
The former Air Cadet and sports fanatic, had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia after fainting during a football match.
But, because of Omar’s background – he came from a mixed Arabic and Romanian heritage – finding a suitable match proved extremely difficult.
Tragically, he ran out of time. By the time stem cells could be found, thanks to an umbilical cord transfer, Omar was too ill to have the transplant. On Monday, Omar passed away in hospital, a married man.

Credit: Daily Mail

Seyi Shay Joins Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj On UK Island Records

Island Records are the managers of artistes like Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Enrique Iglesias, Leona Lewis, Ariana Grande, and Calvin Harris.

She announced the deal via her instagram account yesterday, squealing in delight at her new upgrade.

She wrote;
“FINALLY!! this is what most of us work so hard for. We spend most of our lives chasing this 1 opportunity to reach the world through
a giant platform like this! I can’t believe it.. @islandrecordsuk and. I have signed a GLOBAL recording contract this evening in London. I give God ALL the glory!! Thank u
to NIGERIA and AFRICA for ‘putting me on’ S/O @twintings @taponeswa @j_mgt @harmonysamuels @didichiq @mtvbaseafrica #TEAMSEYISHAY and MY
FANS — See these enemies have been put to shame and Jehovah has the wheel so move out of the way! We coming thru! #nextlevelish #global
#recorddeal #Bossette #bestfemale #mamas2015

Congrats to her! 

Rotting remains of boy missing for more than a decade found in mother's car boot(Photo)

A mother was discovered with the rotting remains of her teenage son, who went missing more than a decade ago, hidden inside her car boot.

Tonya Slayton was pulled over by police in a routine check when they smelled the stench of decomposing flesh coming from her vehicle, Virginia State Police said.

USA Today reports the 44-year-old, of Richmond, was driving a Ford Mustang when she was stopped on the morning of June 6 on Interstate 64 in Hampton.

The trooper noticed a large white spot on the floor behind the driver's seat that Slayton said was from the beach, according to a search warrant.

The officer wanted to know what was in the boot and opened it.

The mother said there were just clothes in there, but the reality was far more gory.

The lid was opened and the trooper reported smelling "rotting flesh," according to the document.

Slaton began throwing clothes on top of the spare tire, which is where the trooper found two plastic bags wrapped in duct tape full of human remains.

No one has seen her son, Quincy Jamar Davis, since 2004 when he was in seventh grade at Virginia Beach Middle School.

Quincy would have just turned 25.

Slaton was charged with concealment of a dead body and remains in Hampton Roads Regional Jail on remand.

Busted again! Rapper, Rick Ross and bodyguard arrested for assault and kidnapping

It’s been only two weeks since Rick Ross was arrested for marijuana possession and it seems like the law is not done with the rapper ….or the other way round. The 39-year old star was arrested this morning in Fayette County, Georgia for kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

According to the U.S. Marshals Service,  the incident in question happened about two weeks ago after a confrontation ensued between Ross and a man doing work at one of his homes. The cops say the assault charge is for pistol-whipping, and the kidnapping charge is because the man was allegedly not allowed to leave the house.
Ross was picked up at his main residence, along with his bodyguard, and arrested without incident.
This will be Ross’ second arrest this month.
source: TMZ

Nicky Minaj shares racy new pics

The rap diva has just shared these new photos via her Instagram page. 

‘Emotionless’ Son Who Brutally Murdered His Mother As She Slept Gets 30 Years Jail Time

Sadistic Alexander McDonald tortured his mother by stabbing her through the neck with a knitting needle, a court heard
The 27-year-old waiter had downed alcohol at a wine tasting evening at his work before taking cocaine. He then embarked on a sex texting conversation with a male friend which left him ‘in a state of sexual excitement’.
He was jailed at Exeter Crown Court after he was convicted of murdering his 57-year-old mother Catherine.
Mr Justice Dingemans said: “I am sure the attack was carried out in order to subdue Ms McDonald so that Mr McDonald could satisfy his sexual urges which were unsatisfied following his sexting conversation. This is another evidence based example of the destruction caused by the use of drugs in society. I do not doubt that Mr McDonald would have not have acted as he did but for the ingestion of the drugs which disinhibited him.
“But the jury found on overwhelming evidence Mr McDonald was both capable of forming an intention to kill, and in the course of his attack, did form that intention.”

