Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Win $440,000 Settlement Over Proposal Video

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have won a reported $440,000 settlement over their leaked proposal video. 
The couple sued YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley after he attended West’s surprise engagement party at San Francisco’s AT&T Park in October 2013 uninvited, and then posted footage on his new video platform Mixbit, despite signing a confidentiality agreement. 

Hurley attempted to argue in response that he was unaware he couldn’t distribute the clip, and even tried twice to get the lawsuit dismissed. But an appeals court ruled this past April that Kardashian and West’s suit had merit and should proceed.
While it was believed the case would then go to trial, the parties have now avoided that by privately negotiating a settlement. It’s not clear how much Kardashian and West initially were seeking in damages, but getting anything from Hurley is no doubt a victory. The businessman has several days to fork over the money, at which point the lawsuit will be dismissed, according to TMZ.
Kardashian and West have never publicly spoken about the dispute, though they have done interviews about the proposal. The grand engagement party was also seen on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (see photo above). TELL US: What do you think of Kardashian and West winning $440,000 from Hurley?

Lady kills fiancee over sex in Lagos(Photo)

24-year-old Blessing Edet has been arrested after she stabbed her fiancĂ©, Edet Ebong, to death with a kitchen knife for his incessant sexual demands.

In her defense, Blessing said Ebong got angry and pounced on her after she refused him sex.
Blessing recounted the incident which happened on August 18, saying: “We lay down to sleep and he started making advances on me for sex. I told him I had a hectic day and was tired. He flared up and started beating me.
“He broke the standing mirror in the room and injured me above my left eye with the broken glass. In defence, I ran to pick up the kitchen knife I had used while preparing ‘Indomie’ noodles for him.
“I mistakenly stabbed him in the stomach.”
Rather than look for ways to stem the blood flowing out from his stomach, Ebong allegedly continued to chase his lover around the room until he became too weak.
“After stabbing him, the fight continued. He went under the bed, brought out a cutlass and said he was going to kill me. It was at this point that my younger brother who had been trying to stop us, but to no avail, rushed out to call neighbours.
“My landlord heard the shout and rushed into our room. He saw Edet bleeding while I was holding a knife. He alerted the police and Edet was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately he died two days after.”
“Edet was my fiancĂ©. We have been in a relationship for about 18 months now. However, six months ago, he had trouble with his accommodation; so I told him to move in with me since we were already engaged.
“We have never had a misunderstanding before. But on that fateful day, I had just returned from the day’s business and was resting when he came in. Edet came in drunk. He requested I prepare ‘Indomie’ noodles for him, which I did.
“After eating, he asked me of the engagement ring he had given to me. I told him it was on the table.
“This was before he started beating me. Sincerely, I stabbed him unintentionally, even while he was in the hospital, I prayed he would survive. I don’t know what came over him that day. We had good plans for the future. He was not just a lover but also a brother.”
They had been engaged for the past 18 months and were at the verge of finalising their marriage plans when the unfortunate incident happened.

Lagos landlord who set tenant ablaze dies

The Lagos landlord, Sola Solomon, who
allegedly set his tenant ablaze
 in the Idumota area of the state, has died.

It was learnt from a police source on Wednesday that the suspect died from the burns injuries he sustained while setting fire to the tenant, Abeeb Daraloye.

Abeeb and his landlord had a disagreement over the use of the compound toilet. Later in the day, 67-year-old Solomon reportedly poured petrol on Abeeb and ignited a fire with a lighter.

While on fire, the suspect was alleged to have pushed the victim from the top floor of the three-storey 

building, killing him in the process.

Solomon was reportedly rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital for his burns injuries, but was rejected before he was admitted at the Gbagada General Hospital.

A police source told Punch Metro on Wednesday that the suspect died at the hospital. He said:

 “The landlord is also dead. He died at the hospital in the afternoon. So as it is, the case has been resolved.”
Residents on Iga Idunganran Street, Idumota, where the incident happened equally confirmed the death to PUNCH Metro.

“Yes, the man has finally died. He did not survive the injuries. His family members are around. Abeeb’s corpse is also at the Lagos Island General Hospital mortuary, and we don’t know why the police have yet to release it for burial,” a tenant, who asked not to be named, said.
She urged the government to come to the aid of Abeeb’s widow and her child.

