Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Paul Okoye ‘Calls Heaven’ to inform parents P-Square is no more

It is no longer news that the singing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye of the P-Square fame are now apart.
The two brothers have officially ceased from operating under the umbrella of the P Square family.
The news of their breakup became evident last weekend when Peter unveiled a new stage name and management.
Many fans took his decision with a pinch of salt until his other brother, Paul dropped a new single entitled ‘Call Heaven.’
This is the first time a member of the group would be publicly releasing a song alone.
Paul, in the emotion-laden single attributed the reason for their brotherly war to their parents’ absence.
Paul sang thus:
“Make somebody please go heaven
Make i tell my mama say e don happen
Eh Eh
Or Papa, Na that level…eh ya
Wey i promise you say e no go happen
If to say Una dey
For everything wey dey happen today
E For be say we no go misbehave
All man go dey concentrate
Wherever you are………..
We no be who we are……
Cos if to say una dey
For everything wey dey happen today
E for be say una go intervene
Cos right now everything na pain
See your children dey misbehave
See the fans all ’em dem dey shake”

‘Hide in shame’ | Uche Jombo blasts Senate for rejecting Gender Equality Bill

Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, has criticised the Nigerian Senate over the rejection of the Gender Equality Bill.
The Bill had on Tuesday, failed to scale through second reading during plenary session at the upper chamber of the National Assembly.
The actress, who found it unfathomable that the Senators could reject the bill, stated that ‘women empowerment’ shouldn’t be a threat to senators.
Writing on her Instagram page, Uche Jombo said: “Read through the Gender Equality bill (2011/2016) These are basic rights! Equal opportunities for men and women. Let’s get this off the way ‘Women Empowerment is not a threat senators’ anything done to assist the Nigerian woman is done to assist Nigeria simple. How can you reject Gender equality bill?”
“Every Senator that voted against the bill should hide in shame and the annoying part is the excuses they are giving as to why the bill is thrown out this second time.”
“There are only 8 women in the 109member Nigeria senate …… It’s amazing what women can do when we come together. Our voices MUST be heard. Download the bill online read and education yourself then speak out.”

Herbalist marries teenager as 57th wife in Nigeria as he almost clocks 70years

Meet the 69 year old herbalist, Chief Simon Odo, who married an 18 year old girl, Chidinma, as his 57th wife last November and now says he won't marry again.

Chidinma was married from Okutu, in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State.
Odo, also known variously as Onuwa, King Solomon of Africa or King of Satan was married to 68 women but some of them had earlier died. Augustina Odo (nee Asogwa) and Virginia, nee Mogbo from Oraifite were among the dead ones.

Odo spoke in an interview with the South East Voice at his palatial home at Aji, Enugu Ezike in Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Onuwa who was armed with an Onward note book where names of his wives and over 200 children 
were listed according to their dates of birth said that his first son, Emeka was born on December 15, 1969.
“I was born in 1947 on the day they had an eclipse of the sun and the moon. There was darkness in the afternoon on the day I was born. I was the only son of my parents. “I was baptised as a Christian in the Catholic Church and I even became a mass servant under Rev Father Desmond McGlade. 
I however became a herbalist because of circumstances beyond my control. As I said, I was the only son of my parents but because some of his relations wanted to take over his landed property, they poisoned me. I contracted tuberculosis and had to be treated for years. 
At a point, I was even unable to walk for about five years because I became lame. I ran to Ondo State in the South West, where I trained to become a herbalist at the age of 15, before returning to the village. 
I married 15 wives when my father was alive and the situation prolonged his life. He died in 1992 at the ripe old age of over 90 years. My first son has seven children and four grandchildren. Any of my children who chooses to become a Christian is free to do so, provided he/she must become a Catholic. I don’t like the Pentecostal churches.”

The new bride Chidinma 

On feeding of his large family, Onuwa said,
“People think that I feed many of them but this is not true. Most of my children are grown up. The boys among them usually marry and go to their own houses just like the girls who marry and follow their husbands to their places. 
However, my wives cook food for the whole family in turns. For example, if it is the turn of Ada or Omada to cook, she would invite five of her colleagues to assist her in cooking. One woman cooks for everybody in the house at a time but my other wives would always assist such a person.”
Asked if any of his sons has taken after him as a herbalist, he said,
 “I will not encourage them to do so. I don’t want my sons to take after me because some of them will do bad things with my medicine. As a herbalist, I have never killed anybody or thought of evil against anybody but I do not trust that my children would be upright like me. That is why I will not encourage them to inherit my medicine but I may bequeath them to some of my younger children, not the old, greedy ones.”
Meanwhile, it was learnt that although Onuwa abhorred seeing his children attend churches other than the Catholic church, seven of them were ordained pastors at the Lord’s Chosen Church. Hitherto, some of them attended Catholic and Anglican churches while many of them took after their father in his business.