Ebola returns to Sierra Leone’s Capital, Freetown

Sierra Leone has announced the return of Ebola to its capital Freetown, dashing hopes that health authorities in the densely-populated city of 1.2 million had beaten the deadly outbreak.

The government’s National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) told AFP late on Tuesday three cases had emerged in the east-end slum of Magazine Wharf — three weeks after the last known infections in the capital.

Health officials said six people have been under observation since the first of the new cases — a casual labourer — tested positive on June 17.

Authorities are concerned that the case could lead to a mini-outbreak in the overcrowded fishing community, which has poor sanitation and is regularly hit by outbreaks of malaria and cholera.

Liberia was declared Ebola-free in May, but hopes that neighbouring Sierra Leone and Guinea would quickly follow suit have been dashed recently, with the weekly toll of infections in the two countries hovering around 25.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned earlier this month that the retreat of the virus “that was apparent throughout April and early May has stalled”.

According to the WHO, as of June 21, there had been 27,443 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, of which 11,207 were fatal.

Sierra Leone has seen almost half of the total caseload, reporting more than 3,900 deaths.

Photos From The Bank Robbery That Happened At Ikorodu Today

There was a robbery attack at the Ogolonto area of Ikorodu earlier today. The armed robbers reportedly trailed a bullion van to one of the banks, attacked the bank, moved over to the next bank, robbed them and then burnt the vehicle that they used for the robbery. They left the scene using a speedboat that ferried towards Iyan Oworo. photos below;

Rita Ora Leaves Sideboob Hanging Out In Daring LBD (Photos)

Rita Ora is known for making provocative outfit choices but this time she went two steps further.
The platinum blonde singer showed off extreme side-boob as she stepped out for a meeting in New York. She stepped out braless in a daring little black dress teamed with a pair of black suede ankle boots as she strut happily.
The black dress appeared demure from the front but the side features deep arm slit which showed off vast amount of the singer’s side-boob.
She finished off the rather provocative look with neon orange winged eyeliner teamed with bright red lipstick.


Wearing skinny jeans could cause nerve damage in your leg, new study says

Skinny jeans could leave you weak in the knees, literally.
One woman was hospitalized for days after her jeans caused her to lose feeling in her legs, according to astudy published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.
The study said that squatting in skinny jeans can damage nerves and muscles in the legs.
The 35-year-old woman had spent her day helping a relative move, squatting for hours as she emptied closets. When she was walking home that night, her feet grew numb, and she tripped and fell. Immobilized, she spent hours on the ground before she was found and rushed to the hospital.
"We blame what happened on a combination of prolonged squatting for hours and the tight jeans she was wearing," said Dr. Thomas Kimber who treated the patient.
Doctors were forced to cut the jeans off her calves because they had become so swollen. 
"Normally muscles can expand to compensate for swelling, but there was a tourniquet effect, so the muscles had to expand inwards and compressed blood vessels and nerves," said Kimber.
She lost circulation in her lower legs and couldn't move her ankles or toes properly, according to the study.
"If she hadn't been able to come to the hospital, the compression could have gone on longer and caused residual nerve damage," said Kimber, who is an associate professor at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia.
After four days on an IV, she could walk again and was released from the hospital.
So if you don't want to be a fashion victim, think twice before wiggling into a too-tight pair of skinny jeans.

Insanity: Rastafarian, Majek Fashek's full details

The dreadlocked and rastafarian artiste surely needs help. But for how long will this go on since help had come his way many times in the past and he seemed to have fluffed it. 

Majek Fashek has been trending all day after a blogger and investment banker, Joseph Edgar, chanced upon him at Fadeyi, in Lagos this morning and wrote a moving tale about the experience. The story though looked as if it happened years ago. 

