Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Femi Adesina speaks on Pres. Buhari’s health and vacation - "He's not sick, He only went to rest

Ever since President Buhari proceeded on his brief leave, rumours on social media have been that he is sick and has gone abroad for treatment. These rumours were fueled by the statement from Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose who said the sudden vacation was suspicious.

“Nigerians deserve to know the truth about their President because the President is an open book that every Nigerians should be free to read,” Ayo Fayose said in his statement two days ago.

But the Speical Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity has addressed this issue. In an interview on Channels TV, Adesina said that the President has worked for 8 months without rest, and that the leave was not sudden.
Any man can fall sick, old or young, but the president is not sick, the president is well. The president has worked for more than eight months non-stop, and he felt it was time to take a respite and he asked for six days leave and he did it the proper way. He communicated it to the national assembly, handed over power to his deputy and nothing is wrong with that.
Do you go on vacation because you are sick? You need respite from time to time and when you think it is time for respite, you take it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his state of health. “Nigerians have been lied to for so long that they are now finding it difficult to believe the truth and that is the problem. You have told the truth yet they did not believe it because they have a carry-over of those who have lied to them for many decades but this government will not lie; it will tell the truth.”‎

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