Transgender Jossy Yendall, 29, from Gateshead who was thrown out of the Miss Galaxy beauty pageant after telling the organisers she was born a male. See SWNS story SWMODEL: A beautiful woman was axed from the grand final of a top national beauty contest when officials discovered she was born a MAN. Jossy Yendall, 28, was selected as a grand finalist for the Ms Galaxy 2016 beauty pageant but was told at the last minute she is not eligible - because she was not born as a genetic female. Shocked Jossy claimed she had said from the outset that she is transgender, and even published it in the first sentence on her application web-page. The full-time activities co-ordinator, who hopes to become a model, said she felt discriminated against because of her gender transition ñ which began more than a decade ago. She said: ìMs Galaxy said in an email that Iím not eligible to take part in the competition because I am transgender.