Friday, 2 October 2015

If You Dont Like My Nose Ring, Report To God- Eniola Badmus Slams Critics

Last week, on her way to South-Africa for AMAA, voluptuous Actress, Eniola Badmus, showed off her newly added fashion accessory; septum ring better known as nose ring.
Since nostrils ring debut, the Gbogbo big girls has gotten a lot of attentions and criticisms from fans.
The Nollywood actress, who is currently in Atlanta, has responded to the criticism via her SnapChat.
She warned all her critics to face their own personal businesses and leave her to face hers.
"It's my life and my nose ring. If you don't like it, report to God. Free Eniola Badmus," part of her messages read.

Man spent 20 years on death row for murder of a man who was alive

In 1982 Mpagi Edward Edmary, a Ugandan taxi driver, was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of his neighbour. But not only was Edward an innocent man, there hadn’t even been a murder. Edward had been framed after a land dispute between families in the village got out of hand.
Witnesses were bribed to say they had seen him kill the man and dispose of the body. He spent the next 20 years in Kampala’s notorious Luzira prison and was only released when his family proved that the dead man had been hiding out in another part of the country.
As Edward says, “In Uganda, conditions for death row prisoners are cruel, degrading, and inhumane. We were always denied medicines. There were lice, flies, and other vermin in the prison, and this resulted in many illnesses – and many prisoners died from these illnesses.
In 1984 my brother developed malaria and stomach complications because of inadequate food and skin conditions. I pleaded with the prison authorities to give my brother medication and treatment.
However, they told me that we were brought to death row to face death, that it was a waste of taxpayer’s money to treat him. My brother died in 1985. This really scared me.
Life is terrible on death row in Uganda, Africa. No one was ever given any notice that they would be executed. Each time we were taken by complete surprise. We lived in complete fear of any unusual activity from the wardens.
During my stay in prison there were five rounds of executions. The last one was in 1999 in which the state executed 28 prisoners.
The coffins for the prisoners to be executed were made in the prison. During the three days before executions, we could all hear the making of the coffins. The black hoods and clothes for prisoners to be executed were made by other prisoners. We knew how many people were to be executed by counting the number of hoods being made.”

Jim Iyke Finally Shows Off His Lithuanian Baby Mama

Weeks after welcoming his new son into the world, Jim Iyke has shared a photo of his girlfriend and baby mama, Dana Kinduryte.

23-year old Kinduryte is a Lithuanian lawyer, and is the mother of Iyke’s son, Harvis Chidubem Iyke.

The Nollywood bad boy admitted that Dana was a very quiet person, and she wouldn’t be too pleased making an appearance on his social media pages.
He captioned a photo of her and Harvis: “SUPERWOMAN. One of the rare moments I caught her off guard and Temi stole a pic. Lol She gon kill me for this!! #QUEEN #UltraPrivate #LawyerGirl #AmazingShyWoman #LoveMyFam #HarvisMama #Miami #GladysGirl #SuperWomanChronicles PhotoCred- Temi; unofficial driver and Atlanta human encyclopedia of my little gang”
Check her out below!
Dana Kinduryte

Why we can’t rush to rescue Chibok girls – Army

The Army has assured Nigerians that it would do everything within its powers to rescue the abducted Chibok girls, but the operation will not be rushed.
Acting Director, Defence Information, Military Headquarters, Abuja, Col. Rabe Abubakar, while speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Thursday, revealed why the Army is taking its time to plan as well as being cautious in the rescue of the abducted girls.
He said, “The issue of the low morale of the Nigerian military men has now become a thing of the past. The operation to recover the Chibok girls is alive and still ongoing. We have continued to make rescue efforts, and we will do all within our powers to bring the girls.
“However, we will not rush to do this. It requires diligent intervention and a high-level operation to rescue the girls. In due time, every captive of Boko Haram will be released. A lot of achievements have been recorded recently, and this cannot be disconnected from the high morale of the army.
“We want to assure our citizens that soon, insurgency will be a thing of the past. But, it is not only about the military or the North-Eastern region. It is our collective duty to ensure that there is peace in the country.
“The Nigerian army has put together a multilateral cooperation. Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon are partnering to ensure we win the terrorism war.”

El-Rufai takes a swipe at GEJ for spending N64bn on Independence anniversaries

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, has taken a subtle swipe at former President Goodluck Jonathan, for spending a cumulative total of N64 billion on Independence Day anniversaries in his 5 years in office.
El-Rufai, however, hailed President Muhammadu Buhari for spending a meagre N70m compared to Jonathan, for this year’s Independence Day anniversary.
Writing on his Facebook page on Thursday, El-Rufai made the comparison between Jonathan and Buhari.
While Jonathan budgeted N10bn for the Independence anniversary in his first year as President, Buhari’s budget for the 55th anniversary pales in comparison.
El-Rufai wrote: “This is the APC/PMB change we voted for. Independence anniversary expenditure for the past five years: 2011 – N13bn; 2012 -N15bn; 2013 – N14bn; 2014 – N22bn; 2015 -N70m