Monday, 6 July 2015

Have you read Gbenro Ajibade's wedding vow to Osas?

Hours ago, newly married actor Gbenro Ajibade  took to instagram to share his vows to Osas. Oh my, were the words lovely!
Osahrenmen Martha Ajibade I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love.
I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving.
I promise to try to be on time.
I promise to grow into the man that you deserve.
I promise to be a good father to our children.
But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you from now till the end of my days.
I love you.....LOML
 Happy married life to the love birds!

Ayo Adesanya marks 20 years in the movie industry with new photos

Beautiful Yoruba actress, Ayo Adesanya recently marked 20 years in the movie industry and she has now shared photos on her instagram page. See below:
When I look back at the years have been doing this I am always grateful....20 years of being camera friendly...I am always grateful ...20 years of hearing the word action and always grateful despite the turbulence in between God gave me a second chance and I came back fully just few years back....when I look back at this New me I see positivity and this has been made possible just because you are here....thank u for that special support

Abandoned Mother of Triple Twins Speaks: I Will Take My Runaway Husband Back

Remember Ruth Uche, the woman whose husband fled home when he learned she was expecting another set of twins after previously giving birth to two sets of twins, last week?
Now that the Lagos state Governor Ambode has intervened in her case, the woman is appealing to her run away husband to return home.

Vanguard paid her a visit over the weekend and filed in this report.

Ruth and Emeka were married in 2009. As a new couple in the village, they had a brilliant plan and part of it was to move out of the village in search of greener pasture. They both hail from Abia state but different communities.

When Emeka first came to Lagos, he put up with his brother when the latter got married, Emeka was forced to struggle to rent his own room. It was then he asked Ruth to come over in 2007.

History of twins 

When they began having children shortly thereafter, Ruth and Emeka knew they had a history of twins in their families. Emeka is a twin, Ruth’s uncle is a father of twins twice in a row and there are many other twins in her husband’s family.   

 “When I first began to see my menses, it was irregular and my mother thought perhaps I had been raped or something and she punished me. Later, when she took me to the hospital, the doctor told her I was intact and that I had not been raped, but predicted that in future I would  have twins.”        
 Husband’s nature

Even though he absconded, Ruth describes her husband as caring.   
 “Although his daily work is not helping matters because he spends more than he earns. He is a factory worker where they produce attachments and weave-on. So as a factory worker the little he is paid cannot solve the family problems.    

 “He helped me with the house work. During my pregnancy when one child rested on my chest and it hurt to the extent that I as unable to fetch water, he helped me out with that. And he is a good cook. He goes to the market to buy things and helps out with the cooking whenever I am too heavy during pregnancy.”    
The  last pregnancy
 When She got pregnant the third time, Ruth said she felt so bad because there was no one to assist her.    

 “Even during the previous pregnancy, there was no assistance. So when I got pregnant I was sad and annoyed, I quickly approached my neighbor who is a mid-wife to help me flush it out, but she told me that the oath of office she took would not allow her do so. She prevailed on me not to abort. But along the line I was scared. The suffering was much, but thank to God today they are both alive.”       
 My ordeal

 Narrating her ordeal, Ruth said that her inability to meet up with the upkeep of her children facilitated her decision to dash out the children to state government rather than watching them dying.    

 “I teach in one of the private schools nearby where I earn N10,000 per month, but in this same school I have four children and they are to pay 10,000 each for school fees but because I teach there, the  school slashed the fees to N5,000 per child which in total is N20,000.    
 So as they pay my salary with on hand, they collect it back with the other. I often beg them to give me N1,000 for my tithe which I do not fail to pay in the church where I worship because that one is most important to me.”  She recalled that it was a few months to her delivery that things got worse as she was unable to pay her children’s school fees and hunger become the order of the day. 
    “Last term, I was unable to pay their school fees. Iam even owing for this term because the money I had was used for my own health.”  In her narration, Ruth explained that her first set of twins, Goodness and Goodnews, both girls aged six, are currently Nursery 2. The second set, John and Joyce,  is four years old are in KG 2 while the third set of twins, named Daniel and Daniella, arrived last month.  Further, Ruth said , things were hard earlier, but after Emeka disappeared, she was really hit by the stress of coping alone.  
   “Finding food to eat became very tough. There were occasions, I went from house to house in this neighborhood looking for assistance basically for something to eat, sometimes we would have rice but no pepper. The little money I realized from my place of work still goes back to the institution that I work for.”   
  Changed by stress
  Ruth who expressed contentment about her children said despite the distress they still serve as vessels of encouragement for her. 

