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Buhari's Wikipedia page already updated to 'President-Elect'

APC presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari's Wikipedia page has been updated to "president-elect" following his victory in the just concluded 2015 presidential election. Big congrats to him.

#NigeriaDecides-President Jonathan concedes defeat, congratulates Buhari

President Jonathan put a call across to Gen. Buhari earlier today. The President conceded defeat and congratulated him. 
So, it's official. Gen Muhammadu Buhari is our new president-elect. Big congrats to him!

#NigeriaDecides: Fayose praises Buhari, urges Nigerians to accept election results

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has urged Nigerians to accept the outcome of Saturday’s presidential election in good faith, saying; “the election result is the will of God and Nigerians, and all lovers of peace, progress and development of Nigeria must accept it”.
Mr. Fayose, in a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, hailed the resilience and commitment of President Goodluck Jonathan and Mohammadu Buhari.
The governor said the election results should not been seen as victory or loss for any political party, adding that, “To me, Nigerians and democracy won.”
He praised Nigerians for believing in the democratic process, adding that “by this election, Nigerians have shown that Democracy has come to stay in the country”.
The governor said, “I salute Nigerians, especially the great people of Ekiti State.
“I salute President Jonathan for laying the most solid foundation for democracy in Nigeria. And I salute Major General Buhari for being a resilience and dogged fighter.
“I urge Nigerians, irrespective of their ethic, religious and political affiliation to respect the outcome of the election in the interest of peace, progress and development of the country.
“Nigeria as a country is greater than any individual or group and it is my plea that no one should do anything to rock the boat of peace in the country.”

Presidential Election Result: PDP wins in Edo, Delta, Taraba

For Edo, as announced by Prof Osasere Orumwense, VC, University of Benin - RO of Edo state
AA - 159
ACPN - 1284
AD - 450
ADC - 512
APA - 709
APC - 208,469
CPP - 325
HOPE -22
KOWA - 175
NCP - 516
PDP, 286,869 (PDP wins)
PPN - 729
UDP - 160
UPP - 72
Total valid votes - 500,451
Rejected votes - 22,334
Total votes - 522,785

For Delta, as announced by Prof. Mobolaji Aluko, VC of Federal University, Otuoke, RO for Delta state
AA - 1,473
ACPN - 916
AD - 735
ADC - 888
APA - 478
APC - 48,910
CPP - 813
HOPE - 166
KOWA - 311
NCP - 670
PDP - 1,211,405
PPN - 393
UDP - 354
UPP - 261
Total valid votes - 1,267,773
Rejected votes - 17,075
Total votes cast - 1,284,848

For Taraba, As announced by Prof K. Mohammed, VC Modibbo Adama University of Tech. Yola, RO for Taraba
AA - 962
ACPN - 811
AD - 586
ADC - 320
APA - 1306
APC - 261,326
CPP - 1,033
HOPE - 161
KOWA - 153
NCP - 876
PDP - 310,800 (PDP wins)
PPN - 680
UDP - 224
UPP - 439
Total valid votes - 579,677
Rejected votes - 23,039
Total votes cast - 602,716

Presidential Election Result For, Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Zamfara, Kebbi, Yobe, Sokoto - APC Wins

Presidential election results for Adamawa as announced by the collating officer for Adamawa state
AA - 495
ACPN - 1166
AD - 595
ADC - 1012
APA - 1549
APC - 374,701 (APC wins)
CPP - 819
HOPE - 267
KOWA - 752
NCP - 1212
PDP - 251,664
PPN - 1163
UDP - 289
UPP - 334
Total valid votes  - 636,018
Rejected votes - 25,192
Total votes cast - 661,210

For Zamfara as announced by Prof. A. Abdulzuru, VC of Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, RO for Zamfara
AA - 125
ACPN - 238
AD - 290
ADC - 294
APA - 1310
APC - 612,202 (APC wins)
CPP - 655
HOPE - 14
KOWA - 122
NCP - 404
PDP - 144,833
PPN - 374
UDP - 93
UPP - 68
Total valid votes - 761,022
Rejected votes - 19157
Total votes cast - 780,179

For Kebbi, As announced by Prof Mohammed, Dep VC (Academics) Usman Danfodio University, RO for Kebbi
AA -214
ACPN - 361
AD - 450
ADC - 472
APA - 2685
APC - 567,883 (APC wins)
CPP - 1794
HOPE - 213
KOWA - 448
NCP - 519
PDP - 100,972
PPN - 547
UDP - 207
UPP - 238
Total valid votes - 677,003
Rejected votes - 38,119
Total votes cast - 715,122

