Monday, 7 September 2015

Why My Wedding To Sonia Morales Was Hush-Hush – IK Ogbonna Reveals

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna who got married to ‘Baby mama’ Sonia Morales in a lowkey ceremony on June 29 in Belgrade, Serbia has revealed why he did not threw a jamboree for his wedding with his model wife and mother of his son.

Speaking with PulseNG, he said ‘”The truth is I have not really been a gallery wedding kind of person where you will have a wedding and all the witches and wizard would attend with ogbono soup, egusi soup and all that stuff. I have never really been that kind of person and when I date someone I date with the intention of a future. And I just follow the normal process of trying to find out if we are compatible, if we can fit in. Which is called courtship.

“So from the day I start dating someone I have a goal, which is, I want to end up with this person. So if it goes wrong it’s either my fault or your fault or destiny just took us apart”

He added “We skipped a little. We got pregnant before the wedding. I believe it is also God’s plan because God gives everything. So the whole wedding thing was basically just to legalize what we had going on, and put some solid stand on it. So that was a court wedding. I am still going to do the white wedding and I don’t think I am going to have crowd in that one too”

Emeka Ike Isn't Done With Chris Okotie...Calls Pastor "Anti-Christ"

There is no end in sight for the war of words between popular Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and flambouyant pastor, Rev. Chris Okotie over the role played by the latter in the actor’s divorce case with wife, Suzanne.

In his latest interview with The Cable, Emeka Ike accused the pastor of not being a real pastor but an anti-christ.

Hear him, “I think his (Okotie’s) comment is a clear indication that he lacked the evidence to fault my allegation. Is Pastor Okotie well-known and popular as I am? How can he say he will not dignify me with a response? His comment actually confirmed my suspicion that my wife is being manipulated either through blackmail or spiritual enchantment to say she was opting out of her marriage after 12 years. For instance, at the last proceeding on the divorce suit, my wife said it in the open court that she was willing to abandon her four children and go out of the marriage. Which woman will say she was abandoning her four children if not under a spell? It is clear to me that Okotie is not a pastor but an anti-christ.”

However, Emeka Ike who earlier accused Okotie of hiring a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), for his wife just for the purpose of destroying his home, further alleged that the pastor and another man in the church helped his wife to secure a job without his consent.

White lesbian mum accidentally impregnated with black man's sperm sues clinic (Photos)

A white lesbian mum who was accidentally impregnated with the sperm of a black man has lost her legal battle against the sperm bank.

Jennifer Cramblett, 36, said she adores her three-year-old daughter Payton but took legal action claiming she was not culturally prepared to raise a mixed-race child.

She and her partner Amanda Zinkon spent more than a year deciding on which donor they wanted to father their child.
They specifically chose a white donor and paid around £1,500 for his semen.

But the sperm bank mixed up the vials and instead of sending batch No 380, a confusion over handwriting led to the couple being sent batch No 330 which belonged to an African American.

When the mistake was discovered the sperm bank issued an apology and a partial refund.

Cramblett said it had caused stress to the family and in a lawsuit filed against the clinic said they feared their child would be ostracised in the small, all-white community of Uniontown that they live in.
But a county court judge has tossed out the lawsuit arguing that Cramblett's claim of 'wrongful birth' could not be held up in court as it is used for cases where medical negligence led to congenital or hereditary disorders not being identified.

Despite the lawsuit, Cramblett said she and her partner love Peyton dearly.
"I am happy that I have a healthy child. We love her more... to this day, she's made us the people that we are. Never trade it for the world," she said.
"But I'm not going to let them get away with not being held accountable."

My Daddy Puts His Thing In My Mouth, And Gives Me Money - 7 Year Old Confess (Photo)

A 41-year-old Igbo man, Emeka Igwe has raped his seven-year-old, primary 3 daughter and reportedly got her addicted to masturbation. It was gathered that anytime Ngozi felt sexual urge and her father was not around to stimulate her, she would invite boys into her parents’ apartment in the Federal Housing Estate, Meiran, Ojokoro, Lagos State, to "play with her private parts".

The case was first dismissed as a family matter, when the victim’s mother first detected the act and reported to the Ojokoro Police Division in January 2015. The police reportedly threatened to detain her, while her husband’s family accused her of inciting her four children against their family.

