Friday, 21 August 2015

Tonto Dikeh-Churchill Flaunts Her Lovely Wedding Ring (Photos)

Actress Tonto Dikeh who had her introduction in Port Harcourt a few weeks back showed off her beautiful Canary Yellow wedding ring on instagram. See more photos of the ring below.

Shocking Photos! Teenager gang raped and has eyes gouged out by own sister

These are the kinds of things that are almost too awful to believe. 
According to Daily Mail reports:
A teenager was brutally gang-raped then had her eyes gouged out by her sister in a brutal exorcism ritual that the rapists claim was ordered by a local pastor.
The victim, aged just 16, is now fighting for her life in hospital after the horrific ordeal, which her family said they orchestrated because they believed she was possessed by the devil.
After the terrible ordeal, the teenager was pinned down and her elder sister cut both of her eyes out. 
The victim’s sister claimed that the religious centre even gave her the sharp knife used in the attack and said that she must personally carry out the brutal act in order to cure her. 
The horrific attack happened in the town of General Pinedo, in the north Argentine province of Chaco and police have arrested the older sister.
She told police that her sibling was having visions and it was believed that because demons are terrified of pain, the act would drive out the demon. 
Doctors reported that the victim had also suffered several injuries in the genital area and It is understood that police are about to arrest a group of men who took part in the twisted ritual.
The victim was in the intensive care unit of the Perrando de Resistencia hospital where she was transferred to be treated for her terrible injuries.
Police Commissioner Pablo Almiron said that the girl’s parents also believed she was possessed by the devil.  
They told police she kept seeing animals like goats that were not there, and they had asked the evangelic centre and its pastor to help them ‘cure her’ 
He said: ‘It is the first time in 22 years of my career in the police to have an event of this nature.
‘The prosecutor has also said that it is the first time in his life. It is very difficult to explain that something like this could happen to a teenager.’ 

Seeing goats though? They had to do all that because she was seeing goats??? Poor thing.

People Having S*x Before Marriage Are Dirty People - Toke Makinwa

Popular on-air-personality, Toke Makinwa, has come out to blast those having s3x before marriage as dirty people.
Toke explained that since God does not like dirty things, people having such affairs are dirty people because they are having it with the wrong partner.
She noted that people should only have affairs with the person they know they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with as people now live in a generation that cannot do without s3x.
According to her, “S3x kills. It is bad for you to have s3x if you are not married. You are dirty and God does not like dirty. If you are not married and you are watching this, if you are underage, I’m judging you because s3x should only be with your rightful partner, with your husband. Why are you having s3x? Close your legs and only give it to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
“Even if you preach abstinence from now till tomorrow, people are still going to have s3x. People are really having a lot of s3x. We are a generation of people who are having too much s3x as far as I’m concerned and protection is key if you must have s3x.”

I Don’t Go To Church – Maheeda Talks Masturbation, S*x Life And More

‘I am not a messenger. I am a human being. Just being human by living my life,’ Check out nude goddess, Maheeda’s latest sizzling interview.
In an exclusive interview with Dailypost, queen of nudity and controversial singer, Caroline Samuel, also known as Maheeda has spoken on many issues. From her love life, to her children, legalizing prostitution in Nigeria, not going to Church, masturbation, disbelief in hell fire and many more.
Below are excerpts from the interview;
Some persons are yet to understand Maheeda, who are you?
You can never completely understand God’s creation. But I am a full-package!!
You’ve not been active online like you used to, except postings on Instagram. What happened?
I’m as active as I can be for now… Busy with priorities such as education and family.
What are you up to lately?
I have been busy with self development.
To many, you are a s*x symbol. Why is it so?
Ask them, it is not my thinking, it is theirs. But I believe in s*x education and freedom though. It’s needed in Africa.
What really made you start putting those seductive videos online?
To get your attention and to show off my s*xuality
What message are you trying to convey with your nude pictures and videos?
I am not a messenger. I am a human being. Just being human by living my life!!!
Do you make money from your videos?
Yes I do. There use to be some kind of bet on my behalf. That’s how far I can tell you!!!
Some people have already condemned you to hell, because they see you as a prostitute, how would you react to this?
There is no hell!! Hell is in their mind… As for calling me names, I am not the first; someone might have called their mum or sisters that too at some stage, so not a big deal to me.
Have you ever been approached by persons willing to pay to have s*x with you?
Yes. It is normal for some people desiring to have s*x with me, I tease them a lot… But they can’t!
Some persons want prostitution legalized, what’s your take?
Legalizing prostitution is being done by some very developed countries. Are they stupid? Nah I don’t think so.. Is our country better than theirs? Well you answer that, if you ask me, legalizing it will make a great difference.
You once said you have s*x every day, do you still do?
You started out as a gospel singer, why did you dump that genre?
I didn’t start as a gospel singer.. Do your research well!!
How do your children, parents react when they see those video?
My people are fine with my choice of life, I am an adult.
Have you ever been s*xually harassed by any man?
Harassment is normal in Nigeria, or from Africans, most of them are not being taught to respect women… Their parents give them reasons to misbehave. They say because a lady is naked, it is allowed to r*pe her or harass her. Bad teachings. It is like saying because a new car is parked outside with the keys, you can steal it, it is the owners fault.
We once heard you were dating Atiku Abubakar, what actually happened between the both of you?
Dating who? (laughter) Please give him my number ohh let’s start the dating.
Do you go to church?
No, I don’t go to church but I listen to preaching at home and I pray every day.
Do you think Nigeria should legalise gay marriage?
I don’t think for Nigeria. Nigeria thinks for herself
Would you support any of your children to take after you?
Will support my kids when they are 18 years of age in whatever they choose to do or be that will not hurt or kill somebody … I will not allow them to steal, as for my footstep, it is their choice … I am doing great by the way!!!
How do you overcome s*xual urge whenever your husband is not around?
I masturbate
We heard of a crack in your marriage recently, how true is it?
God forbid! My marriage is growing stronger by the day! Love is growing stronger by the day. We are happy; very happy! Thanks to God!!. I do some yoga and masturbate or ask some help from my man for a great love-making.