For Benue, As announced by Prof Hayward Babale Mafuyai, VC, University of Jos, RO for Benue state
AA - 315
ACPN - 1464
AD - 254
ADC - 539
APA - 945
APC - 373,961 (APC wins)
CPP - 567
HOPE - 115
KOWA - 105
NCP - 683
PDP - 303,737
PPN - 439
UDP - 66
UPP - 74
Total valid votes - 683,264
Rejected votes - 19,867
Total votes cast - 703,131

For Bauchi, As announced by Prof. Mohammed Farouk, VC, Federal University, Kashere, Gombe, RO for Bauchi 
AA - 131
ACPN - 232
AD - 173
ADC - 189
APA - 964
APC - 931,598 (APC wins)
CPP - 391
HOPE - 46
KOWA - 128
NCP - 207
PDP - 86,085
PPN - 128
UDP - 29
UPP - 37 
Total valid votes - 1,020,338
Rejected votes -  19,437
Total votes cast - 1,039,775

For Yobe, As announced by Prof. Abubakar Njodi, VC - University of Maiduguri, collation officer for Yobe
AA - 101
ACPN - 164
AD - 213
ADC - 112
APA - 632
APC - 446,265 (APC wins)
CPP - 329
HOPE - 67
KOWA - 104
NCP - 120
PDP - 25,526
PPN - 101
UDP - 30
UPP - 32
Total valid - 473,796
Rejected votes - 17,971
Total votes cast  - 491,767

For Sokoto, As announced by the Dep VC Usman Danfodio University, collating officer for Sokoto
AA - 249
ACPN - 535
AD - 714
ADC - 762
APA - 3,482
APC - 671,926 (APC wins)
CPP - 1,894
HOPE - 283
KOWA - 475
NCP - 686
PDP - 152,199
PPN - 605
UDP - 269
UPP - 180 

Total valid votes - 834,259
Rejected votes - 42,110
Total votes cast - 876,369

Presidential election results for Adamawa state - Buhari wins

As announced by the collating officer for Adamawa state
AA - 495
ACPN - 1166
AD - 595
ADC - 1012
APA - 1549
APC - 374,701 (APC wins)
CPP - 819
HOPE - 267
KOWA - 752
NCP - 1212
PDP - 251,664
PPN - 1163
UDP - 289
UPP - 334
Total valid votes  - 636,018
Rejected votes - 25,192
Total votes cast - 661,210

Presidential election results in 26 states including FCT - Buhari leads

The presidential election results for 26 states has so far been announced and right now, APC is still leading with 10,462,670 votes while PDP has 9,953,432 votes. The difference is 509,238 votes.

We still have Sokoto, Borno, Zamfara, Kebbi, Taraba, Benue, Adamawa, Bauchi, Delta and Edo. Fingers crossed!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Woman stabs husband to death over PDP, APC presidential candidates

Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 26-year-old pregnant woman who allegedly stabbed her husband to death during a quarrel over who would emerge winner between PDP and APC presidential candidates, while voting was on-going , weekend, at Ejigbo area of the state.

According to a report by Vanguard, the husband was  supporting PDP while Onyiyechi supported the APC. An arguement over who would win the presidential election degenerated into a fight with the wife stabbing her husband inside their one room apartment at the 81 military zone junction in Ejigbo
A neighbor in their compound narrated what happened, He said;
"We were all outside waiting to vote when Onyiyechi rushed out, shouting for help. Out of curiosity, we all ran inside, only to discover blood all over the ground, on entering their apartment. On closer observation, we noticed that the blood was from her husband chest region. We met him on the ground. Before we could rush him to the hospital, he gave up the ghost. Perhaps, he would have survived the attack had Onyiyechi called for help early. From all indication, it was clear that she attempted to manage the situation immediately the incident occurred. It was when she discovered that the situation had overwhelmed her that she raised alarm. I do not know the name of her husband. We only know that of his wife, who we fondly call Onyiyechi. The irony of this matter is that she is not cantankerous. She has never beaten a little child, let alone to fight with any neighbor. Again on that day, we saw both of them together. They were seen sitting outside, one hour before the incident occurred. Policemen from Ejigbo later came to remove the corpse to the Isolo morgue” the anonymous neighbor said.
The police arrested the suspect while further investigation into the matter is ongoing as some other version of the story claims the couple got into a fight following a disagreement they had after Onyiyechi decided to grate Okro she was to use in preparing their meal inside their one room apartment. Her husband is reported to have instructed her to take it out but she refused which sparked a quarrel and then a fight between them.

