Saturday, 14 February 2015

FG hires South African mercenaries to fight Boko Haram

New Reports say about 100 South African retired military men are actively involved in the Nigerian offensive against Boko Haram insurgents in the North east of the country.

The problem however is that they may not be here legally: they are mercenaries as South Africa’s defence minister, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has said stating that they should be arrested and returned to the country.
“There are consequences when somebody leaves the country and provides any form of military assistance that is not part of the government’s deployment,” Mapisa-Nqakula said.
 It is said the South African military experts are former soldiers of the SA Defence Force, the predecessor of the SA National Defence Force. According to a South African daily newspaper- Beeld, Nigeria, using back channels requested for the mercenaries who had been involved in conflicts in Angola, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

It was revealed that with the technical support of the South African pilots, the NAF successfully shelled some Boko Haram enclaves around Gulani and Gujba in Yobe State, the Damboa general area, including Alagarno, fringes of the notorious Sambisa Forest as well as parts of Maiduguri, Mafa, Dikwa in Borno State and around Michika in Adamawa State.

Actress Adaora Ukoh Flashes Boobs In New Valentine Shoot

Plus-size Nollywood actress, Adaora Ukoh stuns in this Photoshoot by Sync Photos for Valentine. 

The married actress who was recently featured on the cover of House of Maliq and has often times been referred to as big, bold and beautiful never fails to look her best everytime. 

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Photo: Actress Toyin Aimakhu Receives A Car As Valentine Gift From Hubby

Actress Toyin Aimakhu has gotten a brand new red Toyota ride from her hubby, Adeniyi Johnson as valentine gift.

"You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself" - MI Blasts Etcetera Over 'Political Prostitutes' Article

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I Can't Change For Any Woman, At 70, I would still be like this; a 'funky grandfather'- Denrele

Controversial media personality, Denrele Edun has come out clean in a new interview with entertainment reporter Ademola Olonilua.

In the interview he talked about his recent clean up and change of style, relationship and more, see excerpts below:

