Monday, 22 February 2016

FFK Insists that the new PDP chairman, Ali Modu-Sheriff has links with Boko Haram

Femi Fani-Kayode, former Minister of Aviation, has restated his position in regards to the appointment of Ali Modu Sheriff as the chairman of the PDP.
Fani-Kayode had earlier reprimanded the party, stating that its leadership needed a jolt of reality for appointing Ali Modu, who is alleged to be Boko Haram’s sponsor.
Speaking on Channels TV on Sunday, February 21, the former minister said: “In terms of his person, he is intrinsically linked with Boko Haram. At the inception, he was one of those that created the Boko Haram and terrorized our nation. A man that is so badly stained, has such antecedents cannot be a leader of a serious political party.”
“This is somebody I have known for many years since we were both in the NRC in the early 90s. I must tell you that if he wants to convince the world that he has nothing to do with Boko Haram, let him explain his relationship with Mohammed Yusuf, the man who started Boko Haram and who was murder in mysterious circumstance by the police. Let him tell us who he was using as his local thug whilst he was two-time Governor of Borno State.
“Let him tell us that it was not Mohammed Yusuf that was leading the thugs and that he was not funding them. Let him tell us who asked Yar’Adua to send the soldiers and kill as many people as possible of the Boko Haram group simply because he was tired of them and he was fed up with giving them money,” he said

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