Those who should know are saying Majek’s problem seemed hydra-headed though the rainmaker himself said he was facing a spiritual attack.
Movie maker, Charles Novia who managed Majek for some years had expressed his views on the reggae artiste’s dilemma. Monica Omorodion Swaida, Majek’s former back-up singer, according to a report, has even started a campaign to raise funds for Fashek whose health has deteriorated because of his long battle with drug addiction. 
“Our fight right now is to raise money so that we can send him to a home that can help him. Apart from his alcoholism, he has spiritual and mental issues to go with it,” Swaida quipped.
The US-based lady has created a GoFundMe page for the former star and her aim is to raise twenty thousand dollars.

Back to Charles Novia, he narrated, “I managed Majek Fashek for 5 years, 2005 to 2010, re-engineering his career on my label, November Records and tried as much as possible to bring him back to the limelight all through those years. It was a passionate and selfless adventure. My life, my business, everything stood still all those years for Majek. I wanted him to be healed. I wanted him well. He was too much of a talent to be allowed to waste. I fought for him, struggled for him and with him. I sacrificed everything for him. It was a mission and a vision for me.
“Thank God for a wonderful wife who understood and supported me in my quest to help the legend and never for one day complained. What didn’t I do for my brother? And I don’t say this to elicit any sympathy but just out of pure love and angst; a mix of emotions I feel right now. It’s as if it was all wasted or that I wasted my years within those 5 years. But I regret not one day. It was my destiny. It was a burden bigger than I could bear but which I had to carry.”
“Majek is like a masquerade, an extremely bohemian act with frustrating demands but a lovable childlike disposition when he’s in the flip mode. He’s medically schizophrenic. He was an artistic Jekyll and Hyde. Gosh! He was trouble! But we all took it all in our stride. We all understood. We understood that he had his devils to chase out. That he had sunk into a deep hole which he himself had struggled to crawl out of but needed our helping hands as well. We understood that deep spiritism mixed with helpless alcoholism had made him an opposite being; a guy who lived in his past and sees his present as his future.
“But we had to do what we had to do. I am writing a book on my experiences with Majek. I don’t know when it will finish. I was going to shoot a movie on him and had started some measure of pre-production in America, when he got a bit jittery and asked me to stop, even after giving me the rights to tell that story. ‘Shoot it when I’m dead’ he said.
This narration from someone close to him gives a factual insight to how a star can press his self-destruct button and destroy the fame he managed to build for decades. Majek had confessed or concurred that his problem was the backlash of having broken a vow in mysticism he indulged in while in United States of America. In spiritual or metaphysical things, the onus lies on the victim to open up and allow the evil spirit to leave him or remain in the same shape and get worse till death. Majek Fashek’s destiny lies in his hand but let us his fans intensify prayer for the African pride because he needs it more now.

Veteran Actor Lari Williams Going Blind, Homeless

A veteran actor, Lari Williams, on Tuesday lamented that he needed help from philanthropists because he was homeless and going blind.

“I have heard people say that the Lagos State or the federal government had given me a two-bedroom flat somewhere, it is all lies,” he said.

Williams said in Lagos that he was only conferred with a Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) honour by the government without any cash backing.

The thespian said he was recently evicted from his three bedroom apartment, by the landlord, who told him that he needed to use the house for something else.

He expressed sadness at the hardship being experienced by veteran entertainers across the length and breadth of the nation, with no help in sight.
“We served this country and helped to build the entertainment sector that a lot of people are benefiting from today, but there is nothing for people like me to show for it.

“Most of us are left unsung because of the kind of structure that is being run; we should be having benefits like the civil servants.

