Wednesday, 6 January 2016

See what this transgender lady did to herself with help of plastic surgery(Graphic photos)

A transgender woman from Italy who hid her desire to change sex for 40 years says she's spent £52,000 trying to achieve the perfect female body since coming out.

Fulvia Pellegrino, 56, from the small town of Peveragno, has undergone a series of gruelling procedures to achieve her current look including more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, four breast implants and two rounds of liposuction.

Pellegrino, who was born with the name Fulvio and has the full support of her wife Marisa, has also spent nearly £9,000 on surgery on her bottom and is now planning even more.

Fulvia Pellegrino

Fulvia Pellegrino
Fulvia PellegrinoBarcroft
Fulvia PellegrinoBarcroft
Fulvia PellegrinoBarcroft
Fulvia PellegrinoBarcroft
Surgery: Fulvia in bandages after her initial operations

Cynthia Morgan Acquires New Ride(Photos)

Reggae star Cynthia Morgan just copped a new ride.
The Northside Entertainment artist shared a photo of her newly acquired white Range Rover on Instagram with her fans.
Cynthia Morgan
Congrats to her on her new whip.

Lagos govt demolishes Oshodi market(photos)

The Lagos State Government on Wednesday demolished the Owonifari Market at Oshodi which has been in existence for more than 40 years.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the state government had earlier closed the market to curb security challenges within Oshodi metropolis.
The demolition was directly supervised in the earlier hours of Wednesday by the Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.

Also on ground to supervise the demolition were the Commissioner for Environment, Dr Babatunde Adejare, officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KIA), police and some other top government officials.

NAN also reports that the state government had said in a statement that it planned to transform the market into an ultra-modern bus terminus with new bus shelters befitting a structured park in a mega city.

Baby Mama Drama Fallout: Davido Hospitalized (Photos)

David Adeleke, famously known as Davido was recently hospitalized, reportedly as a result of the stress following the public drama between him and the mother of his daughter Imade, Sophie Momodu.

The artist shared the details of his hospitalization in a twitter post. He tweeted, “The Lord is my strength … About to be discharged from the hospital From here to the studio BOUTTA kill this osinachi remix! @humblesmiths.

'I've let go of all bitterness and hate I felt for 9ice' |Toni Payne finally gets closure

Estranged wife of Gongo Aso hit maker,Toni Payne has decided to close old wounds by forgiving 9ice after the two seperated 6 years ago in a messy divorce.
She took to her website to pen an emotional letter to the father of their 7-year-old son, Zion.
“It has been a good 6 years and now I can categorically say I have let go of all bitterness and hate I felt for a man I once loved. It has been an uphill journey but to find myself here is a blessing.
Without getting into detail and backtracking too much, I’ll summarize it as a lot of naivety, a lot of bad decisions, and a lot of untrained media professionals ready to blow things out of proportion.
A man sang a song and for whatever reason known to them, Nigerian Media “professionals” decided to tag it as what it was not, and a lot of Nigerian onlookers decided to help spread it without knowing if it was true or not and unfortunately for me, I was caught in the crossfire. A lot of people formed opinions about me, some even hate me till today for something that was mere fiction. Such is life right?
Till today, I still wonder how things got that far. I wonder how things got so nasty. I wonder how a once beautiful relationship turned so sour so quickly.
These days, we talk – a lot. We talk about what happened and how we got here. These days, we can now joke and laugh about the past. I ask a lot of questions because I really want to understand him and put myself in his shoes. I also hope he understands my every reaction and puts himself in my shoes.
Through all the mess, we never really talked deeply about things. There was too much resentment on my side for me to want to allow him in. There was too much bitterness in my soul to ever want to forgive. I honestly never thought this day would come – that is how angry I was. There is a Yoruba proverb that states “when the ocean rises, you don’t rise to meet it.”
For every action there is a reaction and for every reaction there are consequences. I think sometimes, when you are finally in a good place, it is good to talk. Don’t just leave things like that, reach out to each other and talk about things. It is good for both parties to get closure. It is good to try to understand each other and move on with peace in your heart.
He stands by his reasoning that he never mentioned my name or ever accused me of such, and even though I agree with him that he never accused me of anything, I stand by my reasoning that he still should have defended me against a very wicked rumor. He argues that he felt it would have escalated things, I argue that things got escalated because he did not speak up. We both believed in our decisions at that point. He felt silence was the best answer, I felt I needed to defend myself for posterity sake. At the end of the day, it is what it is. When the noise calms, we still have to deal with each other. When the curtains fall, we still need to have each others best interest at heart.
I am not perfect but I can categorically say I did my best to be a good woman to him. I still do. I believe deep down inside, he knows this. I do all possible best never to speak ill of him publicly – and as far as I know, he does the same for me.
After everything we went through, I always say it is best to keep your private life private. I write this today not to deviate from that but it would be unfair to forgive wholesomely for something that was so “Public” while leaving the impression that I have not. I know a lot of people think I hate him- I don’t!.
I also write this today not to bring up the past but to go on record and let anyone that feels bitter inside know that it only gets better. Trust me, if I can move on from an entire nation thinking I cheated when I did not, you can also forgive whomever hurt you. Just let love and kindness in your heart. Bitterness is a heavy weight to carry and now I feel 100 times lighter.
I believe the younger ones can learn a lot from our errors and most importantly learn about forgiveness. In life, we can only predict what we want from it, we can never ever guess 100% what it will give us. I spent so many years caring what others think till I realized in this life, the opinion of others is just that – an opinion.
I believe I am starting my 2016 off in the right direction. I hope to work on forgiving others who contributed to this chapter in my story. I believe this is a great place to start. At the end of the day, we are family and I am eternally grateful for the grace to see this day.” -Toni Payne