Recently, a picture of you dressed in normal clothes went viral online. What made you dress properly?
It was something that was very experimental and it was on the television show, Moments with Mo. The owner of Ebony Life TV, Mo Abudu, called me and told me that they would like to do a special feature on me to be aired on January 1, 2015. I felt it was a fantastic idea but I did not know that I would be dressed in normal clothes.
They went to where I grew up and interviewed people in my area. When I got to the studio, the stylist was trying to make me wear some ‘unusual’ clothes and I was very surprised. Initially, I thought she was styling for a client who probably was of my size but only using me as a guinea pig. But when we started the show, the stylist came with a rack of normal clothes and flat shoes. I had a lot of extensions in my hair but they ripped that off on the set and it was a live recording. My natural hair was packed to the back and I was styled in two different looks. I wore shorts, something I had not done for about a decade because of my skinny legs but it was an exciting experience. I also did another one for Complete Fashion magazine which I did with Beverly Naya. We were just experimenting with the brand.
That was a long while ago. The last time I tried it was at a show in Abuja called Runway. I had hosted the first and second edition, so I wanted to do something different for the third edition. When it was time for my first entrance, I borrowed a suit from a friend who was of similar body structure, packed my hair, wore flat shoes and dark sunglasses. When I was announced, people were clapping but when I got on stage, they stopped because they did not recognise me. I felt so uncomfortable. I kept stumbling in the flat shoes and I was sweating profusely because of the tie. Underneath the suit, I wore my ‘normal’ clothes and so when I got tired, I removed the shirt and suit on stage and somebody brought my shoes for me. I just wanted to make a crazy grand entrance. This was about two years ago.
How come you stumble when you wore flat shoes?
I know it is weird but I think it is because I am used to very high shoes. Most of my shoes are uncomfortable but over time, I have sacrificed comfort for fashion. Now I am used to uncomfortable shoes especially those that are not evenly balanced. Even wearing slippers is weird to me.
Don’t you experience leg pains when you wear such shoes?
Fashion is pain but I am used to it now. There was a particular time I went to a club and I stumbled down the stairs because some people accidentally pushed me. They wanted to take pictures with me and they were trying to get my attention, in the process I fell. My leg got stuck in the banister and was sprained. I could feel my leg swelling in my big shoes but I refused to remove it. I limped from the club to my car. People pressured me to remove the shoe but I refused and when I got home, my ankle had swollen. I am used to that.
How do you dress when you are indoors?
Most times I wear my sister’s T-shirts with regular denim jeans. If the weather is hot and there is no one to turn on the generator for me, I would walk naked round the house. I do that a lot. I also have a long kaftan that has a hood and looks scary, I wear that at home. But I am hardly at home because I always have various engagements to attend. Whenever I get home tired, I just sleep in the clothes I wore out.
People still argue that you are homosexual?
Over time, they have labelled me as a homosexual, heterosexual, bi-sexual, I have been called all sorts of names. When people see that you are successful in the entertainment industry, they try to peddle some negative stories about you. Maybe they call me names because of the way I dress. When I started out and people began calling me such names, I found it very disturbing, annoying, and demeaning but I laugh about it now. When I am asked about my sexuality, I just tell them that I am a sexual outlaw. I don’t think my sexuality should be an issue because I am doing my work very well.
  • But are you gay?
All I can say to that is that I am a sexual outlaw.
  • There was a time you used to wear female shoes…
I still wear them. There was a night we were going to the beach and everyone knows that if you do not wear flat shoes to the beach, it could be quite uncomfortable. But because I wanted to be crazy that night as I don’t drink or smoke, I wore a female timberland boot with high heels to the beach.
I got the shoe as a gift. It was hell walking with the shoes in the sand but I wore them to dance and I rocked them well. I remember D’banj and Ikechukwu were there and they were making funny comments, asking whether I wanted to break my teeth.
Whenever I am on stage and I wear these shoes, some people think I do it to get attention. Some say I do it to find men who are sexually attracted to me but that is not true. It is just about doing the unusual. A lot of men wear shoes with high heels outside the country. I am not saying it is a trend people should follow because they can break their legs. I think wearing female shoes just to my personality. The female shoes give the kind of clothes I wear an extra edge.
  • Do you think you can keep up with your brand identity when you are older?
Yes, I think I can but maybe not in stiletto heels. My brand identity is not fake; I did not create this identity because I want to be in the news or remain controversial. This has been me right from the outset.
People see me and say I dress like Lady Gaga and I laugh. Lady Gaga started singing in 2006 and I have been dressing like this way before then. I have no influences whatsoever and I just wanted to be different from every other guy. This level of high edged, spontaneous, gothic, creative look is embedded in my system and it runs through my veins.
Even when I am 70 years old, I would still be like this and I know I would be a funky grandfather. That is why I respect Charly Boy till date for his relevance and consistency. He is still a rockstar and a biker for life. I don’t think I will lose this identity for anything in the world.
  • Are you in a relationship?
I am single. I am not going to deny the fact that I am human and I have feelings. I would not say that I have been celibate or lonely because that would be a lie. I am not celibate; however, I am quite principled when it comes to relationships.
God has blessed me and still blessing me, so I would not misuse the privilege of my job to use and dump all the ladies that constantly come my way. Some ladies think that being with me would place them at a certain level and because of that, they throw themselves at me but I do not misuse the privilege I have.
That does not mean that I am a saint. I am not a saint. There is somebody in the picture but we are not so sure of our status right now. We have been tossing it back and forth for a while. We are still deliberating. The person is fully committed but I am not really ready. I feel like I have frustrated her to a large extent and she has tolerated me for a very long time. We have been friends for a while. I am a very inconsistent person; she could call or send a message and I will not reply until after five days. I will not use my job as an excuse because it would be a wrong thing to do.
  • What can be done to catch your attention?
Nothing really; I just love people that are natural and down to earth. I love people who can make dialogue with me in a matter of seconds. I don’t want a yes-man around me. I have met people like that in the course of time. I have also met very interesting people.
A girl once asked me at a point in time if I could change my brand identity for her and I willingly agreed. I told her I would change for her because she was somebody I really liked. But unfortunately, things did not work out. This was about four years ago. I still like her and my close friends know that I still like her a lot. She was seeing someone at the time and I was willing to share her. That was how much I liked her. I would not say she was extremely gorgeous but there was something very special about her that I could not lay my fingers on. Her name is Yvonne. But that is in the past.
  • So it is possible for you to change for love?
At that point, I was willing to. But now, I will think twice about it. I sincerely doubt I can change for any woman. I have had my fingers burnt so many times, I don’t think I am willing to make that sacrifice for anyone. I have made a lot of sacrifices for people, now it is their turn to start making sacrifices for me.
I am not leaving my career or changing for anybody. I would rather stay single because at the end of the day, it is about inner happiness. Inner happiness is something that took me a while to find because I was trying to make too many people happy at my own detriment but I realised at the end of the day only my happiness matters. Now that I have peace of mind that, I don’t owe anybody any favours.