Photos: Buhari Flies Back To Abuja, Awaits Election Result

APC presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari pictured above arriving Abuja this morning to await results of Saturday’s general election. See more pics after the cut ...

Photos: PDP Reps candidate, Ujam caught with 4,000 PVCs in Enugu

Dr Chukwuemeka Ujam, a candidate contesting for Nkanu East / West Fed. House of Reps under PDP was caught yesterday by the military with 4000 pvcs at Ozalla, Nkanu East Lga Enugu State. Ujam is the immediate past Commissioner for Land in Enugu State.
See more pics after the cut....

photo 5
photo 4

photo 3

This is the most vicious, unprincipled, vulgar and violent election i have ever witnessed - Wole Soyinka

Prof. Wole Soyinka described Nigeria’s 2015 presidential and National Assembly elections as vicious, unprincipled, vulgar and violent.

The prominent Nigerian revealed this in an interview with The Guardian on Sunday, March 29.
“We’re talking about a very positive response by the public in terms of determination to register and vote but, you know, this has been one of the most vicious, unprincipled, vulgar and violent exercises I have ever witnessed.
“I just hope we won’t go down as being the incorrigible giant of Africa”
He also lamented the huge sum of money spent on campaigns by the parties.
“Most expensive, most prodigal, wasteful, senseless, I mean really insensitive in terms of what people live on in this country.
“This was the real naira-dollar extravaganza, spent on just subverting, shall we say, the natural choices of people. Just money instead of argument, instead of position statements.
“And of course the sponsoring of violence in various places, in addition to this festive atmosphere in which every corner, every pillar, every electric pole is adorned with one candidate or the other, many of them in poses which remind one of Nollywood.” 

Photos: Check Out Dencia’s Outfit to the iHeartRadio Music Awards

The 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (March 29) in Los Angeles and a lot of music stars were in attendance fromRihanna, Chris Brown, Zendaya, Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx and much more.
Cameroonian pop star Dencia was also in attendance rocking her signature jumpsuit and big hair.
For the event she wore a pretty pink and silver jumpsuit, paired with black boots and her hair in loose blonde and pink curls. She attended the event in her new custom Pink G-Wagon. 
What do you think of her look?
Dencia 1Dencia 2Dencia 5Dencia 3
Dencia 6
Dencia 7

Wait patiently for INEC to announce results – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has urged Nigerians to exercise patience as they wait for INEC to collate and announce results of Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly elections.

President Jonathan who is the Presidential candidate of PDP in the election made the call in a post on his Facebook page.

Anxiety has been gripping Nigerians over what many saw as the slow pace of collating the results across the country with political parties making claims and counter-claims.
Jonathan, however, advised Nigerians to wait patiently for the results the same way they waited to vote on Saturday.
“We waited patiently to vote in these elections, now I want to urge all Nigerians to also wait patiently for the Independent National Electoral Commission to collate and announce results.
“We must ensure that we do not get involved in acts that breach our peaceful co-existence that we patriotically demonstrated during the elections.
“May God bless Nigeria.”

Photos: Kim Kardashian takes North West and her BFF on the cutest Easter egg hunt ever

North West and her BFF on the hunt for Easter Eggs at a farm. So cute! 
See more pics after the cut...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

More Photos From Simi Osomo Baby Shower

Dr Sid's wife, Simi Osomo pictured with Tiwa Savage above held a garden-theme baby shower recently. Continue to see more pics after the cut...
Photo Credit: Instagram

Dr Sid rubbishes D'banj's accusations on Mo'hit split

Dr Sid has come out to refute claims by D’banj which said he was responsible for the breakup of Mo’Hits.

D’Banj had gone on a video interview to categorically say Sid broke the group and label.
The Mavin Singer has been studying for his filmmaking badges at the New York Film Academy.
He was a recent guest on Bouqui’s Place, a radio show on Rhema House Radio, Los Angeles, anchored by popular Nigerian Gospel Female rapper, Bouqui, and there he declared his innocence.
On the show, a caller called in to ask Dr Sid to respond to D’banj’s claims, and he said: “Obviously there’s a lot of people involved, so there are some things I can’t talk about, but in general, with every beautiful things in life, there are circles, things start and things end.”
“Mo’hits was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had, it’s one of the things that took my career to the next level, and I appreciate every single moment I had in there, things happened, we grew older, and we grew apart, and glory be to God, every single person that was on Mo’hits records is doing well today, and that’s life in general.”
“With regards to someone saying that I am the cause, I just would ask any individual in their right mind to literally think how I can tell a Don Jazzy and D’banj that have been making millions together to break up. It’s not even remotely possible or remotely true.”
“Like I told Bouqui earlier on, I am a team player, I think of the team first before myself, and that’s how I’ve always been in Mo’hits till the end. I fought for the team, and now in Mavin I’m fighting for the team, and I will always fight for the team.”