   “Their character at times  amazes me. In the morning, even when I am reluctant to pray, they  challenge me and ask, “Mummy, let us pray. So we would sing and they will pray, they will even name all the people in this compound. God, don’t let this or that person die. Don’t let my mummy and daddy die. When they are about to leave for school in the morning, they will bring out anointing oil I anoint them with sign of cross.”
 Ruth admits that the challenges, have changed her.      “It is not easy at all. What you are seeing is not my true image. I have changed a lot. Two years ago when I traveled to the village, my father burst into tears when he saw me. He could not believe it was me his daughter.   
  “The stress on me is too much and taking care of these children is not easy. At times I will be feeding one, another will be crying and their senior ones will be fighting or dragging things. The neighbors knows me as a shouter, because there are some occasion I will be outside washing cloth while they will be inside causing problem, sometimes I will beat them up and later draw them closer to beg them.       
 Rude shock
  Looking back, Ruth said she it was a rude shock when her husband absconded. Recounting the ordeal, she recalled that prior to the fateful day, his character changed. He became irritable and hostile, complaining and shouting at every one especially the children. Nothing pleased him again. She begged him, and thinking it was all over, the next day, he dressed up and left for work as usual but failed to return at the usual time.  Alarmed, she called him on the phone to find out what was the problem.    
 “When I called him, he picked the call and said enhen? Then he assured me that he was coming home, but when I did not see him for two days. I became worried, and started calling his friends Since then I didn’t hear from him again until after I went to the Governor’s office at Alausa in Ikeja.   

 When we came back from the Governor’s office, he called me and said he saw us in the media and asked why I went to that length? I said I had no other option, but then he again assured that he would soon come back home.  

   I told him the government is about to claim his children. I tried to speak fear into him to make him have a change of heart to return home but since that day he called, I have not heard from him again. If he is ready to come back, I will take him back.”    

 Government intervention
Ruth’s visit to the Office of the Lagos state Governor made headlines last week. When asked what she achieved from the effort, Ruth did not mince words.     

“The Lagos State government has promised to help me. I was told to go back home and put in writing whatever I want to be done for me take it back to the Governor’s office on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, with my children’s photographs.  

  “For the sake of God, first, I am pleading that  my children be given scholarships for their education because sourcing for their school fees is hard for me.  Second, this place I am staying is not good. It is surrounded by toilets and a bathroom is right above. Third, I pray the government helps me set up a business such as provision or food stuff that will not stress these children.

Are you fond of criticizing Jim Iyke on social media, then read this!

Popular actor Jim Iyke is no longer going to take things easy with 'dem haters' n social media especially instagram followers' his post below:

 "I take constructive criticism well. It's the vanguard for my daily growth. The other side of the divide is known as (PD) the PULL DOWN syndrome AKA 'Beef' AKA 'Haters'. There's nothing constructive here just pure 'Poison'. For them I've developed an innate fetish for the delete option on social media. Tantantantanam in MJ's voice "Who's Bad?! Y'all know I'm baaad!!!! #LOL #FucksGivenZero #MasterOfMyCraft #GodsOwn #GladysBoi #BurgeonForever#EnuguMidNightChronicles" 

“Gay marriage is satanic” | Nigerian Bishop has a message for the United States

The fact that the U.S government legalized same sex marriage across its federation will be in the news for a while and a lot of people are going to have a lot to say about it.
People like the Bishop of Minna Diocese, Rt. Revd. Daniel Yisa, has come out openly to condemn the Supreme Court’s ruling describing it as Satan’s agenda devoid of God.
He said that gay was not a Biblical or an African practice, “If God hates it, we all must hate it.”
“We must know the basic truth of the Bible. As far as we are concerned as Nigerians, same- sex marriage is not our portion. Whoever wants to do that in his country can do that in his free volition, but should not necessarily say that the Bible says so.
“The issue is that, as a nation, we keep calling on God without meeting God’s conditions. There are certain things we are not supposed to do and there are also those we are supposed to do if we have to remain his people.
“We, as Christians and members of the Anglican family, God has remained faithful to us. And we, as humans should do our best to maintain that relationship with God. We cannot continue to wallow in sin and immorality and then claim that He is our God.
“He is a righteous God. If we must serve Him, we must try to keep ourselves righteous as He is, so that we can maintain that cordial relationship that He has established from the very beginning. We should not claim privileges without responsibilities”.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are married - Get the details

Hollywood star couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have reportedly tied the knot.
The couple are said to have married over the weekend, but neither them nor their representatives have confirmed the news, reports
Kutcher and Kunis sparked wedding rumours in January after Kutcher, 37, posted a cryptic image on Facebook with the words: “Happy New Year Love The Kutchers” written in the sand.
In March, Kunis, 31, was asked about her relationship status with Kutcher in an interview with James Corden of The Late Late Show.
“Are you married? Did you get married? Have you gotten married,” the late-night show host asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe,” Kunis replied, leaving fans wondering if she and Kutcher were actually a married couple.
The pair first met on the set of Fox’s sitcomThat ’70s Show which ran from 1998 to 2006. However, their romance started blossoming only in 2012.
In February 2014, they got engaged and in October, they welcomed a daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

Gov Suswam Denies Beating Wife, Arrest in London

Former Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswan, Sunday said he was not arrested in London for wife beating.