Abeeb’s widow, Tope appealed for help, saying her husband’s death was a big blow to the family.
 She explained that her husband was planning to travel overseas, and had promised to take her along with their child when he was killed.

Recalling the Monday incident, she said:

“My husband had washed the toilet in the morning, when Baba (landlord) went to soil the place. My husband told him that it was not right for him to soil the toilet. 
Baba became angry and slapped my husband before carrying a plank which he smashed on his head. He said my husband had no right to talk to him that way since he (landlord) was the owner of the house. 
In the night, my husband had finished taking his bath and was cuddling our baby in the room when Baba knocked on our door. I told my husband not to answer the call, but he said there was no problem. He thought the man had come to reconcile with him. 
That was how Baba poured fuel on his face and lit him up. As my husband held him, Baba pushed him down the two-storey house. The whole passage was also on fire before it was put out.”
Her mother, Sidikatu Lawal, said the only justice the family desired was care for Tope and her child.

“They got married just one year ago and their baby is still very young. The only justice that can be done now is the care for both mother and child,” she said.
The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Patricia Amadin, had yet to respond to an enquiry on the update.

Peter and Lola Okoye lose nanny to cervical cancer(Photos)

Peter and Lola Okoye's Nanny,Esther Ngobor died after a five year battle with cervical cancer..Lola paid a touching tribute to her ..

Today we lost a very precious soul. Esther Ngobor. Esther started working with us almost 7years ago. She was a wonderful nanny to our son from when he was 3 months old. She was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 5 years ago and she fought tirelessly to stay alive. When she was diagnosed, she was told she had a few months to live but she fought hard.Words cannot describe how incredible she was as an employee, sister and friend. My children loved her, we all loved her. Her smile and laughter would light up a room in a second. She was clever,witty and dedicated. She was most importantly God fearing and honest. Her biggest fear was dying. Oh Esther, I am so sorry. We tried everything within our power to give her the quality of life she deserved. We tried every possible treatment available but God knows best and we cannot question Him. I want to thank all my friends and family who touched her life no matter how small. Your prayers, love and donations will not be forgotten. God bless you. Esther was in so much pain but she never gave up. This is a very sad day for us. We will miss you so much Esther. May your gentle Soul Rest in perfect Peace. Ladies please get your pap smear test done once a year. If you have never gotten one done, please get one done now. Cancer knows no gender, race, social class or nothing.

Nollywood Actress Who Posed Nude While Heavily Pregnant Welcomes Baby Girl (Photo)

Nollywood actress and video vixen, Dior Chedera Adiele who released some nude maternity photos a while back, has welcomed a baby girl.
Her bundle of joy arrived two days ago, Tuesday August 25th. Both mother and child are said to be doing fine.
Big congrats to her!

Oshiomhole, Orubebe In War Of Words Over Jonathan

Edo State governor Adams Oshiomhole has said that former Minister of the Niger Delta, Mr Godsday Orubebe is afraid of President Muhammadu Buhari’s planned probe of several billions of naira squandered on the East-West Road and on the Amnesty programme under his watch, adding that this is the basis for his latest outburst in the media. Oshiomhole stated this while responding to a newspaper publication where Orubebe was quoted to have described Oshiomhole as a “Villa sycophant” for criticising the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.
In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Peter Okhiria, Oshiomhole said , “It is no surprise that Jonathan failed woefully because he surrounded himself with the likes of Godsday Orubebe, whose only credential is his ethnic origin and the large size of his bowler hat.
“Here was a man whose un-ministerial conduct at the election nearly plunged the nation into an avoidable crisis. Orubebe is a yesterday’s man”.
But in a swift reaction, Orubebe said Oshiomhole’s attempt to link his advice to Buhari to be cautious of Villa sycophant to his fears of a possible probe over the East- West Road project “shows that he (Oshiomhole) is a garage boy who lacks focus”.
Orubebe further reminded Oshiomhole that he was yet to address the issue of sycophancy which he accused him of.
He said, ‘I am proud to have been a vital instrument used by God to take the once abandoned East- West road project to an admirable 80 per cent level of completion.   I am not afraid of probe. I am a man of integrity under whose watch the abandoned 42 bridges and 1040 culverts that were initially without design were upgraded to their present level   today. Every reasonable Niger Deltan and Nigerians at large know that I am the admired face of the East West Road. I can stand tall, anywhere and anytime to defend my administration as well as account for every dime that was allocated for the several projects we embarked upon”.