OMG...Cameroonian Soldier Strips Cheating Wife And Her Lover And Parades Them(Photos)

The photo above, has gone viral on Facebook. According to the facebook user that posted this before it went viral, the Cameroonian soldier caught his wife in bed with her lover and paraded them on the streets - naked as seen in the pic!

I think this is extreme. He should have just ended the marriage on the spot and walked away

The World's Highest-Paid Actresses 2015: Jennifer Lawrence Leads With $52 Million

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is now the highest-paid actress in the world, taking the top spot from last year's leader, Sandra Bullock.

According to Forbes, the face of Katniss and Mystique raked in a whopping $52 million over the past year, spanning June 2014 to June 2015. Scarlett Johansson follows in second place with $35.5 million, with Melissa McCarthy rounding out the top three at $23 million.

The aforementioned Bullock, who was on top last year, slipped all the way down to number fifteen, earning $8 million.

Here's a list of the top 18, courtesy of CBS
  • Jennifer Lawrence: $52,000,000
  • Scarlett Johansson: $35,500,000
  • Melissa McCarthy: $23,000,000
  • Bingbing Fan: $21,000,000
  • Jennifer Aniston: $16,500,000
  • Julia Roberts: $16,000,000
  • Angelina Jolie: $15,000,000
  • Reese Witherspoon: $15,000,000
  • Anne Hathaway: $12,000,000
  • Kristen Stewart: $12,000,000
  • Cameron Diaz: $11,000,000
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: $9,000,000
  • Meryl Streep: $8,000,000
  • Amanda Seyfried: $8,000,000
  • Sandra Bullock: $8,000,000
  • Emma Stone: $6,500,000
  • Mila Kunis: $6,500,000
  • Natalie Portman: $6,000,000

Caitlyn Jenner To Be Charged With Manslaughter

Popular transgender and Kim Kardashian’s step father, Caitlyn Jenner could be charged with vehicular manslaughter early next week in connection to February 7, crash in Malibu, California that killed 67-year old woman, Kim Howe.

Dailymail disclosed that, the lead detective on the case plans to turn in the results of the investigation over to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office next week and will recommend Caitlyn to be charged with “misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter”.

The detective claims that the recommendation for the charge is based on how fast Jenner was going at the time of the crash, a speed they believe was unsafe. One woman was killed and seven others injured when Jenner rear-ended a Lexus on February 7.
However, in California, the maximum sentence for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter is one year in jail.

Bride Wears Wedding Gown To Examination Hall In Ondo [PHOTO]

Like a scene straight from a Nollywod movie, students of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State were stunned recently when a lady stormed the exam hall clad in wedding gown.

According to the Nation, a certain, a student of Department of Accountancy, had no choice than to appear ‘odd’ after the examination co-incidentally fell on her wedding day.
Adejube was accompanied by a group of young ladies, who stormed the school in a convoy of three exotic cars.

