Tuesday, 22 December 2015

IK Ogbonna's Wife Shows Off Her Hot Bikini Body(Photos)

Sonia Ogbonna, actor IK Ogbonna’s wife flaunts her sensual bikini body as she enjoys a romantic getaway at La Campagne Tropicana in Lagos with her husband.
sonia ogbonnasonia ogbonnasonia ogbonnasonia ogbonna

FG declares Thursday, Friday, Monday December 24, 25, 28 public holidays

The Federal Government has declared December 24, 25 and 28 public holidays to celebrate Maulud Nabiy, Christmas Day and Boxing Day respectively. The Minister of the Interior, Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Dambazau, made the declaration on Thursday in Abuja in a statement signed by the Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Mr Bassey Akpanyung. 

Budget 2016: Buhari Presents N6.08trn To NASS

President Muhammadu Buhari has presented a total budget of N6.08 trillion for 2016, before a joint session of the National Assembly (both the Senate and the House of Representatives) today, December 22, 2015.
Buhari, 2016 BudgetThe National Assembly complex was locked down by presidential guards ahead of the presentation.
The President, who arrived the Chambers at 10.01am stated that the fuel pump price would for now remain at the present rate of N87 per litre for despite the oil glut.
President Buhari also said sorry to Nigerians for the pains currently faced following the continued fuel scarcity across the country.

The President said, “the current fuel scarcity with long queues at petrol stations all over the country causing social dislocation is very unfortunate. Government profoundly apologizes to Nigerians for this prolonged hardship and misery. It is as a result of market speculators and resistance to change by some stakeholders.
Government is working very hard to end these shortages and bring fuel to the pumps all over the country.
The President who disclosed that 30% of Nigeria’s annual budget will be committed to capital expenditure, however moved Capital Expenditure from N557 billion in 2015 to N1.8 trillion in the 2016 budget, adding that having reviewed the trends in the global oil industry, the government decided to set a benchmark price of $38 per barrel and a production estimate of 2.2 million barrels per day for 2016, with plans to focus on non-oil revenues by broadening our tax base and improving the effectiveness of our revenue collecting agencies.
He said, “the Budget was based on a benchmark oil price of $53 per barrel, oil production of 2.28 million barrels per day and an exchange rate of N190 to the US$.
“The projected revenue was N3.45 trillion, with an outlay of N4.49 trillion, implying a deficit of N1.04 trillion. Due largely to under-provisioning by the previous administration for fuel subsidy and the costs required to support the military operations in the North East, the Government had to obtain National Assembly’s approval for a supplementary budget of N575.5 billion. I take this opportunity to thank all members of the National Assembly for the prompt passage of that Bill.
Buhari who noted that government was aware of the harsh economic situation presently being faced by Nigerians, however blamed the situation on unbridled corruption and security challenges, adding, “We have demonstrated a strong will to fight corruption. I am sure you will agree that the sheer scale of corruption and impunity of the past explains in part, the economic challenges we now face. On these initiatives, and the many more to come, we shall not be deterred. We will pursue the recovery of everything that belongs to the people of Nigeria. No matter where it is hidden. No matter how long it will take.”

Fuel Scarcity: Nigerians Are Paying For Jonathan’s Sins – FG

The Federal Government has blamed the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration for the untold hardship Nigerians are experiencing due to current fuel scarcity in the country.
This disclosure was brought to light by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, while speaking to pressmen on Monday, December 21, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
He said, Nigerians who have been bearing the brunt of the current fuel scarcity are paying for the sins of the immediate past administration, adding that it was Jonathan’s administration’s failure to make adequate provision for fuel subsidy.
He explained that out of the N674billion supplementary budget presented to the National Assembly, N522 billion was for arrears of fuel subsidy, which was incurred by the last administration.
“One of the reasons for the fuel scarcity was the inability of the last government to make adequate provision for fuel subsidy.
“We do face some other logistic problems but majorly, we are paying for the sins of the last administration .”
‘What I will be telling Nigerians is that what we met on ground is such that we are paying for the sins of the last administration. I am being very serious. You remember that about two weeks ago, we had to go to the National Assembly for a supplementary budget of N674 billion.
“Of that figure, N522billion was for arrears of fuel subsidy which was incurred as far back as August last year.
“The solution is what you have seen us doing. The first thing we have done now is to make sure that unlike before when the marketers used to import the major percentage of the fuel. NNPC has been involved in importation, because some of the marketers had stopped importing for a couple of months.”
“If you see any fuel anywhere today, it is imported by the NNPC. We also inherited the vandalisation of the pipelines which has made it impossible for us to even transport the fuel. In tanks today we have 14 days reserve and off tank we have 10 days reserve.
“The issue is not non-availability of the product it is the distribution, because of pipelines that have been vandalised and the gridlock in Lagos. It takes about five days for anybody to take fuel with tanker in Lagos.
“As at two days ago this matter has been resolved. The Mosinmi pipeline has been secured and it has lead to the improvement in the distribution, “he said.