FFK Releases Statement; Says PDP Is Winning In 23 States

PDP Presidential campaign organizer, Chief Femi Fani Kayode held a press conference today and below is the text from the conference….Read with patience.
We are deeply concerned by the level of disinformation and falsehood that is being peddled around by the friends of the opposition in the media and particularly their paid agents and associates on the social media about the results of Saturdays elections. Since yesterday afternoon they have been releasing fake results and they have been attempting to mislead the Nigerian people and our friends in the international community.  The public have been inundated with lie after lie about the APC’s so-called victories in virtually every single polling booth, ward, local government area and state in the country. This is not only nonsensical but it is also far-fetched, absurd and childish.
Two opposition media houses and their associates in the social media went as far as to shamelessly claim that President Goodluck Jonathan lost in my polling unit and in my ward in Ile-Ife, when in actual fact the President not only won in my polling booth and ward but he also won in virtually every other ward in the four local government areas of Ile Ife in Osun state where I come from.
The dirty lies that these two media houses have told is just one example of the gross and irresponsible mendacities and falsehood that the agents and associates of the APC habitually enjoy peddling. As we have always said, they are a party of liars that are led and inspired by a small cabalistic cult of shameful deceivers, liars and cheap propaganda merchants. In them there is no truth and lying is their second nature and natural habitat.
The APC, through their agents in the media, also indulged in many other fanciful and vain mendacities about many other PDP leaders.  For example they claimed that Senator Musiliu Obanikoro who is presently the Honorable Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Senator Iyiola Omisore, the leader of our party in Osun state, Governor Olusegun Mimiko, the Governor of Ondo state, Senator David Mark, the Senate President, and so many other of our highly esteemed and respected leaders also lost their polling units and wards to General Muhammadu Buhari and the APC candidates for the various elections.
Needless to say these claims by the APC are not only false but they are also absurd and nauseating. Such mendacities are indicative of the fact that they have lost touch with reality as we have always suspected. As a matter of fact we are surprised that they didn’t claim that the President himself also lost in his polling unit and  ward and that he in fact voted for Buhari rather than for himself. Such is their level of depravity and deceit that they will manufacture any lie and assert any falsehood just to gain an edge and feed their vain delusions.
The lies they have told about the so-called victory of Buhari in Ile Ife, Osun state is particularly distasteful because not only has Jonathan appeared to have won in Ile-Ife but our PDP candidate for the Federal House of Representatives in that constituency, Mr. Albert Adeogun, appears to have won the election hands down and defeated Mr. Rotimi Makinde of the APC, who is the sitting member of the Federal House of Representatives. Our candidate for the House of Representatives in Ilesa in the same senatorial district, Mr. Wole Oke, appears to have won his election as well which is another major blow for the APC in Osun state.
Instead of acknowledging these monumental and devastating losses of some of their leading members, the APC, in their habitual manner simply continue to bury their small heads in the ground like the proverbial ostrich, live in denial and peddle lies and falsehood. It is time that they were called to order. The lies of the APC must be ignored and treated with the contempt and disdain that they deserve.
The reports that we are getting from the field is that our candidate is doing very well in the south and north central and that we are making very strong inroads into various states in the core north. The motive for the lies and disinformation of the APC is to create high expectations for their supporters so that when the real results come out and they are announced by INEC, and when those real results do not tally with the fake results that the APC have told their agents and friends to release, they will begin to run riot, create havoc and kill people.
This is irresponsible and dangerous and we hereby warn the APC and their agents in the media to stop spreading falsehood and telling dangerous lies. We also call on the security agencies to be vigilant because when the truth of their defeat finally dawns on them the APC and Buhari will not take it very lightly. We should all patiently wait for INEC to release the official results of all the elections and until then we call on our supporters and party members to hold their heads up high, to remain confident and strong and to hold their peace.
Though it is undoubtedly a close race we at the PDPCO are cautiously confident and we are very optimistic of total victory despite the desperation, lies and disinformation of the APC. At the end of the day we have no doubt that President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP shall prevail.
We are constrained to conclude this short briefing by commenting on two issues that are also a matter of grave concern to us. First of all it has been brought to our attention that hundreds of thousands of underage voters were allowed to vote by INEC officials in many parts of the north during Saturday’s elections.
The pictures of these underage voters, who are APC supporters and many of whom are not even Nigerians but were drafted across our northern borders just to vote, are all over the internet. These pictures show the children actually giving their thumb prints and voting in the elections on Saturday. This is unacceptable to us and it needs to be explained by INEC. We await further clarification from them about it and failing that we shall revisit the issue in a very forceful and precise manner at a later stage.
The other area that needs clarification and an explanation from INEC and which gives us deep concern is the situation that we have found ourselves in when it comes to the issue of card readers. We warned about this right from the outset and we expressed our reservations about their usage but we were ignored and even criticised by many at the time for doing so. With the shameful and abysmal performance of the card readers during Saturday’s polls we believe that we have been vindicated and that our earlier concerns have proved to be legitimate and valid. Sadly the damage that the failure of the  card readers has caused to the fortunes of our supporters and party is immense.
Many of our supporters were disenfranchised and were unable to get accreditation or to vote as a consequence of the card reader situation and it is curious that most of the problems associated with card readers only took place in areas and states that are the traditional strongholds of President Jonathan and the PDP. Was this a mere coincidence or was it contrived?  That is the million dollar question. We shall speak more about this and other matters after the final results have  been announced by INEC. Until then we shall hold our peace.