Emeka, a trader, allegedly continued to defile his daughter in their apartment until August, when the matter got to the attention of the estate executive. The Orlu, Imo State indigene, was apprehended and reported to the Project Alert on Violence against Women, a non-governmental organisation, from where the case got to the Area F Police Command.

Ngozi, who is in primary 3, told Punch that her father had been assaulting her since 2014. She explained that after inserting his fingers into her private parts, he would press her head down and force his manhood into her mouth, adding that he always gave her N10 after the act. She said her nine-year-old brother, Emeka, sometimes watched from a window.

She said, "My dad does it anytime; in the morning and in the afternoon. My mum always goes to the market. He will then give me N10 to buy something. He will open his leg and press my head down and put his private parts into my mouth. After that, he will say I should scratch his body. He will now carry me down and put his fingers in my private parts again.

“He started it last year when my mother was washing clothes and I went to buy something. He asked me to come into the parlour and told Ebuka, Chioma and Chibuike (her siblings) to go into the bedroom. I did not know that Ebuka was watching from the window.”

Her mother, Endurance, said she had been married to the suspect for more than 10 years, without knowing he was capable of such act. The 40-year-old said her first child, Ebuka, had been telling her that Ngozi masturbated, but she never believed it.

"The first time she did it in my presence was sometime in January, while I was preparing a meal and I saw her. I beat her up and asked her to stop it because it was bad. I later told my husband my observation and he said nothing was wrong with her. My four-year-old neighbour’s son came to our apartment and Ngozi took her to our bedroom and asked the boy to put his fingers in her private parts. It was the boy’s mother that saw them. I called her and asked if anybody had been playing with her private parts and she said no."

Endurance said Ebuka later told her what had been happening between father and daughter. The other children were said to have corroborated Ebuka’s account, before Ngozi also confessed to her mother. She said she confronted her husband with the allegation, adding that he got angry and started beating the children for every slight offence.

She said when she could no longer bear it, she reported at the Alakuko Police Station, from where she was referred to the Ojokoro Police Division.

A test conducted on the victim at the General Hospital, Ile Epo, showed there was an opening in Ngozi’s private parts.

Endurance said she was advised to run an infection test on her daughter, before her in-laws asked her to withdraw the case. She said the Divisional Police Officer at Ojokoro threatened to lock her up.

"The DPO said I deliberately set up my husband because he had not been treating me well. I was in tears," she added.

She said they all returned home and things went back to normal until in August when her first child reported to her that their father had started "playing with Ngozi’s private parts"again.

"I called Ngozi and she told me that her father had started playing with her private parts. She said he asked her to kneel down and forced her to suck his private parts. Then, two weeks ago while I was washing clothes, Ebuka came and said their father gave Ngozi N20 and did not give him anything. After he left, Chioma also came and said the same thing. Later, I called Ngozi to know what made her father gave her the money. She told me it was N10, adding that he played with her private parts."

The neighbours were said to have challenged the suspect, but he denied doing anything to the child.

The community youth leader, Olaitan Adebiyi, said, "The estate executive met and we decided to go to his house to investigate. His co-tenants confirmed that he had been doing it for a long time. We decided to get him arrested. He came into his apartment around 12.30 on Thursday night, and we decided to keep vigil at his door step till day break. He was about leaving the house on Friday when we apprehended him and told him he had a case to answer."

The suspect, however, denied assaulting his daughter.

He said, "I did not do anything to Ngozi. The day I called her and gave her N10 to buy biscuit, her siblings asked me for their own, but I said I was not the one that gave her the money. I have touched her private parts only once. I did not know the time it happened. I touched her last year. I said, ‘Amaka, remove your pants. Why did you soil your pants?’ I then took water and washed her. That was all."

The Director of Project Alert, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma, said the group was ready to take up the case.

"This is a clear case of sexual abuse, and we are having an epidemic in our hand. Hardly a week goes by without us having cases of children between the ages of three to seven being defiled. It is clear that this woman and her children can no longer live with him. The victim is seven and she has a five-year-old younger sister, and if this is not well handled, this man will move on to the little girl as well."

The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, Patricia Amadin, confirmed the incident.