However, the ordination of the pastors brought about a radical Christian awakening in the extra-large family of Chief Odo. In the past four years, there had been a simmering misunderstanding between the pastors and their father regarding his herbal practice. The pastors were said to be mounting heavy pressure on him to repent and turn to Jesus, a demand the herbalist spurned.

Odo, said to have lost one of his wives last February, had arranged for the burial programme, which his pastor’s sons rejected and rather organized a prayer programme for her burial, triggering confusion in the family, Vanguard reports. 

Comedian Ushbebe & Wife Welcome First Child In Atlanta

Nigerian comedian Ushbebe and wife welcomed their first baby on Tuesday, March 15, in Atlanta.
In breaking the good news to everyone, Ushbebe took to his Instagram page to post a picture of him dancing with the caption: “The step you give when you hear your wife just delivered a bouncing baby cute boy… Thank you @annettenuagbe today I am a proud father to Nolan…welcome son.” Few hours later he posted another picture of his new born baby with the caption: “Yes that’s my hommie, sonnie infact Ya Dadi Jnr…. Welcome once again your mumy has done well. All the Glory be to God.”
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How my abductors turned me to sex slave in Sokoto - 15 year old Patience Paul

The teenage girl who was abducted by a young Hausa man and taken forcefully to Sokoto where she was forced to convert to Islam has said that her captors turned her to a sex slave during her ordeal.

Speaking in an Interview with Leadership, Patience who is a primary six pupil, said her abductor and some Hisbah (Sharia police) personnel took her to an Imam in Runjin Sambo area of Sokoto with a claim that she wanted to convert to Islam.
“I was sent to buy biscuits and on my way I saw him (her abductor) and he persuaded me to come to his bungalow.”she said Patience said she was not forced into marriage but that her abductor turned her into a sex slave at the house of the Sarkin Baki.
“Yes, he was forcefully making love to me any time he wanted. They first took me to Sarkin Baki house, and kept me there for seven months before my parents came looking for me. They gave me something to drink, but I refused to take the drink, and they took me to one room and locked me inside the room. They forcefully made me to turn to Muslim and gave me another name, Aisha. Some people wanted to marry me, but the Sarkin Baki refused and said until I finish Islamic school before they marry me off”

Falae Accuses EFCC of Lies, Denies Sharing N3 billion with Fani-Kayode

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Olu Falae has denied receiving N100 million through his company account from the Central Bank of Nigeria.
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had on Monday, alleged that N100 million was traced to Marreco Limited- Falae’s company while N840million was traced to the account of Fani Kayode and some members of the PDP ahead of the last presidential election.
According to the EFCC, N3.145bn was transferred to the private accounts of some members of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation.

However, Falae described the claims of his involvement as a ‘falsehood’, in a statement issued on Tuesday in Akure by the state Publicity Secretary of the SDP, Remi Olayiwola.
“The party and it’s national Chairman never had any business dealing or transaction whatsoever with either the CBN or the Joint trust Dimension Limited.”
“We wish to inform the general public that it is the same amount sent by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the SDP as a result of their inter-party agreement that is now being re-presented to the public through another dubious channel in order to portray Chief Falae and the SDP in bad light.”
“It is falsehood. It has failed in the past and it will fail again no matter how many times our detractors attempt to smear our name obviously for political reasons.”
“On many occasions in the recent past, chief Falae had reiterated that the sum of N100m was transferred by the PDP through its former Chairman, Board of Trustee, chief Tony Anenih to the SDP through him as the National Chairman of his own party.”
“Chief Tony Anenih in his own statement has confirmed this transaction which was based on a written inter party agreement which existed between the two parties before the last Presidential election.”
“It is also a statement of fact that the national secretariat of the SDP has confirmed through a widely publicized Press Conference that the N100m was received in full by the party haaving remitted to the party account by Chief Olu Falae.”
“We strongly believe that this new story is yet another attempt aimed at further embarrassing Chief Falae and especially the SDP which the initiators now perceived to be towering in the Politics of Nigeria.”
“The EFCC at one point said that the N100million was from Dasuki, a lie which has now been effectively debunked. Now they are claiming that the money was from a company known as Joint Trust Dimension Nigeria Limited, an entity totally unknown to Chief Falae and the SDP.”