We use this medium to call on our friends in the social media, the party faithful and all President Goodluck Joanthan Support Groups not to remain silent in the face of these shenanigans. They should speak out on what they know about the propaganda and falsehood of the opposition APC. They should not be intimidated at all by the opposition’s desperate and reprehensible antics. They should set the record straight and not allow themselves to be robbed of a well-earned victory.

As we speak now, we are winning in 23 states and we have 64 percent while the APC is winning in 14 states and has 36 percent.  
These results are subject to confirmation by the Independent National Electoral Commission.  However, we are certain of what we are saying because we have information from our agents in every polling unit nationwide.  No one must test our will by attempting to change these results and the APC should desist from pushing this nation to the brink of fire, chaos and destruction with their dirty lies and propaganda.
Thank you. 

Photos: Some Nigerian Celebs Who Didn't Vote

While some Nigerian Celebs have openly campaigned for candidates of their choice and were spotted at their respective polling units, sadly some didn't vote as they jetted out of town to headline concerts in other parts of the world. 

Below is a list of notable stars that missed the election.
1. Davido

HKN boss, Davido left the shores of Nigeria on Friday, March 27, 2015 in a private jet along with members of his HKN Gang which includes B-Red, Deekay and Kamal Ajiboye. He’s billed to headline the 5th edition of the Afrobeat festival in Kenya, so he didn't vote.
2. Flavour

He departed Lagos on Thursday, March 26, 2015 to headline the Dance Afrique concert in London. On his arrival in UK, he’s been sharing pictures of his media rounds in London. He shared photo of himself and Tiwa Savage who came out on stage to support him.
3. P-square

Along with Flavour, Paul and Peter Okoye are also listed as headlining acts for Dance Afrique concert in London.
4. Wizkid

Starboy boss, Wizkid is yet to return from his trip to Dubai where he performed on Thursday March 26, 2015 at the Industry Nite, Dubai. After his performance on Thursday, he hosted a private Yacht party on Friday at the Dubai Marina Yacht club with his artiste, L.A.X.
5. Funke Akindele

She’s a co-host of the Dance Afrique concert in London, so she joins Flavour and Psquare in London.
6. Ice Prince

On March 12, 2015, the rapper left Nigeria for South Africa, he spent a few days there then he headed to the United States for the SXSW Festival in Houston. The rapper is currently in Atlanta.
7. DJ Cuppy

Pretty female disc jockey, DJ Cuppy also arrived Kenya in a private jet yesterday for her performance at the Pan African Finale of the Airtel/Trace music star to be headlined by Senegal-born American superstar, Akon.
8) DJ Spinall
Fondly called ‘The Cap’, DJ Spinall is on tour of the United States. As recently as last night, he performed at Club Zanzibar in Houston and he won’t be voting surely.
10. Ruggedman
10 Nigerian Celebs Who Skipped Voting Day
The veteran rapper embarked on a tour of China 2weeks ago where’s he’s been performing in a couple of cities in China. He’s however not returned to the country, so he didn't vote as well.