Thursday, 14 January 2016

Police officers to be arrested for doing domestic duties, carrying ‘handbags’ for VIPs

From all indication, it appears the Nigerian Police Force is cleaning house and attempting to get in shape.
From changing their uniforms to proposing psychiatric evaluation for policemen/women to stopping officers from accessing the mobile phone contents of Nigerians- things may really be changing, slowly.
In furtherance of this cleaning-house process, the Police Service Commission has warned police officers on escort duty with Very Important Persons to stop carrying handbags, umbrellas and other accessories for their assigned principals.
This constant abnormal norm, is now being regarded an insult to the Nigeria Police Force.
The commission would henceforth arrest and sanction police operatives on illegal escort duty, says the Chairman of the commission, Mike Okiro.
Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, he said it was shameful for the police to engage in “domestic duty” or carry handbags for VIPs.
“You will all agree with me that this issue of policemen carrying handbags and umbrellas for VIPs has generated much uproar and even condemnation as it is capable of eroding the esteem of members of the NPF.”
“To stem the tide, we have worked out a blueprint of the class of VIPs that should enjoy the privilege of attaching police officers to provide VIP protection with their specific duties clearly spelt out. The matter is awaiting the consent of the relevant authorities before we can start its implementation.”
“Once the operation is fully planned, the Provost-Marshal of the Police and the staff of the PSC will operate jointly and will be stationed at domestic airports and some highways to arrest and discipline officers who embark on illegal escort or guard duty.”

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