Monday, 23 November 2015

Lagos State Govt Warns Residents Against Consumption of Poisonous Frozen Chicken, Turkey

The poisonous exhumed frozen chicken and turkey are in circulation in Lagos State. The state government at the weekend raised the alarm over consumption of such deadly poultry produce.

The state’s Commission­er for Agriculture, Mr. To­yin Suarau, who disclosed this while receiving offi­cials of the National Orien­tation Agency (NOA), who came on the directive of the Federal Government to ap­peal for support on how to sensitise Lagosians on the danger posed by this act noted that these exhumed poultry produce are poi­sonous and could lead to death if consumed.

Suarau added that the imported contaminated poultry produce were seized by men of the Ni­geria Customs Service in Badagry but were later exhumed after being de­stroyed by some unscrupu­lous individuals who now sell same to unsuspecting consumers.

"This visit by officials of National Orientation Agency was based on the circular received by the agency about the recently exhumed contaminated poultry produce being de­stroyed by officials of the Nigeria Customs Service somewhere in Badagry.

"The need for sensiti­sation on the dangers as­sociated with consuming these exhumed poisonous poultry produce cannot be overemphasised especially in view of the havoc it pos­es to the public," he noted.

The commissioner pos­ited that the imported poultry produce were pre­served with chemicals like formalin which is poison­ous, adding that it could lead to slow death without the knowledge of the con­sumer.

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