Photos: Wizkid Arrives London For Basketmouth's Comedy Show

Music star, Wizkid is now in London for Basketmouth's Valentine's day comedy show.
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Etcetera Calls Nigerian Entertainers "Political Prostitutes" In New Article(Read)

Controversial singer, turned columnist/social media critic, Etcetera slammed Nigerian entertainers who have lend their voices and support to politicians. He referred to them as 'Political Prostitutes' in this new article written by him.

Some say Afro Candy is a prostitute. Some say she’s not or at least, not yet. A few others say she’s a porn star, which is not in the same league as prostitution. Porn stars are taxed, prostitutes are not. So Afrolicious baybay, you have to up your game to get into the league of prostitutes, if it is what you really desire. My suggestion would be; instruct your agent or booker to get you appearances in any of the political campaign videos, so you can put to use that floppy behind your mama gave you. And if you are lucky enough, you can get cameos and wiggle that thing around the aspirants themselves. You have to get your bum (sorry your hands) bloodied to earn the highly coveted “Political prostitute” tag. Now my Candilicious Afrolistic baybay, these are a few names of the latest political prostitutes in the country: Olamide, Banky W, Don Jazzy, Flavour, Duncan Mighty, D banj, Mercy Johnson, Ibinabo, Ini Edo, Mama Gee, Naeto C, Joseph Yobo, Daddy Showkey, Kanu Nwankwo, and Sammie Okposo.
I have been asked several times if our celebs should get involved with politics. But today, let me push the same question in different words to everyone reading this article. Do politicians making affiliations with celebs prompt you to vote for them? For me, it’s a definite No. Nigerians are not influenced by celebs to indulge in certain acts because their favourite celeb says so. For instance, I like Kate Henshaw but expecting me to vote for a candidate she supports in the forthcoming elections is like asking me to start buying a particular milk brand because Don Jazzy endorsed it. Puh-leez, things like that don’t cut it here in Naija. Naija is a different kettle of fish compared to what is obtainable in places like the US.
 The politicians using celebs for their campaigns should ask themselves what on earth the average person has got in common with Dbanj. He has millions and he may never have to lift a finger again in his life if he so desires. And you think the boys in Okokomaiko who are not smiling will listen to his unrealistic rants on TV and radio? Using a celeb for election campaigns is as stupid as the political aspirants themselves dancing in their campaign musical videos. Imagine Jimmy Agbaje and Ambode dancing in their campaign videos? Ok, I am sorry, no imagination is needed. I feel sorry for the politicians that Nigerians are not fooled by all the media images of celebs pushed at them every day on TV. It has become so much that we can’t tell the difference anymore between political campaign videos and the Nigerian musical videos.
 The only cocktail of politics and celebrity that the masses are bound to endorse is that of creating useful awareness that will benefit the larger society. People like Bono have political views which bring attention to real, humanitarian issues that transcend the established political doctrines and have nothing to do with producing those plastic karaoke like political jingles our entertainers are paid to produce. Those entertainers who see nothing wrong in frolicking with politicians will say I am speaking from a misguided perspective. Go ahead, defend your support for that politician. Tell me you are campaigning for change. You can’t fool anyone but yourselves.
 Hey, my Afro Candilicious baybay, you go ahead with your trade okay? Don’t let the criticisms of your fellow entertainers bother you anymore. Tell them your porn is definitely a kinder and gentler version when placed side by side with their political prostitution. Now, good day ladies and gentlemen. Please don’t forget to tip the waitress on your way out.