Soldiers Raped and Tortured Our Members Before Killing Them - Shi’ite Women

Shi’ite women, under the aegis of the Sisters Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Tuesday revealed that scores of their members were tortured and raped before they were killed by the army when soldiers attacked them three weeks ago in Zaria.

The Public Relations Officer of the group, Jamila Awwal, while addressing journalists at the secretariat of the Kaduna Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalist said while members were denied access to medical attention.

The military was also accused of exhuming the bodies of their members and went further to desecrate them.

Jamila said “Some of the women were raped before they were killed by the soldiers as confirmed by some survivors who were also tortured after their arrest.
“The soldiers molested our women and removed their hijabs which is a serious violation of Islamic rights.
“All these were followed by propaganda by the government and the army to paint the movement and its leader in a bad light thereby instigating sectarian sentiment and creating tension in the country.
“The authorities have remained insensitive to our plight as they unjustly continue to keep our revered leader, El-Zakzaky, and members in various military facilities and prisons.”
“We call for the release of our husbands and children that are in illegal detention facilities across the northern states. Corpses of our members killed by the army should be released to us immediately for burial according to Islamic rites.

Davido’s baby-mama, Sophia Momodu contests ‘cannabis’ medical report

Sophia Momodu, through her lawyers has requested the original copy of the alleged medical report that Davido published 48 hours ago from Clina Lancet laboratory.
The singer had alleged that a pathology test was conducted, in which it was determined that his daughter, Imade, was fed with breast milk contaminated with cannabis.
Here is a copy of the letter sent by her lawyers to the clinic.

Wife of Super Eagles star, John Ogude kidnapped in Warri

 Maimunat Ogude, wife of Fegor Ogude, Super Eagles and Amkar Perm of Russia midfielder, has been kidnapped.
Ogude told TheCable on Tuesday that his wife was kidnapped by unknown armed men in Warri, Delta state, on Monday night.
According to him, “I wasn’t home yesterday. My wife, Maimunat Ogude, went out with my kids. Barely two hours that I left the house, my younger brother Ogaga called me to say that some armed men came to the house to take my wife away,” said the midfielder.
“I was told that they threw my kids out of the car and just took my wife in my car.
“Immediately I heard this, I had to go to the Police station to report this. And after making the report, I tried tracing them to see if by chance I could get the direction they went to. But I could not.
“All these happened between 7:30/8pm last night. Till this moment, I have not heard from them. I haven’t found my wife till this moment.
“But I got a call from the police that my car had been found in Ughelli. But no words yet from the kidnappers. I don’t know the state in which my wife is since last night”, he added.

Tiwa Savage Reads to Son, Shares Adorable Photos

Jamil Savage is already on his way to professorship, his Mum Tiwa Savage shared bed time stories photo.

She wrote “Ok so I know it’s a bit early but I started reading to jamjam already before bedtime, I want to get him used to reading then my mum asks if I would speak yoruba to him as well, then I said of course as it is so important to me for him to speak his native language. Do you yummy mummies agree? #MomsKnowBest.”

Tiwatope, welcomed her son with husband Tunji Balogun aka Tee Billz on July 22, 2015, in the UK.