His lawyer, P.H. Ogbole, who spoke in Abuja yesterday called on friends and family of the former governor to disregard the publications claiming that Suswam was arrested in the United Kingdom for beating up his wife, Yemisi.

While threatening to take legal action against those behind the falsehood, Suswam described publication alleging that he beat his wife as a calculated attempt to smear his image.

Reports circulated on the social media last week, alleging that the former governor was arrested in London by the Metropolitan Police for beating his wife over an argument about his mistress.

The report added that he was released on bail.
But Suswam however denied all the allegations which he said were the handiwork of his enemies.

The former governor described reports as the handiwork of filthy politicians in the state bent on tarnishing his hard earned reputation.
Describing the report as fictitious, Suswam denied ever going to London with his wife, saying he had been in Germany with his wife on vacation, even as he challenged the authors of the said report to name the street and address of his said house in London.
He said: “This fictitious report  about the incident involving me in London is full of red herring because the allegations are false, unless the authors still have plans to later inform the public that it was a home video.
“Since I and my beloved wife left the shores of Nigeria, we have never been to London. Unknown to the author of mischief, I was in Germany on a private trip with my wife at the material time.
“So where did the author of the said report and his fairy tale sources get their information from, that I was arrested in London when I was actually in Germany with my wife on vacation? I also wish to ask the masterminds of this outlandish incident to disclose the street and the number of my London house where the alleged assault took place as every house in London has identity.”
On the claim that Yemisi’s trauma was as result of the overbearing influence of her mistress, one Shidoo, Suswam said the imaginary mistress “exists only in the figment of the writers’ imagination.”

He added that while he had always considered himself most fulfilled among men when it comes to matrimonial life, his wife, “Yemisi is not only a quintessence of physical beauty, as they they themselves would helplessly admit“She is a capsule portrait of feminine perfection. So, what else would a man desire for himself as an ideal woman to warrant any thought of a second wife?
“Sponsors of negative reports and their agents against me and my family should desist from their infamous act and pursue worthwhile venture. They should know that the campaign of calumny cannot stand the test of time as my reputation and integrity are intact. My humble self, my wife and children are living in harmony,” he stated.

Several dead as double explosion rocks Jos

Several persons have died after a twin explosion shook Jos, the Plateau State capital on Sunday, July 5.
The first bomb exploded in the midst of a gathering of muslims listening to some sermons on Islam.
The ceremony called Tafsir was holding at the Yantaya area of the city and the explosion was said to have targeted a Muslim cleric who has spoken against Boko Haram in the past.
The second explosion occurred at a restaurant, which is a popular food seller’s shop known as Hajiya Talatu.
An eye witness said: “The first explosion went off at about 9:14pm at a Bauchi road shopping complex a few meters to the Bauchi park and University of Jos and the second explosion was heard about four minutes later.”

The double bombing has since been confirmed by the Plateau State police spokesman Emmanuel Abuh.

How Ikorodu bank robbers were arrested

A quartet out of the 15-man robbery gang, which attacked two commercial banks two weeks ago in Ikorodu, Lagos, have been arrested by the police.
The four robbers arrested are said to be from from Okitipupa, Ondo State, and Ikorodu, Lagos State.
The suspects’ names are; Monday Akpan, Bright Agbojule, Jafaru, and Baba Ibeji.
They were arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, in an operation involving a former SARS commander, SP Abba Kyari, and an officer, DSP James Okeke.
One of the suspected robbers, who bought a Lexus jeep from his share of the robbery loot, was arrested by soldiers, who were on a stop-and-search exercise in the Okitipupa area of Ondo.
The suspect, who was found with bundles of new N1,000 notes with bank seals, would subsequently lead policemen to arrest other members of the gang.
police source revealed to Punch that: “The soldiers were on a stop-and-search and they found the suspect, identified only as Baba Ibeji, while on his way to his home town in Okitipupa, Ondo State.
“During a search, they found bundles of new N1,000 notes with bank seals in his bag. The soldiers, who were also aware of the bank robbery in Lagos, smelt a rat and contacted the Lagos State Police Command on the development.
“The former CP, Kayode Aderanti, immediately contacted experienced hands in SARS for the interview of the suspect. The suspect gave the contacts and names of other suspects. The operatives subsequently mobilised more officers to Ikorodu and made some arrests.
“Three suspects were picked up by the police in Ikorodu. Two of them had bought Sport Utility Vehicles with the proceeds. All of them had bought plots of land with their loots. Three vehicles have been recovered for now.”
The suspects are expected to be paraded on Monday (today) at the state command headquarters, Ikeja.