Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kendall Jenner Sues Skincare Company for Using Her Face in Ads

Kendall Jenner is suing a skincare company, Cutera for using her photo in advertisements for a laser treatment provided by the company. These advertisements began popping up in public spaces in New York this month ahead of Fashion Week, according to the lawsuit obtained by PEOPLE. 

In the lawsuit, Jenner's lawyer counts off her numerous achievements, including her various magazine covers, her clothing line, as well as her reality TV and social media presence, before stating that the 20-year-old's legal team wanted at least $10 million for use of her image.

"Cutera's use of Kendall Jenner's name and likeness is not, and never has been, authorized," the lawsuit reads. "Cutera has never sought Ms. Jenner's permission to use her as a 'face' for its products and services, and Ms. Jenner has never given such permission. 

Jenner is asking the company to turn over any profits from her image, which should "in no event be less than $10 million."

The model is also asking for a temporary restraining order against Cutera, along with the prohibition of "any use of Kendall Jenner's name, likeness, identity or person.

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