“In other climes, artists live on government subventions and are structured in such a way that they earn from their creative works,” he said.
Williams, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), added that government should carve out an enclave for entertainers to live and thrive.
“Nigerian cultural policy should be looked into so as to fashion out ways that can benefit the government and the practitioners. The present government should be very careful in whom it will appoint as ministers, that it will send to the arts sector. e need hands-on individuals to be made ministers. Government needs to have time for the creative sector so that it can have a voice, arts has been the unfortunate ministry. If it is well structured, then we can stop dying poor.
“Look at Femi Robinson who played the second headmaster-character in the Village Headmaster: a Nigerian television drama, Dan Maraya Jos and others, they all died with nothing. We are not handing over what we have in us to the next generations; because the room was not created for that,” he said.  

Lord’s Chosen pastor shot dead in Lagos (Photo)

A pastor of the Lord’s Chosen Church in the Ijesha area of Lagos, Chukwuemeka Akpokpo has been shot dead by armed robbers. Akpokpo, who was driving one of the church’s buses, was reportedly attacked by the robbers on Monday at Alakoso Avenue, off Ijesha bus stop. He was said to be returning with a sum of money collected from a bank at Apple Junction, FESTAC Town, when the tragic incident occurred. 
Confirming the incident, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu said, “The robbers trailed the pastor from a bank, and shot him dead in the area. Intensive efforts are being made to apprehend the robbers. The case has been transferred to the DCI for further investigations.

“You talk too much” – PDP blasts Buhari over ’empty treasury’ comment

The PDP in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, noted with dismay President Buhari’s declaration on Monday that Nigerians should not expect much from his first 100 days in office as he met “virtually an empty treasury and huge debts”.

PDP said such statement from the President only underlines the fact that the present administration was really not equipped to face the challenges of governance.
“While we restate our resolve to engage only in credible and issue based opposition, we want the President and the APC to note that their plea for patience from Nigerians does not arise, because ab-initio, there has not been any indication that they are actually serious and determined to deliver on their campaign promises upon which they rode to power.
“Of course, Nigerians are willing to support and cooperate with the President, but we are worried that the pictures emerging from his presidency and his party do not in any way inspire hope in the citizenry, especially as they have continued to show that theirs is ostensibly a matter of obtaining power by false pretences.
“President Buhari and the APC must know that Nigerians did not give them the mandate to engage in frivolous excuses and pleas but to hit the ground running with solutions and quick fixes they promised during the campaigns.
“We ask: is President Buhari’s statement an admission of poor knowledge of national and international economic affairs or does it underscore the lack of capacity and skills by the administration to effectively harness and galvanize resources and potential inherent in Nigeria which has already been nurtured as Africa’s largest economy and one of the fasted growing in the world.
“Even if Nigerians decide to wait endlessly, we wonder how much the President can achieve amidst the flip-flops from his presidency and cacophony of interests from his party leaders struggling to enlarge their selfish political and economic frontiers.
“How can one reconcile President Buhari’s statement with the recent ridiculous and misleading claim by APC’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that this administration has achieved in three weeks what the immediate past administration did not achieve in five years?
“Since after their electoral victory, the APC and the President have continued to expose their lack of commitment towards their campaign promises.
“We recall that on May 5, 2015, twenty-four days before his inauguration, President Buhari at a meeting with APC leaders in Abuja opened the excuse galore when he expressed his nervousness to deliver in office, adducing that ‘Rome was not built in a day’.
“We also recall that in their attempt to find an escape route in one of their bogus campaign promises, the APC denied that the President ever promised Nigerians that they will end insurgency two months after inauguration but had to swallow their words after the PDP confronted them with the April 22, 2015 CNN interview where Buhari made that promise.
 “Indeed, we empathize with the President knowing that the confusion and clear lack of direction in his party have not helped matters, but we urge him to rise up to the challenge, take urgent steps and disentangle himself from the selfish and unpatriotic tendencies of APC leaders, especially given the fact that Nigerians gave him a mandate for which they will continue to hold him accountable.
“Finally, the PDP restates that it is eager to see the APC and the President unveil their economic roadmap and blueprint for governance so as to enable us through robust opposition, provide credible alternatives and options for their policies and programmes in the overall interest of our dear nation”, the PDP stated.