Friday, 19 February 2016

Photos: Davido poses 'shirtless' for FADER magazine, Reveals he was once arrested by his father

Davido, on Thursday, made history with Fader Magazine, to become the first Nigerian to be featured on what was Fader’s first global issue.
The Nigerian artiste revealed quite a few things to the US-based magazine, in his first major interview since signing his ‘million-dollar’ deal with international corporation- Sony Music Global.
Below is excerpts from the interview 
  1. Davido started making music from a neighbours’ room studio.
Davido got drawn to making music- during his University days in Oakwood university, Atlanta, when he teamed up with a neighbour called Jamo, whom he met by chance.
Davido said: “One day, I went to go check what the noise was. I went upstairs, opened the door, and the guy had a full studio in his room. I told him that I was trying to do music, too. He asked me, ‘How much do you have to invest in equipment?’ And I said, ‘$2,000.’ He was like, ‘That’s too much.”
They ended up going to Guitar Center with $500.
2. Davido’s father once got him arrested
We know a bit of the story of how he dropped out of school but we never knew he actually went ‘off the radar’ for months.
Davido simply ‘upped and left’ school and boarded a plane to London.
But Dr Deji Adeleke, his father was on the lookout for the then-truant son.
He got the police to arrest him at the Lagos international airport when he resurfaced in Nigeria, in 2011.
3. Davido’s godfather is Aliko Dangote
This gist has been circling through the grapevine for years, but then, it was always a rumour.
Never confirmed… until now.
According to the New York based magazine, Davido’s father and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, are indeed very close friends, and the latter is the artiste’s godfather.
4. Davido’s father funded a music department at Babcock University for his son to pursue his dream
What a sacrifice… an expensive one, we must say.
The magazine said that due to the massive popularity Davido gained from his second single, Dami Duro, his father was won over and in order to allow his son pursue his passion and also have a degree, he paid for a music department in Babcock University- so his son could kill two birds with one stone.
“After the song blew up, Davido, still a student, declared he no longer wanted to study business, and Chief Adeleke paid for the university to erect a music department for an inaugural class of one.”
5. Davido paid Meek Mill $200,000 for the feature on Fans Mi
From the interview, it was revealed that the singer spent $200,000 for his Fans Micollaboration with US rapper,Meek Mill.
6. Davido’s house in Atlanta was once raided by the police
Even Davido- the Omo Baba Olowo of Nigeria- has gotten the ‘He is African and how is he this rich’ treatment abroad.
His house in a highbrow area in Atlanta, which is home to celebrities such as US rapperFuture, once got raided by the police because they suspected he was into some fraudulent activities for him to be able to acquire such an expensive property.

8. Davido has spent $1 million on his next album –Baddest
If indeed, the figure quoted by Fader is factual, one wonders if Davido hopes to make the money back from the album’s proceeds.
‘Davido has already spent two years and around $1 million of his own money on the record’, the interviewer wrote.

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