Igbo has biggest appointment under Buhari-Keyamo

Festus Keyamo may have struck a nerve, by attempting to ridicule the noise from the South East over the appointments made so far, by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Keyamo, a renowned lawyer, says the Igbos got the biggest of the appointments, in the person of Emmanuel Kachikwu, the head of NNPC, whom he insists is an Igbo man.
In an interview with Punch Newspapers, Keyamo articulated why it makes no sense to appoint people based on ethnicity.
He said:
“Buhari got the lowest number of votes from the South-South. But as I said, the appointments are not yet complete. You say he has not appointed any Igbo but the biggest position so far has gone to an Igbo man: Emmanuel Kachikwu who is the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
It is just by modern political divide that the man falls within Delta State but he is a Delta Igbo. They speak Igbo. It is only by political delineation that he falls within Delta State but there are Igbo speaking Deltans. He is an Igbo man but only on the other side of the Niger.”
“He is not an Urhobo man. What language does he speak? Is it not Igbo? So what are we talking about? That is the biggest position and they have it already. So, you can see that all this noise is being made by frustrated and jobless politicians who just want to use ethnicity to get juicy positions. It is orchestrated.
We the elite should not be moved by this noise and selfish agenda. Imagine a whole ethnic group campaigning for a position! Initially, they said chief of staff, then SGF. Now, with all the noise they have been making since May 29, imagine if one person from that region is appointed to that position.”
“That person will then see himself as a champion of his ethnic group and his kinsmen will descend on that office in the area of contracts and gifts. He will destroy the sanctity of that office and turn it into a political chessboard because that person will see himself as representing a region in that position.
It removes professionalism from that position. So, we should not campaign for offices on the basis of representing an ethnic bloc. Yes, every region will get appointments but once he is appointed, he should not see himself as representing that ethnic group but the whole country.”

Lagos Govt bans the movement of trailers between 6am and 9pm

Due to frequently cases of accidents caused by articulated trucks, Lagos state government has now declared it an  offence for heavy duty vehicles, such as trailers and trucks, to move between 6am and 9pm.

Ministry of Transportation Permanent Secretary, Mr Oluseyi Whenu told reporters on Saturday that trailer contravened Section 2 (i) and 2 (ii) of the Traffic Law.
Government, he said, would, henceforth, go tough against any trailer and long vehicle that contravened the law, adding that the vehicle will be impounded and the owner fined.

Presidency debunks Aso Rock chapel ‘closure’, releases pictures from Sunday service

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President, Mr. Femi Adesina, has reacted to reports that President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the shutdown of the Chapel in Aso Villa, Abuja.
The report had stated that heavily armed men reportedly stormed the Aso Rock Chapel on Sunday, August 30, 2015 denying worshipers access.
But Adesina, in a tweet via his handle, @FemAdesina said: “President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) orders Aso Villa Chapel shut? There is no such thing. It’s only a rumour spawned by fecund imagination gone into overdrive. PMB respects freedom of worship.”
He also tweeted photos from service held on Sunday, September 6, 2015.

Toke Makinwa Oozes Sexiness in Yellow Swimsuit as she vacation in Miami (Photos)

Media personality, Toke Makinwa is currently on vacation in Miami, U.S.A and she is definitely making the best of it as the photos she has shared thus far suggest.

The 30-year-old shared photos of her rocking a yellow swimsuit which revealed her lovely figure while she enjoyed a bit of water-sports in Miami.

Jim Iyke welcomes baby-boy with Lithuanian girlfriend, Dana Kinduryte(Photos)

Well it could just be another publicity stunt, as nothing is beyond him.

But for now, Jim Iyke apparently is in a relationship with a Lithuanian, who just had his baby.
A news magazine called African Eye magazine, sent photo proof to LIB, claiming that Jim Iyke and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Dana Kinduryte welcomed a baby boy on September 1 at Grady Hospital, Atlanta.
The child has even been named Harvis Chidubem Iyke.
If this is true, then congrats to him and A for effort in keeping things private.

Former Enugu Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani’s Wife Passes Away

Ex Enugu State Governor Chimaroke Nnamani‘s wife has passed away.
According to Vanguard, she died on Friday, September 4th, after complications pertaining to sickle cell disease and cerebral aneurysm.
Nnamani’s Media Aide, Dan Nwomeh, revealed the news via a statement released on Sunday.
Burial arrangements are to be made known at a later date.

Checkout Beyoncé’s 8 Looks At The Made In America Concert

Beyoncé performed at the BudweiserMade In America Music Festival at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia on Saturday (Sept.5).
Bey had 8 different costumes and performed over 25 songs throughout her hour-and-a-half set.