Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The King of my deams,my hot chocolate-Lola's loving birthday shoutout to Peter Okoye

As Peter Okoye and brother Paul celebrate their birthday today,Lola showered her husband Peter with beautiful words
To my boo of life, the king of my dreams, my hot chocolate, my love, my delight, the father of my beautiful children I celebrate your life today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my darling husband. May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams. May God bless you with happiness, joy, continued success, wisdom and peace. Gold, platinum or diamonds are not enough to express your worth. May God continue to protect you for us. Your best years are still ahead IJN. I am proud of the man that you have become and I LOVE YOU plenty my sweetheart. Have a fantastic day today @peterpsquare

Actor Yemi Solade Shares Stunning Photos With His Wife and Kids

Yemi Solade has been involved in several controversies surrounding mistresses and girlfriends - but to finally put issues to rest, the actor released lovely photos of his family just to show that he's still very much a happy family man. He showed off his lovely wife, Hannah and adorable kids Femi and Rola Solade.

More family photos below
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Karma! SA Pastor Who Makes Church Members Eat Snakes and Grass Beaten, Church Burnt Down(Photos, Video)

Popular South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries (ETDM), tends to have met his waterloo on Sunday, November 15.
According to a report by Daily Sun SA, a mob of villagers, led by a South African youth vigilante group (the Economic Freedom Fighters) burnt Penuel’s church at Soshanguve in Tshwane on Sunday.
Sources say he had been in hiding recently, as community members denounced what he was doing, calling it an ‘abomination’.
Witnesses testify that church members were also beaten and tied up, before the police officers came to quell the storm.
crazy pastor-Penuel-Mnguni-of-End-Times-Disciples-Ministries-4
crazy pastor-Penuel-Mnguni-of-End-Times-Disciples-Ministries-3
crazy pastor- Penuel-Mnguni-of-End-Times-Disciples-Ministries-2
A video uploaded on Youtube, showed the level of wreckage that was made at pastor Penuel’s church.
It would be recalled that about 2months ago, Penuel reportedly commanded the ‘spirit of snake’ into some of his congregants and then he sent them to Nigeria.

Why Keeping Cell Phones Near The Head Is Dangerous

Five girls in the 9th grade in a school in Denmark carried out a really interesting experiment which attracted so much attention from people worldwide. The graphics that were put on the Internet induced a stormy reaction of many scientists, biologists and also experts on radiation from England, the Netherlands and also Sweden.
The experiment involved the youths monitoring seeds from similar plants which they planted in two spaces at the same temperature level, both facing the sunlight and watered with equal amounts of water. In one area, they positioned the router for a wireless network that produces the same kind of radiation as an ordinary mobile phone, and the other, they placed in a space where there was none.
After 12 days, the germinated seeds alongside the router had not expanded, as some of them were mutated or totally dead. The plants arising from the seeds that were in a space without radiation advanced generally and also were entirely healthy. The young scientists wanted to draw attention to how mobile phones, which the majority of us keep near our besides and close to our heads during the night, hinder rest as well as focus but such a thing was impossible to determine in an institution, so they decided to show them by using the plants.
Since they saw the results of the experiment, they had not slept with their phones next to the bed anymore. “It’s scary that radiation has such a negative impact on living creatures, and also everyone must take note of this. In the evenings, turn your phone off or place it somewhere else. Additionally, turn your computer off prior to going to sleep”, states Leah Nielsen, one of the young researchers.
From this experiment, it confirms how harmful radiation is. It is advisable to keep your phones away from you throughout the night while sleeping and reduce its usage even during the day.

