Friday, 9 October 2015

Don’t Address Me As Nigeria’s Nicki Minaj – Dencia warn bloggers

Even though most people are of the opinion that she dresses like Nicki Minaj, controversial singer/ businesswoman Dencia has asked media houses to stop addressing her as ‘Nigeria’s Nicki Minaj.’
It all started when fashion blogger Ono Bello captioned a recent image of Dencia as; ‘Our very own Nicki Minaj @iamdencia wore an eye popping outfit designed by her for a club performance during #ParisFashionWeek #OnoBello.’
Obviously not satisfied with the caption, the Beri Beri crooner said: “Thanks for the continuous support, but I will like to be addressed as Dencia not a substitute of someone I made stuff for in the past. Don’t get me wrong Nicki is amazing but we both work hard for the substitute mentions & the mistaken identities. Thanks.”

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