Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Psquare Family War: ‘My brother, only God can rescue you’ | Jude replies Peter

In spite of his younger brother’s tweets suggesting a possible severing of ties between Psquare and Northside Management, Jude Okoye appears unwilling to spill more beans or even entertain the brewing crisis.
Rather than delve into the matter, Jude -also took to Twitter- to say that Peter’s action is as a result of what ‘he has been going through lately’.
He however, advised Peter to ‘be prayerful’ while adding that ‘only God can rescue’ him.
What exactly Peter needs rescuing from; Jude failed to state.
See his tweets below.
Lol @pdf file. Abeg join us pray for him too. He's bn going through a lot lately 

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