Bishop Oyedepo’s Covenant University to reduce tuition fees

The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Prof. Charles Ayo, has disclosed that the institution may likely slash its tuition fees in a bid to accommodate more students who will want to benefit from the quality of education it offers.
Speaking at a news conference on Friday over the school’s recent Webometrics ranking as the first in Nigeria and West Africa and the 15th in Africa, he said even though there is no actual date for the likely review yet, the initiative would make admission into the school more affordable and competitive.
“Going by the thinking of the proprietor and chancellor, the commission is thinking of reducing the fees with a view to allowing more people to be able to benefit from the quality education that we have here, but it’s going to be highly competitive.
“This may affect us because we would need to work more on our IGR, but we are up to the task. The beauty of it all is to be able to leave it open to all, however, we are mindful of our carrying capacity, which will only engender stiff competition before anybody would be able to get admission.
“By the next academic session, the university will be going into production of certain items and looking at our projection on the adventure, we are going to be raking in billions, which will supplement our income and with that, we can be sure that the fees would be reducing gradually, which also shows that education venture is not necessarily about profit-making but about service to humanity.”

LMAO! You Need To See The Sign In Front Of Tinubu's House

Supporters of the All Progressives Congress, APC, have protested the presence of the military around the residence of the national leader of the party, Bola Tinubu.

The supporters hung two banners on the fence of the erstwhile governor of Lagos state, as well as the building next to his.

The message was directed at the security operatives, who have been reported to be patrolling Tinubu’s house and Bourdillon street since Sunday, February 8.

The message on the banners said: “This is not Sambisa Forest. Wrong Posting.”

As You Celebrate Valentine's Day, APC Want You'all To Note This(Read)

The All Progressives Congress (APC) wishes all Nigerians a happy Valentine’s Day, as they join the rest of the world to mark the Day on Saturday, and urges them to prepare to celebrate their imminent liberation from the PDP imposed yoke under which they have laboured for many years. 

In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said but for the insistence of the PDP and the Jonathan Administration that the suffering of Nigerians must be prolonged for another six weeks, the Valentine’s Day, which is a global celebration of love and affection, would have also marked the celebration of freedom from the PDP servitude by all Nigerians.

”Saturday, Feb. 14th would have been a day of double celebration, of Valentine’s Day and of the liberation of the long-suffering people of Nigeria from the burden imposed on them by a clueless, incompetent and purposeless PDP federal government. 
”While they could not change Valentine’s Day from Feb. 14th, they have temporarily delayed the celebration of freedom by their orchestrated six-week postponement of the elections. Nigerians should see this as a temporary setback. They should continue to maintain their unwavering enthusiasm for change by getting their PVCs ready to vote out the yoke masters.
 ”Nigerians must continue to insist that the elections be held as rescheduled and in line with constitutional provisions,” APC said

Genevieve Nnaji Stylish In New Pics

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Read Charly Boy, Jude Okoye, Mercy Johnson's Val Message To Their Spouses

charles and wife
It's Valentine’s Day and our celebrities are not left out in the love frenzy.
Media personality, Charles Oputa, composed a love filled poem for his queen, Lady Diana which went thus:
I dnt have roses for you
Forget dat side.
I dnt have plans on dis special day
You knw I Am broke
Manage me my Val
For you are loved
More than words can ever show.
Also, Psquare’s older brother, Jude Okoye threw a shout out to his wife and mother of his baby girl on Instagram.
jude okoye wedding1
Happy valentines Day my dear. This time last year we celebrated alone. But today we are blessed with princess Emma to share special days like this with. May God continue to bless you for me. Love you @kifycutie, 
Who's next? It's Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie.
She wrote;
"Wat Val means to me is God, u and our kids. U have given me all. I ask today dat ur tearss be mine and my smiles be urs. HVD"
 Aww! How sweet.

Photos: Lady Gaga Red Hot In Pant Suit

Yesterday, she was spotted at the airport in this red pant suit just after she announced via instagram that she would be performing at the Oscars.
Lady Gaga paired her pant suit with gorgeous red court shoes and a clutch purse shaped in form of a wrecking ball. She finished off her look with black retro sunglasses and carried her adorable puppy.

Her hair & make-up was flawless as she rocked a subtle pink lip and her signature blonde wig


Are you feeling her outfit?