Obama talks about his wife and daughters as he's named GQ's "Man Of The Year"

U S President Barack Obama is GQs man of the year, in the 20th anniversary issue of the magazine, 

Obama made insightful revelations about his wife and daughters.
On how his daughters, Shasha and Malia use their smartphones, he said “It’s so interesting watching my daughters. Both are complete ninjas on the phone, right? And they can do things that I don’t even understand — they’re doing it in two seconds.
“But I even see a difference between Malia, who’s 17, and Sasha, who’s 14. There’s almost a mini-generational gap in terms of Sasha being so connected seamlessly to this smartphone in a way that Malia, who was already a little bit older when it really started to take, is not.”
He also disclosed he doesn’t like the way some people stare at his daughter, Malia and the fact that sometimes his daughters don’t have time for him, he said But I’ve seen some folks glancing at her in ways that made me not happy.
“You get these teenage moments — they love you, but what I think really affects you most is they just don’t have time for you. It’s not an active disdain for you. It’s just their calendars start filling up and they’ve got all these friends who are much more interesting.”

David Beckham Is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive For 2015

Football star David Beckham is the sexiest man alive!
The 40-year-old global superstar, was announced as People’s ‘Sexiest man alive’ for 2015 on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night.
While speaking to the magazine on his sexiest man title, He said;
“It’s a huge honor, And I’m very pleased to accept. I never feel that I’m an attractive, sexy person.”
I totally agree with People magazine’s choice, David Beckham is one very sexy yummy man…
david beckham sexiest man alive

Facebook Activates Its Safety Feature Again After Yola Bombing

For the second time within 5dayss, Facebook activated its "Safety Check" feature in Nigeria after more than 30 people were killed and dozens wounded in a blast at a market in the northern city of Yola.

The feature is used for tracking people who have been close to disaster. 

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social network, made the announcement in a post on his account early Wednesday.
"We've activated Safety Check again after the bombing in Nigeria this evening," Zuckerberg said after Tuesday's attack.
Facebook's decision to implement the feature - which allows users to "check-in" and let family and friends know they're safe - comes after the network received a heavy backlash for activating it for the attacks in Paris on Friday - but not after bomb blasts hit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, a day earlier.
Critics accused the San Francisco-based website of valuing the lives of Western victims more than those in other regions - a charge denied by Facebook.
"After the Paris attacks last week, we made the decision to use Safety Check for more tragic events like this going forward. We're now working quickly to develop criteria for the new policy and determine when and how this service can be most useful," Zuckerberg said.
Social media users were quick to demand Facebook activate the feature following the bombing in Nigeria.

Lagos government to place mosques, churches under watch over hate preaching

The Lagos State Government has warned religious leaders who engage in hate preaching to desist from such as it would no longer be tolerated in the state. It expressed the resolve to place mosques and churches under watch as from 2016.
The state government explained that the decision was aimed at curbing any crises that may likely arise from hate preaching in any part of the state.
Speaking on Tuesday at a meeting with members of the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC), in Alausa, Ikeja, the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Hakeem Abdul-Lateef said government is being forced to place these religious houses under watch because of the devastating effect of hate messages.
According to Abdul-Lateef, “The state government will begin inter-religious conferences where all religious bodies in the state, irrespective of their denominations will participate. NIREC will coordinate inter-religious conferences, but the state government will stop any religious leader who engages in hate preaching or hate messages capable of endangering people’s freedom.
“Henceforth, we will start to monitor mosques and churches and ensure that clerics do not engage in hate preaching. Our constitution in Nigeria has recognised the freedom and rights of every citizen to express himself or herself in a way he or she believes,” he said.
The Commissioner noted that every member of the state has the right to freedom of religion, conscience and the right to express same publicly, individually or in community with others.
He added, “Section 42 of the 1999 Constitution goes further to say nobody on account of expressing himself should be subjected to any form of discrimination. So, if we are talking about peace, peaceful co-existence, then tolerance is key to all of us. Let it be known to residents that henceforth, Lagos government in collaboration with the NIREC, will not tolerate hate preachers. These are the people who do not preach their religion but continue to spread mischief about people of other religions.
“We will not tolerate religious intolerance. This is the time for advocacy, let everybody realize that you have the right and freedom to practice your religion but you will be stopped from practicing that religion if it creates mischief. Under Section 45 of the Nigeria Constitution, the government is empowered to put a stop to your freedom when it endangers other people’s freedom.”
Abdul-Lateef further called on all religious centres and leaders to immediately deactivate their external loud speaker after calling their faithful’s for prayers so as not to constitute nuisance to the community.