Friday, 26 February 2016

Bag of ‘pure water’ skyrockets to N180, hawkers protest

Since the problems of the naira began, prices of goods have spiked to ridiculous levels, affecting a lot of consumers and traders alike.
While the ‘price hike’ situation is starting to spread across board, Edo state hawkers of sachet water (pure water) who are directly affected, are currently protesting this particular hike.
The protesters on Thursday took to the streets of Benin, carrying empty containers to protest against the increase in the price of a bag of sachet water from N120 to N180, as they marched to the government house chanting “we no go gree”.
According to Punch Newspapers, one of the protesters, Vivian Osula, narrated her pain, lamenting that the new price would be a great burden to many of them who were the breadwinners of their families.
“Those we buy from told us this morning (Thursday) that a bag of sachet water is now N180. We get only N20 as profit per bag and that is what I use to feed my children.”
“We sell at Oba Market and people have refused to buy. I am begging the government to intervene. If people do not buy, it will affect me; my children will have no money to eat because it is our source of living.”

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