3weeks after wife battery allegation, 2shotz finally speaks

Popular Nigerian rapper, 2Shotz has finally addressed allegations of domestic violence that has trailed his marriage to Precious Jones.

Precious who “cried for help” via social media was on the receiving end of opinions influenced by mixed feelings after a leaked conversation between her and her friend made its way to several blogs.

In the conversation, Precious accused her husband of mental and physical abuse.

The rapper who has been silent since the incident became a trending topic on Nigerian social media, has now subtly denied the accusations by ‘leaving it all to God’, adding that ‘time will reveal the truth’.

The diminutive rapper who has stayed off social media in recent times, uploaded a photo of himself holidaying at the beach and wrote in his caption: ”

Ever since the issue blew up on social media, angry trolls have continued to pour their vexation in the comment section of his Instagram, but surprisingly his recent post got a lot of ‘amens’.

See the photo he posted:

I leave everything for God, time will tell the truth ………merry Christmas..love and peace out

The Side Effects Of Slimming Tea You Should Know About

Are you currently thinking of slimming down with the aid of slimming teas? Then you should read this…

Everyone aspires to live a healthier life, however, nowadays, the latest problem which is affecting the health of people is obesity. More and more people with each passing day are falling prey to this serious disease.

In other to get rid of the rapid rise of obesity which has come to be a product of a sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits of people, they freely embrace the choice of slimming tea which is often time abused when consumed.

Studies have revealed that drinking slimming tea is a dangerous method of losing weight, but it’s unfortunate that users believe that the caffeine in the tea is potent enough to increase body function to help burn calories.

Also, judging by facts gathered by experts, it has been complained by users that drink slimming tea that they experience certain disorders like diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, fainting, chronic constipation, and perhaps even death when consumed in excessive quantity.

According to Uche Ogbanufe, a nutritionist with the Kogi State general hospital, she explained that most of the slimming teas in town (Chinese) are wrongly consumed by users.

According to her,
“These teas are special herbal teas that shouldn’t be taken alone and this is where Nigerians miss it. They are probably to be taken in conjunction with something else. The reason why many Nigerians develop health complications is because they do not use the tea in the right way. Nigerians want the fast method, especially when it comes to weight loss. These slimming teas are like hard drugs and are designed to work very fast. People take slimming tea and yet their diet is terrible. You can’t lose weight that way, rather, you’re only damaging your system. Whenever I counsel people who are obese, I advise them to shun slimming teas and go through the right method. Once one is able to cut out fried food, red meat, full cream milk, white bread, starchy rice, junk food, one will definitely lose weight. Rather than jeopardising one’s health, it is better to follow the long but safer method of losing weight.”
Therefore ladies, the best method to lose weight is to embrace the natural methods of eating healthy meals and engaing in regular exercises.

Saint Obi Veers Into Music

The name Saint Obi is synomymous with Nollywood but not many knew that Obinna Nwafor, aka, St. Obi’s first love is music. Recently, the veteran actor and producer unveiled his music label as well as his first artistes which is a group called A.M. Crew. They have released three singles with Obi entitled, Imagine, Sarakute and You and I.

At a press party held in his Lekki office, Obi who is the CEO, Agwhyte Music said. “I have a deep passion for music and I started as a Chorister before acting took place. This record label is my own. I am trying to use my resources to help talented young ones excel and for now we have two talented artistes.Agwhite record label is all about bringing the best talents in order to give fun seekers sweet music. So when you do not get good music from us, I will refund your full payment for the CD plate.

Kim Kardashian’s Emoji App ‘Kimoji’ Crashes Apple Store, Issues Apology

On Monday, December 21, 2015 Kim Kardashian threatened the internet when she launched her own version of Emoji known as “Kimoji.” Launching of Kim Kardashian’s “Kimoji” app caused Apple’s app store to shutdown due to high number of downloads.

The Kimoji app features over 250 customized emojis inspired by the reality star, from her infamous backside to her ugly cry.
“Apple, I’m so sorry I broke your App Store!!!” Kardashian tweeted. “I can’t believe so many people downloaded my KIMOJI app that it affected the entire app store!”
The mother of two has been promoting the $1.99 app on her Instagram page since its release. However, the app’s release caused the Apple’s app service to shutdown due to its high demand and heavy user traffic.