It was gathered that an hour later, Oluwatunmise was on her way from the examination hall to reception, where her husband and guests were waiting for her.

Speaking with reporters after writing the paper, Oluwatumise stressed that her education was as important to her as her marriage.
“When the wedding date was fixed some months ago, nobody knew it would clash with my second semester examination. What appears to be a saving grace for me is that, both the wedding and examination are taking place in the same town. If not, I would have missed the three-unit paper and carry it over automatically,” she said.

I hope she scales through. Wise decision. 

Landlady allegedly sets tenant's son ablaze in Ajegunle

A 22-year-old man simply identified as Emmanuel, reportedly went to ease himself in the early hours of Tuesday, leaving his father and sister inside their one-room apartment. His sister, who had waited  for his return, went to check on him in the toilet situated at the boys quarters of the building on Alafia Street. She reportedly found her brother on fire on the ground which made her raise an alarm, which attracted tenants. They rushed him to 2 hospitals which were said to have rejected Emmanuel. He reportedly died before he could get proper help.
While the deceased’s family alleged that Emmanuel was set ablaze by the landlady and her children, the latter, who is on the run, alleged that the former intended to set the building ablaze but was caught in his own web.

Investigation revealed that there had been a lingering disagreement between Emmanuel’s family and the landlady. It was gathered that both parties had been to the Ajeromi Police Station several times to settle quarrels in the past.

A resident, who spoke on strict condition of anonymity blamed policemen at Ajeromi for not preventing Emmanuel’s death.
According to the resident:
“I blame policemen at Ajeromi for the death of this young man. Emmanuel’s father and the landlady have reported their misunderstandings to the police several times. Nothing was done to bring a lasting solution to the quarrel. Had they acted when they were supposed to, this would not have happened.”  “I woke up with the alarm raised by some tenants that night. We were told that it was the deceased that lit the fire.
“However, the question is how is it possible judging from the distance between his apartment and where the fire was said to have been lit? This is what the Police should look into.”

Another resident said:
“How come he sustained fire burns if he was in his room? How come only the window of the affected room was gutted by fire if he did not intend to set the building ablaze? “Many are of the view that the petrol could have spilled on him as he struck the match. Besides, he was alone at the scene of the fire.”

Police sources said the landlady, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, is currently on the run, adding that effort was on to apprehend her with a view to commencing investigation into the matter.
Operatives at the homicide section of the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department, SCIID, Yaba are currently investigating the matter.


Man Allegedly Bites Off Another Man's Lip For Refusing To 'Nack' Him.

A 27-year-old man, Saidi Abubaka, has been charged before an Isolo Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, for allegedly biting off the lip of another man, one Abubakar Abdulahi, 25, for refusing his sexual advance.

The accused was said to have committed the offence at Ago Palace Way, Okota, where the defendant and complainant reside.

According to the police, Abubakar was arrested for his involvement in indecent act by forcing his victim into unlawful sex and assault.

It was gathered that the matter was reported to the police at Okota Division. He was arrested and allegedly confessed to committing the crime.

Abubakar was charged with indecent act, conduct likely to cause breach of public peace and assault under the Criminal Code.

The prosecutor, Mr. Abayomi Abass, informed the court that it was not the first time Abubaka was involved in sexual assault of males.

Abayomi told the court that the accused had been arrested on two occasions by the police for harassing and molesting males for sex.

However, when the charge was read to the accused, he pleaded not guilty.

22 Boko Haram members discovered among Nigerians deported from Cameroon

The National Emergency Management Agency has discovered 22 Boko Haram members among Nigerians deported from Cameroon who were put at the Internally Displaced Persons camp in Mubi, Adamawa State.
Muhammad Sani-Sidi, the Director-General of NEMA, disclosed this at the 18th Safe Schools Initiative Technical Committee meeting on Thursday in Abuja.
Sani-Sidi stated that the Boko Haram members were identified with a peculiar mark on their backs amongst the 12,000 Nigerians deported from Cameroon put in IDPs camp in Mubi.
He added that 90 per cent of the deported persons were from Borno State.
He said: “The Cameroonian government dumped 12,000 Nigerians at Mubi and we had to move them to transit camps and even open more camps to accommodate them.
“Ninety per cent of these returnees are from Borno with a lot of Boko Haram elements among them.
“We arrested 22 of them yesterday, who were actually planning an attack.
“They were identified with a mark inscribed on their backs with hot iron in form of tattoos.
“The mark on their backs indicates that they are ready to die.”
Sani-sidi said there were 23 residential camps in Borno State and that the state government planned to open more as the number of displaced persons was increasing.