Saturday, 9 January 2016

MTN Allegedly Recalls Sacked Visafone Staff

MTN Nigeria said it has recalled over 90 per cent of sacked employees of Visafone following its acquisition of the leading Coded Division Multiple
Access (CDMA) network.

According to reports all disengaged staff, excluding drivers and office assistants, have now been recalled.According to one of the recalled staff almost all the sacked staff have been reinstated and are now awaiting their new salary renumeration packages and work guidelines.

“When we were asked to leave, we were given only three months salaries in lieu of notice, which was not too good because some of us have put in five to 10 years of service. Visafone Communications came into Nigeria at a time when the defunct Multi-Links and Starcoms were dominating the CDMA sector. It broke their monopoly and instantly became the fourth largest network in the country.”
On the number of staff affected, our source said about 500 and not 2,000 as reported were involved because of the consecutive lay-off in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

He further stated that MTN did not want to take on liabilities initially until it discovered that its technical crew could not understand the CDMA network, which it acquired because of its spectrum.

Source: DailySun

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