An attack against Fashola is an attack against me-Tinubu

National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has denied involvement with the recent public attacks against former governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola.

Tinubu said it was not possible for him to tear down a house he built, adding that neither his hand nor his heart is aligned with the scathing attacks of Fashola.
The erstwhile governor of Lagos, also expressed his pride at the accomplishments of Fashola while serving as governor of the state, stressing that his record in office will continue to be applauded after all the rumours eventually simmer.
Tinubu’s statement read:
“Apprised of their wiles, we in the progressive camp must be wiser still. We must not allow ourselves to be pawns in this cynical strategy. We cannot fall into their obvious snares for that would be embracing defeat when victory has already been won.
It is our responsibility to govern as the people want. It would be to our detriment to fall victim to our opponent’s sly instigations by allowing ourselves to be utensils picking each other apart.
This brings me to recent developments in the Lagos political scene. Born of this motley stew is the recent gossip mongering that I have willfully instigated false and negative reports against former Governor Fashola to thwart him from being appointed to a major post in the Buhari administration.
I want to declare clearly and categorically that these rancid attacks do not come from me nor do I endorse them. Neither my hand nor my heart is in these mean submissions. I deplore them.
An attack against the performance of Governor Fashola is indirectly an attack against me and the edifice of achievements we have constructed in leading Lagos State out of a protracted time of stagnation and into an era of sustained progress and development. Lagos is a much better place than when we came into governance in 1999.
Each year, it has gotten better. With the APC at the helm, each subsequent year will be better yet. Babatunde Fashola has been an integral part of this improvement. He does not deserve the pillory.
His record has been applauded and will continue to be when all this rumor mongering has died its natural and quick death. I am proud to say that I played an instrumental role in bringing Governor Fashola into politics in the first instance. He served as my trusted chief of staff, performing excellently in that role.
Due to his leadership qualities and diligent work ethic, I endorsed him for governor notwithstanding the stiff and vocal opposition of many. I am not ashamed of backing him.
I believe the progress the state made under his administration has more than vindicated my endorsement. Fashola, the present Governor Akin Ambode including myself are the products of a progressive political institution and its programmatic expressions. I laid the governance foundation and started the first lap, running as well as I could.
I handed the baton to Fashola, knowing he would do the same. He did; he ran as well as he could. Now, he has handed to Ambode who is off and running as well as he can. We have achieved much in Lagos; but, we recognise as much as anyone that we have much more to do. We also know that progress is fragile and easily undone while destruction is easily transacted but hard to undo.
I for one am not the type to tear down my own house or to bring my enemy’s rubbish into it. We must remember something. We have always governed Lagos state as an open forum where democracy and free expression were respected. Those who are against us were never placed in fear of the heavy hand of government descending on them even as they played funny tricks.
We also must remember than in any democracy, a number of people will always oppose you no matter the quality of your performance. If an office holder has an approval rating of 70 per cent, this means, in Lagos, roughly five million people dislike the person. Also remember the PDP is just recently out of office at the federal level and that it built a vast, unprecedented financial war chest to contest the elections.
The residual of that war chest is still at work, buying media space to plant rumors in hopes of spreading discord through the APC. Thus, the enemy camp may be a minority but it is a large and well-funded one that knows its only chance lies in us attacking ourselves.
“I for one will not bend to the artificial provocation of those seeking to tear at what we have painstakingly built over the years. In my mind, Governor Fashola and I are and shall always be political allies and fellow travelers on a vital journey; that alliance is unshakeable and our journey must not be interrupted. I would no more attack his character or his administration than I would attack myself.
I see this present moment as crucial to Nigeria’s future. The nation faces acute challenges of security, corruption and economic development. Our task is to create policies that bring prosperity, dignity and hope to all. Great change is in reach because we have progressive governments at the federal and state levels for the first time.
With great change at hand, it would be a terrible abdication of our duty to allow agents provocateur to prompt us to suspect and toss dirt at each other at a time when we should be focused on building a better, more equitable nation and society. I for one shall never allow myself to be a tool of a political enemy that has nothing good in mind for Nigeria.
I for one will never engage in the intramural character attacks of which I am being accused. I stand for the unity of the APC and for the progressive purpose we serve. I will not be guilty of tearing down our progressive house, not a brick of it. That I vow to all.”