Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Soldiers Raped and Tortured Our Members Before Killing Them - Shi’ite Women

Shi’ite women, under the aegis of the Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Tuesday revealed that scores of their members were tortured and raped before they were killed by the army when soldiers attacked them three weeks ago in Zaria.

The Public Relations Officer of the group, Jamila Awwal, while addressing journalists at the secretariat of the Kaduna Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalist said while members were denied access to medical attention.

The military was also accused of exhuming the bodies of their members and went further to desecrate them.

Jamila said “Some of the women were raped before they were killed by the soldiers as confirmed by some survivors who were also tortured after their arrest.
“The soldiers molested our women and removed their hijabs which is a serious violation of Islamic rights.
“All these were followed by propaganda by the government and the army to paint the movement and its leader in a bad light thereby instigating sectarian sentiment and creating tension in the country.
“The authorities have remained insensitive to our plight as they unjustly continue to keep our revered leader, El-Zakzaky, and members in various military facilities and prisons.”
“We call for the release of our husbands and children that are in illegal detention facilities across the northern states. Corpses of our members killed by the army should be released to us immediately for burial according to Islamic rites.

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